cleanse your energy with salt

Throw Away Thursday is the reminder to cleanse and clear your energy and space.

Today we look at using salt to cleanse your energy.

I love using salt, it’s super simple to get hold of and use, and something you most likely already have in your kitchen!


To cleanse your space

Inside: Sprinkle salt in the corners of your room, and over the threshold strips to your rooms.

Leave it there overnight.

The salt will absorb any negative energies.

Vacuum up the salt, leaving your home feeling lighter and clearer, ready for consciously creating what you desire, instead of being stuck in old energy.

Be mindful if you have small children or pets, as you don’t want them eating the salt as it could be harmful to them!

If you do have pets or small children, you could put small bowls of salt around your home, out of their reach.


Outside: You can also sprinkle salt outside of your home. Sprinkle it around the perimeter of your home, or in front of your entrance ways and across the entrance to your home.

That way when people enter your home, they will walk through a ‘cleansing threshold’, leaving much of their energetic debris ‘at the door’.

The elements will naturally sweep the salt away for you.


When using salt, we are talking about a sprinkle, you do not need to pour thick lines of salt around your home.


To cleanse your body

Add some sea salt to your bath. Epsom salts work really well too. But be mindful if you have high blood pressure!

Not only is salt really relaxing to add to your water, it softens your skin and draws out energetic debris from your energy system.

As you soak in your bath, let anything that’s not aligned with your highest good be gently dissolved by the salt water.

When you pull the plug out of your bath, feel any negativity being washed away with the water.

If you don’t have a bath, you could do the same by soaking your feet in a bowl of salt water.

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