This week I’ve seen a lot of clients who’ve been caught up and wrangling with decisions they need to make in life, the BIG ones and the everyday ones. 

I’m sure at some point you’ve experienced what they’re going through too?

  • Being clear, then moments later doubting yourself
  • Second guessing what you want or need
  • Second guessing what you think other people want or need
  • Prioritising the needs of others over yourself
  • Bending under the weight of expectations
  • Getting clear, and then doubting yourself again…. and again… and again…

I’m so confused arghhhh


Back to basics to beat overwhelm

What if I told you there was a simple way to step out of overwhelm and indecision and into clarity and alignment?

And would it be even better if I told you it would only take a couple of minutes for you to do?

Maybe I feel called to speak about things that overwhelm us, as here in the UK, we are in the middle of the summer holidays, and this is the first time my little boy has had them.

Whilst it’s been amazing and filled with lots of laughter, adventures and trips… it’s also been a little on the exhausting side too lol (anyone who’s been around 5 year olds will know what I mean!) 

This is why we practice

This daily practice that I’m about to share with you has made sure that I can stay centred and focused on connection and fun, rather than feeling frazzled and (too) overwhelmed!


The Sacred Practice

The practice I want to share with you is my SACRED Practice. It’s a moment to connect in with yourself, to ground deeply into your own wisdom, so that you can make decisions from a place of clarity, power and alignment, rather than from fear or overwhelm.


You can download the practice here:


A Sacred Pause

It was only the other day that I actually realised just how much the idea of the a Sacred Pause really is the foundation of all of my work.

This Sacred Practice is the ultimate Sacred Pause. A moment to stop, to rest your energy and bring yourself into alignment so that you can make clear decisions and move forward with clarity.

Even my social media accounts have the idea of a Sacred Pause at the heart of them.

My Moon Musing Facebook group is all about take a moment out of your day to check in with your energy and notice how it’s dancing with the cycles of the moon.

And most recently I’m experimenting with making my Instagram feed a place to pause and take a moment to rest – yes even on social media!

What do you think…. It makes me feel ahhhh:

So whatever’s going on in your life, if it’s a decision you need to make, summer holidays you’re trying to get through, or you just want a moment of peace and time to pause in an ever busy world, I recommend you try this practice, you can access it for free: