There’s nothing like being part of a community who get you!


That’s why I created
The Witch Academy.

The Witch Academy

A space for people to explore the mysteries of life, to rediscover their magick, hone their skills and reconnect to their spirituality.

A space to have conversations that you might not be able to have in ‘normal’ (muggle) life.

We can often think that we can, or will, do things by ourselves, but we get much further when we do it together – and it’s a lot more fun!

But who, exactly, is a witch?

A WITCH is a magickal person who is, or is working towards being:


In all aspects of their life. Often following their joy and passion and getting paid well for it.


Trusts themselves and their intuition.


Lives a life full of joy, awe, wonder, purpose, passion and meaning.

Creative, and

Embodying their creativitity and manifestation skills.


Prioritises the self-care and nourishment of their body, mind and soul.

(Pointy hat and cauldron completely optional, but I do love both!)

Embody your magick, re-orientate toward the compass of your desire

What must it feel like to harness magick all areas of your life?

Imagine the thousands of ways life would be different if you had inner power that ripples out into your sex life, career, relationships, bank account, confidence, wellbeing, fulfilment, happiness…

Break free from constraints

How would life be different if you were free from the soul-crushing belief that you must conform to fit in, or be ‘good’ to be accepted?

If, instead, you gave yourself permission to take up space?

If you chose to unapologetically embody your untamed, powerful, messy, paradoxical self?

How would it feel to unfold into who you truly are?:

  • Fierce and receptive
  • Bold and graceful
  • Wild and replenished
  • Intelligent and intuitive
  • Practical and magickal

The lessons that failed you

You were probably taught that, with confidence and hard work, you can live the life of your dreams. But that’s not quite true.

And while you may blame yourself for not being where you want to be, or not doing what you want to do, or not being with who you want to be with…

It’s not your fault either.

No amount of affirmation, journaling, yoga or ‘good vibes’ will reliably get you what you truly desire.

The reality is far more complex

You see, when you try and walk your own path, you’re not only breaking free from the expectations of your family, culture or society; you’re also breaking free from thousands of generations before you, where ‘fitting in’ and being ‘good’ actually gave you the best chance of survival.

I want you to remember

  • If you’re trying to be cheerful on the outside, whilst beating yourself up on the inside, or
  • You’re being overly generous, tip-toeing around people, adding smiley faces to your messages so you don’t come off as ‘mean’, or
  • You’re ready for the next level in business, career or love, but find yourself playing out old patterns that scupper your success and happiness…

… you don’t need more healing, fixing or another retreat. What you need is a nudge to remind you who you are.

If you’re still reading, you’ve heard the call to live life on your own terms.

You’re not broken and you don’t need fixing

What you need are support and tools to help you dismantle the games society plays – the one you never knowingly signed up for!

Everyone is playing the game, whether we like it or not. But not everyone was given the rules, or started in the same place.

It’s time to stop playing by the rules created by the people who don’t want you to succeed – the ones who benefit from you not speaking up, playing small, and doubting yourself.

It’s time to stop apologising for being yourself, and for making others uncomfortable when you break the rules.

You know you’re capable of so much – this is your permission to unapologetically demand more!

I know, first hand and through the hundreds of women I work with as a witch and healer, how painful it is for women to stifle their power. 

I understand the agony of being trapped between wanting so much more, and feeling paralysed by indecision, or lack of confidence, or just not knowing how to initiate change.

The good news is, pain is the start of transformation. Every person who has come into their full power as a magical being, has been pushed towards it by the pain and frustration of constriction, just as you are feeling it now. 

My own journey led to my becoming an energy healer and later a witch, teacher, and founder of…

You’re invited to join us!

Very soon, your world will begin to unfold in a new way as you remember your magick and reclaim power.


When you join us in The Witch Academy you learn to take aligned action that’s right for you.

You understand the importance of cultivating a Magickal Mindset – rather than a positive one.

You lead from a place of trust in your own intuition – not needing validation from those around you.

Do you desire:

    • a path that embraces life’s cycles, rhythms and magick.
    • the confidence to pursue everything you desire
    • deep knowing your boundaries, and how to hold them
    • to embrace every bit of yourself, fulfil your purpose, and experience more love, joy and connection on a daily basis.
    • a life of awe, wonder, abundance and magick.
      to live unapologetically on your own terms, loud and proud.

If you have an inkling that it’s time to embody your magick and re-orientate your compass towards desire, you NEED an accessible, everyday system that shows you how to easily, joyfully, and successfully work magick in your day to day life.

Your monthly subscription gives you access to weekly rituals and live classes including:

Sacred Rituals

Align your energy, become grounded, present and clear, no matter what’s going on around you.

Cosmic Self-Care

The ultimate lunar-aligned self-care, to bring cosmic nourishment and moon-mentum to your week.

Powerful activations to transmute what’s holding you back from living fully and unapologetically.

Topics include:

  • Activating and directing your psychic and physical energy
  • Clearing and releasing energies
  • Money magick
  • Working with the elements and directions, a powerful layer to your spellwork
  • Setting magical intentions
  • Connecting with the land
  • Working with your guides and spirit helpers
  • Spellcraft for protection
  • Defensive magic for confidence
  • Meditation and visualisation to bring your magic to life

As well as unlimited access to self-paced classes including:

The ART of Being a Witch

Become an unapologetic WITCH who trusts their own magic and creates real change.

Energetic Health

Clear away energetic debris, leaving you calm, clear and confident in your own choices.

Become Your Own Oracle

Learn how to use oracle cards and charm casting to get the answers you’re looking for.

and you will have access to them all for just £47 per month.

Not only that, but in recognition of the potency of community, you gain access to The Inner Court, the Witch Academy’s group (not on social media) for discussion, support and monthly live events including:

Witching Hours

Connect with members of your community for learning and group coaching.

Red Tents

On the New Moon join us to rest, nourish and restore your body, mind and soul.


On the Full Moon join us to for group spells, and practice your magic in a safe and powerful space.

Today, you are invited to cross a threshold that leads to adventure, self-expression, and remembering of your ultimate power.

To recap:

Each Month You Have Access to:

x3 Weekly rituals VALUE £97
To bring you back to centre so that you can move through life with more grace and ease.

x 2 Energy Clearing Spell Breaking Classes VALUE £247
To clear your energy of judgements, expectations and things that no longer serve you, so that you can live life fully, and on your own terms.

New Moon Red Tent VALUE £97
To restore and nourish your energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Full Moon Esbat Value £97
Practice your magick in a safe and supportive environment as you discover exactly what works for you!

The Witching Hour call VALUE £97
Receive group coaching to get all of your questions answered and get a deeper understanding of all things magickal and how to use it to support your daily life.

Sabbat Craft Classes VALUE £97
Create your own magickal tools for fun and to harness your own potency and power.

PLUS: Unlimited Access to self-paced classes VALUE: £997
Hone your skills and discover news ones as you deepen your knowledge and understanding of your own blend of magick.

AND: The On-line Community
Essential to support any person breaking free and choosing to walk their own path, on their own terms.

TOTAL VALUE: £1,500+

Your investment: Just £47 a month

You may have some questions like these:


I’m super busy. How much time is this going to take?

All of the classes are self-paced and open access, you can go through them at a pace to suit you. For the live events, it’s really up to you how much you want to participate.

Even if you just listened to one 15 minute ritual a week you would notice a huge difference in how grounded, centred and on purpose you would feel in you life.


What’s the investment?

It’s £47 per month, cancel at any time.


What if I change my mind or don’t like it?

Just cancel your membership, no questions asked.


I’m trying to reduce my social media use and don’t really want another Facebook group

Me too. The community for Witch Academy is hosted off social media, so no danger of falling down a scrolling rabbit-hole.


I’m not a witch, is this class for me?

Yes it is. This membership is for women ready to rediscover and reclaim their power under any label or none. I use the identity ‘witch’ to signal that I am a ‘safe space’ – nothing you can ask about magickal or psychic experiences will shock me.


What special equipment do I need?

None. Your attention, your intention, and your wide open heart.