Listen. Because listening’s important:

Hi and welcome to the Re-Enchant Your Life reminder.

Your sacred pause in the day where you’re encouraged to take a moment to stop and tune into your inner wisdom and become present, so that you can reconnect to your personal power and confidently embrace who you’re becoming, as you Re-Enchant Your life and create the change you truly desire.

Today you’re being reminded to choose you.

As you walk Your SHEro’s Journey and choose the woman that you want to become over all other things, it will cost you friendships, comfort, identities and life as you know it.

Choose your journey and yourself anyway.

As you connect more deeply with your truth and how you want to show up in the world, you begin to notice the places, habits and possibly even people that no longer align with the life that you want to create.

You can no longer pretend that things are okay, when actually they’re not.

As you get clearer on what’s important to you, it becomes increasingly apparent what no longer is.

As your actions begin to reflect who you’re becoming, it soon becomes clear which of the people in your life support, celebrate and want the best for you, and which do not.

Accept that as you change and grow there will be loss.

A loss of your old identity, a loss of old habits and behaviours, a loss of outdated patterns and beliefs. But this can also be a loss, or less time with, certain people too.

And whilst loss of any kind is uncomfortable, it’s still important to choose You and who you’re becoming.

In this very moment, pause, and take a breath. As you choose you.


Today’s SHEro Action:

Today’s SHEro action is to choose you.

Notice what no longer aligns with who you’re becoming and decide what you need to do to stay committed to yourself.

Some things you may be able to stop doing, outsource, or do differently.

For other things you may need support to change.

Get clear on whether you need to limit your time with certain activities, behaviours or people, or remove them completely.

Do what you need to do to choose You and the woman you’re becoming.

If it doesn’t fully support you and your choices, if it doesn’t add to your experience of life. If it no longer aligns with your values, do you really still want it around?

Pause, and take a breath. As you commit to the woman you’re becoming.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I choose me!”

I’ll see you tomorrow for your daily reminder to Re-Enchant Your Life with me, Rebecca-Anuwen,

In the meantime, enjoy choosing You, as you walk Your SHEro’s Journey!



It’s hard to think we grow out of people, friendships, and communities, especially if these people and places have been part of our lives for a long time.

You can feel we owe them something, you can feel that it’s not right to walk away from something that has been part of your life for so long, maybe even since childhood.

You may excuse people’s behaviour, justify why they no longer ask you how you are, tell yourself it will be better in time.

But there comes a time when you have to be true to you.

To prioritise your needs, your dreams and your own vision of the future.

You can’t be half in and half out of any relationship, it’s not fair on you and it’s not fair on them.

It becomes an energy drain and leads to frustration and resentment from both sides.

I once heard someone say the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s apathy. And I think there’s a great truth in that.

If you feel apathy towards any people you spend your time with, or feel apathy in return from people you consider friends, it’s time to reassess those relationships.

It’s time to either work on the relationship, or let it go.

Either way it’s time to be intentional, as you choose what’s best for you.