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Welcome to your adventure in charm casting!

A form of divination as unique as you.

I’m here to support you to develop your own style of charm casting, so that you can interpret the messages from your intuition and deepen your connection to your own power and magick.


Charm casting is a form of divination that uses charms and trinkets to interpret the messages from your inner wisdom.

This is a powerful form of divination in its simplicity.

Pretty much any small object can be used and there’s no limit to interpreting the messages.



Your guide to using everyday objects to connect with your intuition

In the book, I take you through a step-by-step process, so that you’ll be able to confidently interpret the messages from your charms, and learn to trust yourself and your intuition more deeply.

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This book is designed to give you quick access to the answers you need.

Place one hand on top of the book and get clear on the question you want to ask.

Run your thumb or finger along the outside edge of the pages until it feels ‘right’, and then open the book at that page.

  • The left-hand page contains a message for you. It’s accompanied by a question for you to explore or journal around, and an affirmation.
  • The right-hand page is for you to cast your charms and trinkets onto, so that you can gain deeper insight into the question you have.

Review from Amazon – Verified Purchase:

“This is a great book for casting charms onto the right side and using the helpful guidance on the left side as journal prompts. I find this to be an excellent way to listen to, and strengthen your intuition. The author has a joyful and down to Earth way of encouraging you as you work through your personal challenges and growths. There is even a suggestion for the best way to clear energy and use this book. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I can highly recommend this book!!!! You won’t be disappointed!”

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Curate your perfect charm casting set with these carefully chosen charms in my Etsy store.

Choose a specific set that meets your interest or if you’re not sure where to begin, choose the ‘lucky dip’ option and let the Universe decide for you.



By the end of this self-paced course, you’ll feel confident in your charm casting skills and your ability to interpret their messages.

The course covers: 

Introduction to Divination
Discover more about the history of divination and how it continues to evolve.
Collecting Your Charms

Learn how to put together your perfect charm casting set, care for it and expand it when ready.

Casting Your Charms
Receive guidance on how best to cast your charms, from throwing techniques to casting styles.
How to Use Charm Casting

Awaken your own inner oracle as create a system of divination that suit your needs.

Your Reading Surface

Create a reading surface that suits your own style. Also includes casting Maps, and instructions on how to create your own.

Interpreting your Charms
Lean how to interpret your charms, with lots of examples for you to explore.

Learning to charm cast from Rebecca-Anuwen has been fantastic. I love her enthusiasm for it and how it’s allowed me to connect with and tap into my intuition more directly. The practice has helped carry my connection with my inner knowing into other areas of my life which is a life changing thing.”

Allison Brodeur

Rebecca-Anuwen helps you let go of your need for rules so you can go deep. Guiding you to use your lived experience to access the magic of the charms which is in fact, your own inner wisdom.

Ruby Toad