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Charm Casting

Hi and welcome! I’m here to support you to develop your own style of Charm Casting, so that you can interpret the wisdom of your soul and deepen your connection to your own blend of unique magic.

Rebecca-Anuwen, Head of the WItch Academy, & Priestess of Cerridwen.

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Charm Casting


Charm casting is a form of divination that uses charms and trinkets to interpret the messages from your inner wisdom.

This is a powerful form of divination in its simplicity.

Pretty much any small object can be used and there’s no limit to interpreting the messages.


To get started you’ll need:

  • 8-12 charms, trinkets, or small objects that represent different aspects of your life.
  • A ‘throwing mat’ or an area to gently throw/cast down your charms.
  • A pot to stir the charms in.
All of these things you’re likely to already have access to. As you practice more, you’ll want to grow your collection and be more intentional with what you use.

Creating Your Collection

No doubt you already have suitable objects that could be used as you start to build your Charm Casting kit.

You may want to include small items that represent the following:

  • You
  • Relationships
  • Success
  • Challenges
  • Communication
  • Change
  • New beginnings
  • The mind
  • The heart

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The Book

Charm Casting:

Your guide to using everyday objects to connect with your intuition

In the book, I take you through a step-by-step process, so that you’ll be able to confidently interpret the messages from your charms, and earn to trust yourself and your intuition more deeply.

The Book Covers:

  • What charms you need to get started, and how to collect them,
  • Preparing to work with your charms,
  • How to use your charms,
  • Guidance on interpreting their messages
  • What to do after you’ve cast your charms
  • The storage and cleansing of your charms

There are also 8 casting maps (designs you can cast your charms onto) included in the book, PLUS exclusive free bonuses!


The Charm Casting Course

Get started and build your confidence as I take you step-by-step on your Charm Casting adventure.

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The Course

Introduction to Divination
Discover more about the history of divination and how it continues to evolve.
How to Use Journey Casting
Awaken your own inner oracle as create a system of divination that suit your needs.
Collecting Your Charms
Learn how to put your charm set together, care for it and expand it when ready.
Your Reading Surface
Learn how to create a reading surface that suits your divination style. There are done-for-your Maps, and instructions on how to create your own.
Casting Your Charms
Receive guidance on how best to cast your charms, from throwing techniques to casting styles.
Interpreting your Charms
Lean how to interpret your charms, with lots of examples for you to explore.
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Avoid These Top Three Charm Casting Mistakes

  Charm Casting can be as complex or as simple as you desire. You can use just one charm for a reading, or hundreds (although I would recommend not using 100's when you're starting out!) I like to use between 10 and 30 charms when I'm doing a reading. The more charms you use, the easier it can be to become overwhelmed or miss the clear message because you're over complicating the reading. Here's the most common three mistakes people...

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The best ways to cast your charms in charm casting

Are you looking for some inspiration on how to use your charms? At first glance the idea of Charm Casting may seem complex or confusing, but once you have a few goes you very quickly find your favourite ways to use them. Here's my top favourite ways to give you some inspiration on different ways to use your charms:   A Charm a Day Each morning, I like to simply rustle my hand in my box of charms and draw one. This charm is my message...

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10 Reasons to Start Charm Casting Today

10 Reasons to Start Charm Casting Today

Charm casting is a form of divination that uses small charms and trinkets, often items you have laying around the house. You then cast these charms upon a surface to connect with your inner wisdom and tap into your  intuition.If you haven't tried charm casting yet, you really should!   Here's my top 10 reasons why you should start Charm Casting today:   1. It doesn't need any special equipment. You can just use any random objects...

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How to Create Your Own Charm Casting Set

How to Create Your Own Charm Casting Set

Collecting Your Charms One of the things that I love most about Charm Casting is that pretty much any charm, trinket or small object can be used in your Charm Casting set. You’ll want it be be small enough and robust enough to be thrown around with the other objects in your set without damage. And you’ll want it to be something that you can give a meaning to. You’ll start to notice small objects and regard them differently. Collect the...

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What is Charm Casting

What is Charm Casting

Charm Casting is a form of divination that uses charms, trinkets or small objects. The charms are cast/thrown onto a casting surface, and where and how they land is then interpreted to receive intuitive messages. It’s often called charm casting, because of it’s use of charms as the tool of divination. It likely orginated from Osteomancy, and using the casting of bones to answer questions. Charm Casting focuses on you connecting with your...

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Charm Casting: The Book by Rebecca Anuwen

Charm Casting: The Book by Rebecca Anuwen

My latest book; Charm Casting:Your guide to using everyday objects to connect with your intuition is now available on Amazon and kindle ? If you follow me on Instagram, you know I'm slightly obsessed by charms and using them as a form of divination, so I'm delighted to bring this book to you for anyone that wants to become obsessed too!.... I mean, anyone who'd like to learn more about this fabulous way of connecting with your intuition.I...

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