The SHEro’s Journey is all about ‘coming home to yourself’ but how can you do that if you don’t feel it’s safe to be you?

I do a lot of work with entrepreneurs, these women are smart, have the most amazing hearts and are doing great work in the world.

Or rather they would be…

But, time and time again I see them tripped up and holding themselves back with fears that they aren’t even aware they have.

A common fear that I’ve seen regularly over the last month or so is the ‘Fear of being abandoned’.

“Fear of being abandoned.”

How does that resonate for you, can you feel that in your body, or does it have no response for you?

The way I see it show up for my clients is that they play small, they don’t share their message with as many people as they could in case people don’t ‘get them’, and they delay making the changes they want/need in their life and business because of an underlying fear of being judged and ultimately ostracised by clients, friends and family – can you see how this would be a problem for a business person!

But of course you don’t have to be in business to experience this fear.

Often what comes up is that people don’t want to outshine their family or friends, incase they’re ‘rejected’ by them. In the UK we have a phrase “don’t get too big for your boots”, in the US I’m told it’s “don’t get too big for your britches’, and in Australia it’s the ‘tall poppy syndrome’.

Obviously these aren’t patterns that you’ve consciously chosen to live by.

They are usually learnt behaviours, passed down through the generations, or circumstances, when you were younger, may have reinforced this belief.

And then you live them, never realising, or being taught, that they no longer have to be true for you and that you can release and change these patterns.

Perhaps you experienced the withholding of love from a physically or emotionally absent parent, maybe you were told that you were too loud or opinionated as a happy, confident child.

Maybe you didn’t have role models that taught you it was okay to live life and fully express yourself in your own unique way.

Whatever the reason, these patterns aren’t serving you or anyone anymore.

It’s actually surprisingly easy to release these fears and limiting beliefs – It’s something I’ve been doing professionally for over 20 years for my clients.

If you’re ready to release this fear and break the SPELL that is holding you back I highlt recommend that you Start Here with this free resources I put togther for you