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To be grounded is to be energetically centred.

To be energetically centred is the key to successful magick as you are clear, focused and aligned with your own energy.

When you’re not grounded and centred you can feel disconnected, drained and easily swayed by other people’s thoughts, judgements and opinions.

The easiest way to get grounded is to use your senses to get back ‘in’ your body.

Walk barefoot on the grass, run your fingers through the grass.
Hold a dark crystal or pebble.

Listen to a meditation, drumming or forest/ocean sounds.

Smell woody essential oils or herbs.

Describe an object near you in great detail.
Imagine roots coming out of your feet and sinking deep into the earth.

Take a bite of lemon for instant re-entry to your body!

Try some of the above and notice which make you feel more grounded and energetically centred, and then come and try some of my intuitive challenges over on instagram @themodernwitchway.






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