Welcome back to the Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast.

We’re back to give you some inspiration with an intuitive twist.

Today, we move on to the second card in the SHEro Oracle toolkit, and that card is the meadow.

We’re still at the beginning of the SHEros journey in the energy of the core, the energy of dreaming hope and optimism.

If you’ve not joined us before, this is where I ask you to think of a question that you want the answer to. It can be any question you have right now, perhaps you want to know what you’re going to have for dinner, or perhaps you want to know what direction to take your career in. The question doesn’t matter as long as it’s yours.

We’ll start by looking at the meaning of the SHEro toolkit cards and then I’ll draw a second card for you to explore how that card changes the meaning of the first card. And then, because I love working with the charms, I’m going to draw a charm too. Again, allowing you to build your own story and find the answer to your own question.

So let’s start.

Think of your question.

Just take a breath, put your hand over your heart space and just ask yourself, what do you need to know right now?

And the SHEro toolkit card today is the meadow.


The Meadow – Follow Your Curiosity 

What do you think of when you think of meadows?

Perhaps you see rolling green grass, perhaps it’s a mountain meadow, perhaps it’s a wildflower meadow, perhaps there’s lots of flowers and birds and animals.

What does that involve when you think of it and your question?

In the toolkit guidebook, it says “meadows are a place for joy and growth flowers of all shapes and sizes pop up wherever they please, there are no borders or structure, and yet everything flourishes, sharing of beauty with carefree abandon. The meadow reminds you to become curious and play.”

When was the last time you became curious and wanted to learn something new?

When did you last let your imagination run wild and saw things from a different perspective.

When was the last time you suspended, disbelief and allowed yourself to accept the seemingly impossible?

The last time you laughed and played with wild abandon?

The last time you let yourself go completely and lost yourself in the sheer delight of the moment?

Playing isn’t childish, it’s childlike. There’s lots we can learn from approaching life challenges and tasks with innocence, curiosity, and wonder of a child.

Allow yourself to play and follow your curiosity.

Embrace every opportunity you get to play, to step out of the familiar routines and bring some lighthearted, joy, laughter, and wonder to your day.

When you think of your question, how can you bring more curiosity and wonder?

Where could you try new things?

Where could you let your imagination run wild and do things differently?

Where could you let your, your inner child, that childlike wonder and awe answer that question for you?

Okay, you can hear me shuffling the cards now, and I’m going to draw another card to bring some more information to the original card.

We have the meadow where we’re following our curiosity, and now we have the butterfly, which is about embracing your truth.



How can you bring more of your truth to the front?

Perhaps you are joyful and curious and playful, but perhaps you’ve stifled that slightly because of expectations and responsibilities and life and family and chores and work and mortgages and bills. And, and, and, and, and, and where could you embrace more of your truth, more of that childlike wonder?

How could you start to reincorporate that into your life?

Perhaps it’s, even as you walk down the high street or, you know, down a country lane, instead of looking forwards, perhaps if you look up and notice how things look different, perhaps if you’re always looking forward and you look at the floor and just notice what you notice, just do things slightly differently.

I was at a friend’s house once, a long time ago, actually, when I was in college and his roommate came down the stairs on his stomach, I said, what on earth are you doing? And he says, Oh, I just want you to have a different perspective of the house.

Now, going down the stairs on your tummy is completely optional, but it’s like, how could you just do every day things differently, wearing different colours, wearing your hair differently, you know, just dressing yourself in a way that feels fun and playful and curious, how could you bring more curiosity, awe and wonder into your everyday lived experience?

Okay, you’re just going to hear me rattle now in my charms, I’m just turning away so I can’t see what’s coming out.


And what’s come out is a ship’s steering wheel.


ADDITIONAL CHARM: Ship’s Steering Wheel

When you think of a ship’s steering wheel, what does that bring to you?

What does that represent?

We’ve got the meadow, which is asking you to follow your curiosity, we’ve got the butterfly, which is asking you to embrace your truth. And now you’re at the helm of the ship steering.

I see this as steering your life in your own direction.

How can you take back control of whatever it is you’ve asked for?

Quite often, we think that we’re at the mercy of other people, events, expectations, but actually if we called back our power, if we embrace the truth of who we are, which is sovereign, strong, powerful people, how could you use that energy to take back control to guide your life in the direction you want to reframe those things that maybe you’re like, Oh, things will never change, I’ll never get out of this, but perhaps she can bring curiosity and wonder.

I wonder how I’m going to get out of this?

I wonder what direction I want to take my life in? And turn that ship’s wheel and allow yourself to navigate and course correct as it takes you back on your own adventure, back to where you truly want to be.

Okay. in the guidebook there comes SHEro action, because we always need to take action. This isn’t just about naval gazing, this, you know, we’re living life, experiencing life. So the action to go with the meadow is to be more curious, of course. It says, bring more wonder and delight to your day, by becoming curious about everything.

Why do you do things a certain way?

Could you do them differently?

What would it be like to dream more, feel more awe, or to follow your inspiration?

What new feelings, opportunities or connection would you experience?

If you became more curious and open?

Try doing new things and seeing things from a new perspective.

Find out what happens when you allow yourself to step out of routine and become curious.

Pause and take a breath as you follow your curiosity and step into a world of wonder.

Let me know what you’re going to do differently. Let me know how you’re going to become more curious. And most importantly, let me know the outcome of trying to do these things differently, of just seeing the world differently, of opening yourself up to the possibility that is out there for you to embrace.

It might not be easy, but there’s always possibility. There is always an opportunity to change your thoughts, to change the things that you’re in control of. If you just give yourself the chance to step into the energy of following your curiosity.

You’re curious for a reason don’t doubt that curiosity, follow it.

Thank you for joining me. And I will see you again for another episode of the Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast where we’ll spiral deeper in our own journey, learning to trust your intuition so that you can make better choices, ones that are aligned with your deepest desires.

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