Enchanted is a self-paced programme to show you how to embody your power and magick in everyday life

You’re doing all the things you’ve been told to do:

✔  Drink plenty of water

✔ Journal every night

✔ Affirmations every morning

✔ Daily gratitude

✔ Visualisations


  • You still find it hard to trust yourself. You can’t make a decision with confidence AND feel good about it 10 minutes/hours/days later.
  • You feel overly affected by the news, the people you meet, small bumps in the road (darn I forgot the tea bags and now I’ve got to go back to the shops AGAIN).
  • Life! Even if you do all the things in the morning to start the day feeling magickal, your sparkle has dulled by mid-morning because of normal, boring, non-magickal everyday things.

And that leaves you feeling powerless, and out of control.

If you’d like to:

✔   Ditch the doubt and remember your power and magick

✔   Banish the boredom and live a more enchanted life

✔   Empower yourself by finding the magickal solutions to navigate the daily twists and turns of everyday life

You’re in the right place!


Beginning the moment you sign up

This online course is a portal that will help you understand, express and embody your unique power and magick

ENCHANTED is an on-line course for anyone who is ready to reconnect with their power and magick, amplify their joy and rekindle their sparkle

By the end of the couse:

Oh sh*t Glinda the Good Witch was right all along – I really did have the magick inside of me!

Yep, it’s there. You just need some help to uncover it from the layers of crap it’s buried under, polish it up and put it to use.

As the world gets busier, it’s easy to forget your magick, or push it aside as something that’s ‘nice to do’ or something that you’ll learn more about when you have more time.

But really, when you remember that YOU ARE the magick and you know how to weave it into your everyday life, everything changes.

✔   Life becomes easier.

✔   You feel more confident and less anxious.

✔  You’re connected to your own abilities.

✔   You experience a deeper sense of peace and well-being.

✔   Even mundane chores and tasks, such as cleaning and cooking, become more magickal and joyful.

No cauldrons, potions or spell books needed.

ENCHANTED is for you because:

We’re talking practical magick.

Magick that you easily weave into your daily life. Empowering you with the skills and the Magickal Mindset to navigate everyday twists and turns with more confidence.

You’ll discover your own style of magick so you can light up your life and the world with your true abilities.

Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to yourself and choose to live a magickal life?

Say ‘Yes’ to:

✔   Embodying your power and magick

✔   Knowing how to weave magick that gets results

✔   Having a stronger sense of inner-peace

✔   Feeling more aligned to what’s really important to you

✔   Feeling joyful and radiant (expect spontaneous smiling!)

✔   Confidently interpreting the messages that life is always sending you

✔   Seeing the world through the lens of opportunity and possibility

✔   Having more fun, joy and ease in your life

✔   Feeling more like you!

Okay, I did say no cauldrons *needed*, but I do love a good cauldron 😉

Here’s How You’ll ENCHANT Your Life and Embody Your Power and Magick

Each week for six weeks a new module is released.

The material is specially designed week-by-week to help you embody your power and magick in a fun and sustainable way.

Once started, you’ll have access to this material forever, so you can continue to deepen into your magick for years and years to come.

The course also includes an in-depth, and growing, library of Q&A videos, a nourishing private on-line community group of like-minded people, and interactive support from The Witch Academy team throughout your whole journey.

Week 1: Cultivate a Magickal Mindset

We start our adventure by creating a Magickal Mindset

This is the cornerstone for living a succcessful and magickal life.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Why affirmations don’t work for you – at least not consistently and what to use instead.
  • How to use your words to cast effective and lasting ‘spells’ that bring about the change you desire.
  • How to once and for all clear the gremlins of doubt so that you learn to trust yourself and the messages you receive from the world around you.
  • How to step into a reality of potential and possibility, no matter your past.

Week 2: Banish Negative and Unhelpful Energies

Free yourself from energetic drains (even if you’re the world’s most empathic empath)

Cleansing and protecting your energy gives you the freedom and confidence to show up more fully.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Sense the energies and influences around you.
  • Get clear on what energy is yours and what’s not – and how to easily release the energy/beliefs/doubts that aren’t yours.
  • Protect yourself from emotional and energetic ‘vampires’.
  • Cast protective enchantments for everyday uses, such as your commute to work or leaving your house to go on holiday.

Week 3: Live the Magick with Routines that Make You Radiant

Support yourself with radiant routines to increase the power you bring to your magick and life

Routines might not sound very sexy, but once in place you’ll be amazed at the support they give you and power you can access.

In this module, you’ll discover how create:

  • Mystical mornings that set your day up for joy and success.
  • Enchanted evenings to bring closure to your day, ready for a magickal new day.
  • Rituals around your magick to ensure you feel safe, so that you can create powerful magick that gets results.
  • Sacred pauses to bring you and your energy back to centre, so that you feel grounded and clear.

Week 4: Enchant Your Everday Tasks with Practical Magick

Get out of a rut and find your own groove

Let’s face it, somethings that we have to do can be boring… But we can make even the most mundane chores magickal.

In this module, you’ll discover how to add magic to:

  • Cleaning your home, to activate your Hearth Witch, banish negativity – especially after any disagreements – and create a home of peace and tranquillity.
  • Cooking, to activate your Kitchen Witch and focus on your health and vitality.
  • Your finances, to activate you Money Magick and increase the abundance in your life.

Week 5: Conjure Your Power, Passion and Purpose

Make Your Own Magick

Whilst it’s great to follow a spell, it’s much more powerful to create your own magick. (It also has greater success too).

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Activate your inner-power for magick that creates lasting change in your life.
  • Harness and direct the energies around you to bring more power and focus to your magick.
  • Connect with your passions to discover and develop your own blend of magick.
  • Claim your purpose and calling to light up your life with your unique blend of magick.

Week 6: Become Magnetic

Own Your Magick

Bring it all together so you can be a world-class manifestor. No more setting your intentions and ‘hoping’.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Own your magick and use it effectively in your everyday life.
  • Confidently use your magick to overcome more complex challenges.
  • Use magick to create long-lasting and effective change in your life.
  • Unapologetically embrace your full magickal potential.
  • Light up the world with your magick!


By the end of Enchanted

You’ll have everything you need to light up your life with your own magick for years to come!


Hi! I’m Rebecca- Anuwen!

I’m a Modern Day Witch, and a trained, and dedicated, Priestess of Cerridwen (the Welsh Goddess of transformation, Keeper of The Cauldron, and Goddess to the Witches), and Founder, Head teacher at The Witch Academy.

My students and clients often call me ‘Mumma Witch’

Since 2000 I have professionally practiced the energy therapy Kinesiology.

And over the past 20 years I’ve helped 1000’s of people, mainly women, embrace their true self; their powerful, wise woman self, their inner-Witchy self, by helping them to break free of the energetic patterns, beliefs and behaviours that have kept them stuck and playing small, and I’d love to help you do the same!

(Other things you should know about me… I’m a spell breaking, story weaving, wand wielding, cloak wearing, eternal optimist that laughs at her own jokes, and I’m obsessed with trees.)

“The missing piece of the puzzle.

“The SACRED practices feel like the missing pieces of the puzzle.

I’ve journaled, exercised, eaten well, but sometimes no matter how “well” I do, I can’t seem let go of some of those old nagging feelings.

After the last 45 days, I feel a deeper peace than I ever have before. I know what’s mine and what’s not. I have established my boundaries and it has become so much easier to simply let things go.

It has truly been an invaluable and life changing experience!!! Thank you Rebecca!”

Here’s How ENCHANTED Works


Throughout the on-line course you receive:

  • Lessons delivered weekly to CONNECT with and EMBODY your magick
  • ENERGY HEALING and CORD CUTTING rituals to clear your energy field
  • ACTIVATIONS to revitalise your power and Magick
  • SPELLS and RITUALS to enchant Your life
  • MAGICKAL JOURNAL to record your progress and experience
  • Private MEMBER ONLY PODCAST feed which will have all recordings for classes, clearings and activations
  • Private access to our SACRED AND MAGICKAL COMMUNITY where you can get your questions answered

    Each Module Includes

    • A video lesson to watch in your own time
    • Demonstration videos where appropriate
    • PDF workbook to record your experiences
    • Weekly inspirational challenges to discover and implement your own magick


    Access to a member only podcast, so you can listen to all the material ‘on-the-go’

    “Stops the reactivity to everything around us.

    “I don’t think I realised the benefits of Rebecca’s “energy health” work, until I stopped the daily practices while traveling!

    The impact far outweighs the short time it takes to ground our energy every day.

    More than anything, it’s empowering. It’s a way to proactively and consciously choose what we bring into our day.

    It sets an intention. It provides focus. And it stops the reactivity to everything around us.”

    ~ Janice Radomsky, NYC

    “Permission to be me.

    “Rebecca, thank you for giving me the permission to discover who I want to be (even though I shouldn’t have needed it) and the encouragement to go after it, for creating this program, this safe haven from a world that pressures us into a mold. A big thank you to all of you, for being inspiring, open, and real. I so enjoy being here and sharing in your trials, successes, and lives.”


    I don't think I can complete the course in six weeks

    That’s okay.

    Even though a new module of the on-line course is released each week for six weeks, you can complete the modules in your own time and at your own pace.

    No matter how you decide to move through the material, the Enchanted community will be there to support you throughout the process.

    How much time will the course take me?

    We recommend allotting around 2-3 hours every week for the six weeks of core content.

    This time includes watching the videos and completing the activities for each week. 

    (Please note: this does not include time reviewing any of the bonus materials. The bonus materials are completely optional and for you to do whenever the time is right)

    Why isn't the community on Facebook?

    The community for Enchanted is hosted off social media, on our own private platform.

    The benefits of this are that there are no distractions, keeping your energy and actions intentional.

    The platform has it’s own app and can be easily accessed from within the course or from my website.

    I don't identify as a witch, is this course for me?

    Yes it is. This course is for people ready to rediscover and reclaim their power under any label or none.

    I use the identity ‘witch’ to signal that I am a ‘safe space’ – nothing you can ask about magickal or psychic experiences will shock me.

    What special equipment do I need?

    None. Your attention, your intention, and your wide open heart.