Change can be hard.

There’s no question that when we’ve chosen to make a change in our life, the decision can be easiest part.

We make the decision to no longer accept something.

We know we need to make the change.

We declare to ourselves that we’re going to change, and that’s when the challenge begins.


But right now things seem harder.

We find ourselves in a situation that we didn’t choose.

We’ve had change, in pretty much every area of our life, thrust upon us and we have to adapt.

This can often feel like the hardest type of change, as it can feel as if our choice has been taken away from us.

And whilst we might understand the changes required, sometimes that doesn’t make it much easier…


Support For You.

To support you navigate these unprecedented times, I’ve put together a fun, but important, check-in for you.

I’ve called it:

Self-care for when you’re going through change.


When we’re under stress or pressure of any kind, our self-care, in any form, can be the first thing that gets pushed to the side, but of course this is when we need it most!


A Shared Journey.

So, I thought I’d guide you through a self-care adventure, as we take this shared journey through a global SHEro’s Journey.


Each stage of the SHEro’s Journey has a particular theme of self-care to support you as you travel through it.

However, as we’ll all be on our own personal part of the journey, I’m going to connect us with the archetypal energy of the journey, guided by the cycle of the moon.


The Moon Grounds Us Into a Rhythm.

The moon phases can act as an anchor.

We all experience her phases and the changing energy at the same time, but we experience it in our own way.

We are currently in the energy of the Waning Moon, and that relates to the energy of Emotional Self-Care.

On the SHEro’s Journey, this time relates to the energy of The Transformation.

During The Transformation stage of the Journey,  is where you’re likely to feel the most emotion. You may be confronted with aspects of yourself that you’d rather keep hidden. But this is when it’s most important to take a long, hard look at yourself.

It’s time to take the journey within.

Anything inauthentic that you’ve been showing to the world is about to crumble away, leaving you with only your True Essence. This may hurt. You may feel vulnerable. Tears are likely – but this is where the real treasure is!

Emotional Self-Care

To help you focus on you.

To bring you back to centre.

To remind you that it’s not only okay to have emotions, but they need to be witnessed and honoured too, I’ve created a ‘Bingo card’ for you to check off.

It’s just something fun for you to check-in with yourself and see how you’re feeling.

It’s to help remind you to prioritise you.

It’s support you through this stage of your journey.

You can download the image, or print off the pdf version below:

Download the PDF version here

*The SACRED Practice can be found here



And here’s an invocation for you to repeat as often as you wish, to strengthen your belief in yourself and awaken your inner-power.