The Witch Academy

Bringing your magick to life

An online global community for people embracing and integrating their power and magick as part of their everyday lives

First, let’s check you’re in the right place.

This isn’t about cauldrons, pointy hats or balancing a tabby cat on a broomstick as you fly around the garden (although they are fun!).

In the Academy, a WITCH is defined as someone who is, or is working towards being:


In all aspects of their life. Often following their joy and passion and getting paid well for it.


Trusts themselves and their intuition.


Lives a life full of joy, awe, wonder, purpose, passion and meaning.

Creative, and

Embodying their creativitity and manifestation skills.


Prioritises the self-care and nourishment of their body, mind and soul.

(Pointy hat and cauldron completely optional, but I do love both!)

Sound like you?

Then it’s time to ditch the myths of modern day success you’ve been brought up on, and embrace an inner power that has the potential to ripples out into your relationships, career, sex life, bank account, confidence, wellbeing, fulfilment, happiness and more.

You were probably taught that with confidence and hard work, you can live the life of your dreams.

And you were probably told what that dream life looked like.

You were told that success and fulfilment came with a specific checklist.

But that’s never felt right for you.

You didn’t want their version of success.

And you wanted to create your own fulfilment in a way that felt good to you.

Let yourself break free

When you try to walk your own path, you’re not only breaking free from the expectations of your family, culture or society; you’re also breaking free from thousands of generations before you, where ‘fitting in’ and being ‘good’ actually gave you the best chance of survival.

You need  support and tools to help you dismantle the games society plays – the one you never knowingly signed up for!

It’s time to stop playing by the rules created by the people who don’t want you to succeed – the ones who benefit from you not speaking up, playing small, and doubting yourself.

It’s time to stop apologising for being yourself, and for making others uncomfortable when you break the rules.

You’re capable of so much more

You know you’re capable of so much – this is your permission to unapologetically demand more!

I know, first hand and through the hundreds of women I work with as a witch and healer, how painful it is for women to stifle their power. 

I understand the agony of being trapped between wanting so much more, and feeling paralysed by indecision, or lack of confidence, or just not knowing how to initiate change.

The good news is, pain is the start of transformation. Every person who has come into their full power as a magickal being, has been pushed towards it by the pain and frustration of constriction, just as you are feeling it now. 

My own journey led to my becoming an energy healer and later priestess, witch, and teacher, and founder of…

The Witch Academy

An online community for people committed to living a magickal life.

Here’s how it works

#1 The ART of Being A Witch

My comprehensive video course with exercises to enable you to remember, reclaim, and embrace ALL of you, not just the ‘pretty’ parts.

I’m going to guide you on a journey where you can make peace with your past, so that you can discover your authentic self; one that’s not restrained by the events and stories of the past.

You’ll have the chance to explore your inner-most self, your emotional landscape, and your rising power, so that you can navigate your life and make choices from a place of inner-authority.

Allowing you to live a more aligned and truthful life as you become an unapologetic Modern-Day Witch who trusts her magick and creates real change in her life.

The course is designed to be completed at your own pace.

By the end of the course you will feel more confident in who you are, and have a greater sense of your own power and purpose, whilst experiencing more meaning in your everyday life.

For each section there are exercises for you to complete, supported with text and video. There is also a quiz to help you identify what magickal allies will support you on this journey. 

And to record your journey, you have access to your very own Witchy journal – a fully editable pdf – you can print it off and write on it, or download a copy and type directly into the document.

The ART of Being a Witch is divided into 3 parts:

Align – Reset – Transform


The ART of Being A Witch: ‘A’RT

Align with your truth and what’s important to you

During Align you will complete exercises that are designed to connect you to the truth of who you are, before the world told you who you should be. 

To connect you to your truth and your true dreams and desires you will have the chance to create your own magickal life philosophy that will act as your North Star throughout  life. 

And when combined with the Soul Essence guided meditation that connects you to the very essence of who you are, they become a powerful force to keep you on your own path, regardless of what’s going on around you, 

When you are Aligned, you can confidently make choices in your life from a place of inner power and certainty, rather than feeling overwhelmed or waste time and energy second-guessing yourself.


The ART of Being A Witch: A’R’T

Reset the stories that you tell yourself and clear the patterns that keep you stuck

During Reset, you’ll identify the old stories and behaviours that no longer serve or support you – even the hidden ones – and learn techniques to break free of them once and for all.

Break free from the expectations and judgements around you and consciously create a life on your own terms. 

First you learn to call back the power that you have habitually been giving away so you become comfortable recognising and owning the full creative potential of your inner power.

Then you break the Spells that have enchanted you; the ones where you may have believed that you are undeserving, not good enough or not capable of being, doing, or having your deepest dreams and desires.

When you have Reset your relationship to your inner power and created the stories and patterns of behaviour that support you. It becomes so much easier to pursue your goals and intentions without being held back by doubt, fear, or worse consistently sabotaging yourself.


The ART of Being A Witch: AR’T’

Transform your life and step into a world of magick and co-creation

During Transform you start to put into practice all that you’ve discovered. This is all about living a more magickal and meaningful life. One full of creativity, awe and wonder.

You start by making a deeper connection to your soul and the Divine energy that surrounds you. Learning to trust yourself and the messages, signs and synchronicities that surround you.

Then you’ll connect with your magick. Not an ethereal magick of fairytales or one that needs special tools such as wands and cauldrons, but the potent magick that resides within you. 

You’ll also learn how to focus and direct your magick and understand how you can use it in everyday situations, even making the mundane more meaningful and magickal.

When you embody Transformation you realise that you have the power to create a life of more meaning, magick and purpose. Leaving you feeling nourished and joyful, rather than depleted and searching for meaning.

#2 Community Gatherings (online – use of video optional)

Throughout the month I host gatherings with purpose, where we can meet over Zoom. Below is the full timetable of monthly events. Some members attend them all, others may attend just one thing per month. Trust your intuition to guide you to join us as often as you want or need.

Your monthly subscription gives you access to weekly rituals and live classes including:

The Sacred Pause

The Sacred Pause is released every Tuesday and accessed via The Witch Academy member Only podcast.

It’s a moment to pause, come back to centre and realign with what’s important to you.

The Sacred Pause is different each week and is between 5-15 minutes long. It’s either a meditation, visualisation or small ritual – all designed to fit into the busiest of days.

Energy Centring Ritual And Chat

Every Sunday at 8pm UK we gather as a community via a video call and complete a 20 minute ritual to reset our energy, ready to start a new week feeling grounded, centred and ready for the week ahead.

The video recording is uploaded to our community and also available on the Member only podcast.

Immediately after this ritual, we gather via zoom for our weekly magickal chat.

This is a chance to ask questions, share your experiences and set your intentions for the week ahead. We often talk about astrology and how to use magick to support our intentions.

This call is not recorded.

The call is usually 60-90 minutes. You are welcome to join us for 10 minutes or the full chat. Consider it a magickal drop-in session with your favourite magickal friends.

Spell Breaking Classes

Every two weeks (on the weeks we don’t have a New Moon or Full Moon) on a Wednesday at 8pm, for 30 minutes) we gather via video conference for a group energy clearing.

We clear the old energetic patterns that are holding you back from enjoying your most magickal and fulfilling life.

Using my 25 years experience as a kinesiologist, I identify exactly what needs to be cleared so that you can move forward with more joy, ease and freedom.

In the past we’ve covered topics such as; self-doubt, fear of not being good enough, blocks around creativity, pleasure, finances, following your dreams, and letting yourself experience more of the things you desire. 

The replay is available on our member only podcast and video replay in our community.

New Moon Gathering

Every New Moon we gather in our virtual Red Tent for some nourishment and healing.

We gather at 8pm UK, for about an hour, via zoom, but only using audio.

It’s a sacred time for you to rest and be nourished. There are poems, a meditation, energy clearings and divination to guide you on your path.

The audio replay is available on our member only podcast and in our community.

Full Moon Gathering

Every Full Moon we gather to weave some magick and practise our skills in the safety and guidance of our community.

We gather at 8pm UK, for about 60-90 minutes, via video zoom.

Each Full Moon we link the magick to the energy of the moon, in the past we have done things such as various types of scrying, created sigils, performed tea rituals and completed spells for self-love, healing and wealth.

The replay is available on our member only podcast and video replay in our community.

The Witching Hour

One Thursday a month we gather via zoom at 8pm UK, for about an hour to dive deep into topics around being a magickal person.

Past topics have included; Practical magick, manifesting, boundaries, self-care, ethics of magick, receiving more, money, pleasure, working with the elements 

The replay is available on our member only podcast and video replay in our community.

Earth Celebration Craft Classes

For each of the 8 Earth Celebrations, a few days before the festival we gather as  a community via zoom at 8pm UK, for about an hour, to craft magickal tools.

We create tools that align with the energy of the Earth Festival. In previous classes we’ve made brooms, herb bundles, flower crowns, eye pillows, Crane bags (like medicine bags), bath salts and essences

The replay is available on our member only podcast and video replay in our community.

#3 Online Community Forum

(not on Facebook)

Exclusively for Witch Academy members, we use the space for sharing our experiences, asking for guidance, tips and support, and continuing the conversations between classes.

As well as unlimited access to self-paced classes including:

The ART of Being a Witch

Become an unapologetic WITCH who trusts their own magic and creates real change.

Energetic Health

Clear away energetic debris, leaving you calm, clear and confident in your own choices.

Become Your Own Oracle

Learn how to use oracle cards and charm casting to get the answers you’re looking for.

and you will have access to them all for just £47 per month.

Today, you are invited to cross a threshold that leads to adventure, self-expression, and remembering of your ultimate power and magick.

To recap:

Each Month You Have Access to:

x2 Weekly rituals VALUE £97
To bring you back to centre so that you can move through life with more grace and ease.

x 2 Energy Clearing Spell Breaking Classes VALUE £247
To clear your energy of judgements, expectations and things that no longer serve you, so that you can live life fully, and on your own terms.

New Moon Red Tent VALUE £97
To restore and nourish your energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Full Moon Esbat Value £97
Practice your magick in a safe and supportive environment as you discover exactly what works for you!

The Witching Hour call VALUE £97
Receive group coaching to get all of your questions answered and get a deeper understanding of all things magickal and how to use it to support your daily life.

Sabbat Craft Classes VALUE £97
Create your own magickal tools for fun and to harness your own potency and power.

PLUS: Unlimited Access to self-paced classes VALUE: £997
Hone your skills and discover news ones as you deepen your knowledge and understanding of your own blend of magick.

AND: The On-line Community
Essential to support any person breaking free and choosing to walk their own path, on their own terms.

TOTAL VALUE: £1,500+

Your investment: Just £47 a month

You may have some questions like these:


I’m super busy. How much time is this going to take?

All of the classes are self-paced and open access, you can go through them at a pace to suit you. For the live events, it’s really up to you how much you want to participate.

Even if you just listened to one 15 minute ritual a week you would notice a huge difference in how grounded, centred and on purpose you would feel in you life.


What’s the investment?

It’s £47 per month, cancel at any time.


What if I change my mind or don’t like it?

Just cancel your membership, no questions asked.


I’m trying to reduce my social media use and don’t really want another Facebook group

Me too. The community for Witch Academy is hosted off social media, so no danger of falling down a scrolling rabbit-hole.


I’m not a witch, is this class for me?

Yes it is. This membership is for women ready to rediscover and reclaim their power under any label or none. I use the identity ‘witch’ to signal that I am a ‘safe space’ – nothing you can ask about magickal or psychic experiences will shock me.


What special equipment do I need?

None. Your attention, your intention, and your wide open heart.