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Welcome to The Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast with me, Rebecca Anuwen.

On today’s Show I’m joined by Natalie Farrell and we talk about what it means to live as an embodied wise woman:

  • What a Wise Woman is and how to embody her
  • What it means to experience centeredness
  • How Natalie’s Wise Woman speaks to her and how she came to trust her (after ignoring her)
  • How intuition speaks to her
  • “Face your fear, and invite the tears”
  • Facing loss
  • The importance of knowing what you need
  • Allowing yourself to receive
  • Failures as learnings


Natalie’s Bio

Natalie Farrell is a fitness fanatic, tea loving, Soul Revolutionist!

At the age of 33, after spending 15 years of her life as a singer and vocal coach, she quit her job and headed to California to study yoga and find answers, and to questions she had about this thing called life!

She now shares these learnings as a writer, podcaster, radio presenter, meditation teacher and intuitive coach. Her passion is to guide people to trust their instinct, delve deep for the truth and awaken their soul’s potential. 

In her spare time you’ll find her walking on the beach, writing with a cuppa tea in a boho chic cafe or lulling in the Spanish sun with her beautiful besties Freedy and Rocket the Cockapoo! 





Podcast: Light the Way 

Radio Host: Wellbeing Radio

Instagram: @cosmicsoulschool_