Embodying Your Magick

BONUSES to Enhance Your Journey

The Magickal Journals

Together, these journals will serve as faithful companions on your path to reclaiming your magick, amplifying your experience, and adding even more joy to your everyday life.

Magickal Moments

Chronicle your synchronicities and magickal occurrences, helping you recognise and relish more of these divine winks from the universe.

Magickal Momentum

Maintain a magickal mindset, propelling you forward on your journey while identifying the chains that may be holding you back.

Soul Vitamins

A spiritual feast to nourish your soul, providing the stamina you need to cultivate a life brimming with fulfilment and joy.

Meet Rebecca 

The Sorceress of Transformation

Rebecca Anuwen is a magickal mentor, coach and intuitive whose wisdom and expertise have guided 1000’s of individuals on their path of self-discovery and personal metamorphosis.

As the visionary behind The Witch Academy, Rebecca’s wholehearted mission is to support her community rekindle their innate magick, forge unshakable self-trust, and align with their ultimate destiny.

Masterfully harnessing her skills in energy healing, divination, and intuitive development, Rebecca creates a dynamic fusion of celestial wisdom, practical insights, and unwavering support.

Her holistic approach empowers seekers to break the chains of limiting beliefs, unleash their untamed potential, and manifest lives filled with soulful purpose and fiery passion.

Inspired by her own odyssey of self-exploration, Rebecca’s unyielding dedication to guiding others along their magickal path is the bedrock of her work.

With an open heart and profound understanding, she shares her knowledge and experiences, crafting a sanctuary for her community to delve into their inner realms and unearth their authentic selves.