90 minutes, 1-1 video call with Rebecca to transform the way you feel about one specific dream, problem or situation.

There’s this thing…

A new job, a house, a relationship, an income goal, a fitness goal, a holiday, to perform a perfect triple twist forward somersault.…. .

There’s this thing, and you want it.

But so far it’s eluded you.

Determination, willpower and hard work haven’t been enough.

Maybe it’s been going on for a few weeks. Maybe a couple of decades.

Either way, it’s time to call in professional help… that’s me!

Can I promise that you will get the thing?

Absolutely not – what kind of snake oil saleswoman would I be if I made that pitch?

More Magick, Meaning and Momentum

What I can do is bring more magick, meaning and momentum to the situation by clearing out thought and behaviour patterns that are holding you back so you can move forward with renewed passion, purpose and excitement.

Sound helpful?

Book your ‘Go Get It’ session, and let’s get it done!

Book the time and date that work for you, then you’ll be taken to a check-out page to confirm your session.

Hi, I’m Rebecca and I’ve been shifting blocks, shaping energy and helping people pursue their dreams for more than 20 years.

During that time my intuitive skills have become finely tuned so there’s no guessing or fumbling around. 

Instead of wasting time painfully and slowly peeling, layer after layer, after layer, I’m able to use kinesiology and my intuition to dive swiftly into the heart of the matter, so our time together is focused, valuable, and delivers only the information that you need to hear.

“Every time I feel out of alignment, Rebecca knows how to bring me back to center within minutes after the start of the session. I always feel clear, calm and focussed afterwards”. – Nienke Thurlings, Soul mission & stress coach for women

The ‘Go Get It’ session


Each session is laser focused on you and exactly what you need.

During these 90-min sessions we hone in on the exact patterns that have been  holding you back – no guessing; this is direct bio-feedback from your energy system.

Once identified, we can then clear these energetic patterns so you can be free of them and confidently move forward.

(Sessions are 90-minutes long and held via zoom)

“This has helped me in my relationships with not only friends and family, but also with myself”. – Audrey E

    The ways in which I’ve helped people ‘Go Get It’:

    Career & Business

    Redefining success on your own terms

    Having worked with over 500 people who’ve wanted help with their careers or businesses it’s hard to pick a favourite example… but I’m going to give it a shot…

    A favourite outcome that comes to mind was from a performer. She had spent many years auditioning for a specific role that she whole-heartedly wanted, and had not been successful.

    We worked together and removed the things which were preventing her from being fully connected to the passion of her performance.

    Then at her next audition she was successful!

    It didn’t come the way she expected, but she finally got her dream role when she let go of the expectation and pressure that she was putting on herself and showed up unapologetically passionate about herself and her craft.

    Everyone who’s had success after working with me, just like that performer, did so because we removed the judgements and expectations of what they should do, and defined and created success on their own terms.


    Loving you first

    Amazing relationships are possible when you say ‘good-bye’ to sabotaging patterns and ‘hello’ to valuing yourself, healthy boundaries and getting your needs met.

    I can’t tell you if when those things are in place that looks like ending a relationship, starting a new relationship or reviving an current one

    But whichever it is, I can help you move on with what’s right for you.


    Something I didn’t expect

    One time I had someone really cross with me for giving them what they wanted.

    A client emailed me about a week after a session, upset that she was feeling joyful.

    Yes, you read that correctly.

    She had wanted to experience more joy in her life and was upset that she now did.

    She was upset because, she was:

    1 – terrified that it may leave her again

    2 – upset that she now reaslied how much of her life she had spent (unknowingly) prioritising the needs of others that had disconnected her from her joy

    I’m glad to report that her joy has stayed and she is priortising herself with greater ease.

    “I’m falling in love with myself, feel soooo committed to myself and my dreams, and everything feels so rich, abundant and full of possibilities.

    I can feel in every cell of my being that I’m on the right path. I can even see my future!” – Veronica

    Book your ‘Go Get It’ session, and let’s get it done!

    Book the time and date that work for you, then you’ll be taken to a check-out page to confirm your session.

    “Rebecca is a true priestess… loving, kind and gifted. She will take you by the hand and journey through your healing with you.” – Ingrid A

    “I’ve been able to find access to a reservoir of wise guidance that has led to massive progress and deep peace in my life. Rebecca’s will elevate you beyond what you may think is possible!” – Lysa B

    “Rebecca has changed my life: I have a new found confidence, which continues to grow, as well as more meaning in my life.” – Susan L

    This work opens people up to confidence, power and magick. What could it do for you?

    ‘Go Get It’ and enjoy feeling:

    • lighter and free from stagnant energies, judgements and expectations (yours and those around you)
    • reconnected to what’s right for you
    • a deep sense of  belonging, and a re-ignited passion and purpose
    • confident in your decisions, regardless of what other people think of them
    • relieved that you finally know the next steps you need to take to create the change you desire

    Because, no matter what you’ve been through, no matter how much chaos and confusion you feel is spinning around you, I can reconnect you to the gold deep inside that is you, your power and purpose.


      Here’s how this works…

      Sessions are 90-minutes long and held via a secure on-line platform called zoom 

      1. Booking your session

      Once you click the booking button, you’ll be taken to my on-line calendar.

      Select a time that’s works for you (the calendar will show the times and dates in your time zone)

      Complete the brief questionnaire giving an overview of what you’d like to focus on during our session together.

      Purchase your session.

      The confirmation email will contain:

      1. A link to add the appointment to your calendar. If you do this, you’ll be sent a reminder for your appointment.
      2. A link for you to click at the time of our appointment so you can join me for your session. This link is also included in the calendar invite.

      2. Preparing for your appointment

      You don’t need to do anything before the session.

      At the time of the session you will want to make sure that you’re somewhere that has good internet connection and in a place where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of the session.


      3. During your session

      The session is held on zoom, with your camera on, so we can see each other.

      No two sessions are the same, as each session is laser focused on you and exactly what you need.

      During the session I will identify what energetic patterns of behaviour, thoughts, and generational stories are holding you back from realising your dreams and desires.

      During the session you might be asked to think certain phrases, flower or crystal essences may be used (You won’t need to physically take them), or you might be asked to place your hands in certain locations on the body – if you are able.

      If you’ve had any kind of energy work done before, you may be familiar with the experience of feeling warm or tingly during a session. Or yawning is very common.

      At the end of the session I’ll draw an oracle card for you to give you some insight into how the work will integrate for you. She will ask you if this is okay with you before she draws any cards. It’s perfectly okay if you’d rather she didn’t do this for you – it doesn’t take anything away from the session.

      You’re in very good hands. I’ve been practising bio-energetic kinesiology for over 20 years, 10 of those on-line.


      4. After your session

      By the end of the session most clients report feeling relaxed, refreshed and clear.

      Then over the next two weeks the work will continue to gently integrate and you’ll find yourself feeling more confident, clearer and aligned with your specific intentions of the session.

      Extra Momentum

      Within 24hrs of your session you will be sent access to your very own private podcast* (no-one else in the world can access it – only you)

      It will contain an audio recording of your session and a set of energetic alchemy meditations (3-5 audios) specifically chosen to support your intentions and desires.

      Life happens and it can knock you off-track, these audios will keep you connected to what’s actually important and keep you on (your own) track.

      *Don’t be put off by the word ‘podcast’ if it’s not something you’re familiar with. There are detailed step-by-step instructions to get you step up – it’s easier than you may think! And you can always email me to ask for additional help – just respond to the email you receive.

      Book your ‘Go Get It’ session, and let’s get it done!

      Book the time and date that work for you, then you’ll be taken to a check-out page to confirm your session.


      I don't know what the issue is, can you still help?

      Of course!

      That’s why you’ve come to work with me.

      You don’t need to know why something isn’t working the way in which you want it to, because I’ll identify it and get to the root of the issue for you.

      You just need to show up knowing that you’re ready for change.

      Can I book more than one session?

      If you have a situation where you know you’d benefit from more than one session, or you want support as you navigate a particular situation, I recommend that you look at my mentoring package.

      However, if you’d prefer to book single multiple sessions, you can book through this page.