Welcome to The Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast with me, Rebecca Anuwen.


On today’s Show I’m joined by Bella Payne and we dive deep into all things witchy, including:

  • What Wholistic Witchcraft is
  • The importance of energy in witchcraft
  • How Bella combined her witchyness into her ‘make-up, nails, and beauty’ business
  • Coming out of the ‘Broom Closet’
  • Stepping away from expectations
  • How energy is everything
  • The reality of self-care
  • Advice when starting on your own path
  • What being a Witch means to Bella
  • Working with oracle cards, and when Bella uses the Tarot

What advice would you give your younger self?

Be yourself always.


What does spirituality mean to you?

It’s a daily practice made of many things that help me to stay connected to myself and Divine.


What’s your favourite way to nourish yourself?

Ritual practices, healing, spending time with loved ones and hanging with my family in Nature.


Bella’s Bio

Bella is the owner of Wiccid – Magickal wholistic therapies.

She is the author of Wholistic witchcraft – magick for the mind, body & soul; she runs an online Academy of witchcraft & magick, regular circles for women, twice yearly magickal retreats and workshops + offers one on one healing and mentor sessions with clients online or at her studio in Buderim Queensland Australia.






Instagram: @wiccidholistictherapies