Welcome back to the Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast with me, Rebecca Anuwen.

I’m back with some inspiration and an intuitive twist.

On the last episode, we looked at the symbolism of the candle and the importance of getting clear on your next steps. Today, we move on to making a choice, knowing what to do and choosing to actually take action, to do it are very different things.

Take a moment to focus on the question you have for today. We’re looking at choice. Where in your life do you need some guidance on making the right choice for you?

We’ll start by looking at the meaning of the SHEro toolkit card, and then I’ll draw a second card for you to explore how that card changes the meaning or nuance of that initial card. And then, because, you know, I love working with the charms, I’m going to draw a charm too, again, allowing us to weave a deeper story.

What do you think of when you think of the anchor?

The anchor is the card today that tells us to make a choice.


The Anchor – Make a Choice

ReEnchant Your Life Podcast
I’m going to share my thoughts on the anchor, but as always, what you think is much more relevant than what I think, use my thoughts as a tool to guide you to start your own thought process, but follow and trust your thoughts.

The anchor, make a choice.

Every choice that you make makes a difference. Anchors connect us to the earth and provide stability. Even in the most troubled of waters, they allow us to remain in one place, giving us pause as we consciously choose the direction.

The anchor reminds you to make a choice, now is not the time to sit back and do nothing nor is it the time to passively wait for the outcome you want, now is the time to make a choice so that you can take clear decisive action.

Maybe you aren’t happy with where you are. Maybe your previous choices didn’t give you the outcome you expected. That’s okay.

Right now in this moment, you can choose again and you can choose to move away from your current situation and towards where you want to be. These choices can be small steps or giant leaps. The size of the choice doesn’t matter. It’s the commitment that you’re making to yourself and the choice that’s important.

It’s essential to know that you get to make the choices that move you towards your desired outcome. Sometimes you’ll make these choices moment to moment. Other times you’ll make them for the longer term, regardless. They’re your choices to make.

The SHEro action recommends to help you make a choice, it says, where in your life have you been waiting to make a choice, take action, or commit to a dream or desire.

It’s time to stop waiting, take responsibility for the direction you want to go in and commit to it. You don’t need permission or validation from anyone else. Now is the time to choose. Give yourself permission, validate yourself, you know yourself better than anyone, make the choice you truly desire.

The affirmation: I make conscious choices that serve me.

When you think of an anchor, what comes to mind for you?

The anchor roots us down into that one place it’s heavy. It’s grounded. When you make this choice, how many times have you made a choice in your life? You’re like, yes, this is what I’m going to do. Maybe you feel the energy of the anchor, like rooting you to the place you’re really clear on what you want to do. And then a few days, a few weeks later, you’re like, Oh, maybe I shouldn’t do that. Maybe I should do something else. Because by that point you’ve had other people’s expectations.

Other people’s judgments come towards you and you’ve taken those on as your own. You’ve let your anchor be lifted out of the seabed. And now you’re that boat bobbing around, not sure what you should do, what you should really decide as is yours because these other people or events, society, culture are trying to convince you that your initial choice was the wrong choice.

I’m just going to shuffle the cards to get some more insights into how to help you make the choice that you need to make right now.

And it’s the book of shadows and the writing on the card says to record your experiences.


ADDITIONAL CARD: The Book of Shadows

ReEnchant Your Life Podcast
Now, this is interesting, actually, just today, I wrote a post on magical recordkeeping and one of the things that I think is really important about magical recordkeeping is it gives us a record of our lived experience. And when we’ve written something down that can’t be taken away from us because when you think, Oh yeah, this is definitely what I want to do, this is the choice I want to make and then you start taking action and it becomes difficult.

You start going, is that really the right choice for me? Maybe I just imagined it. Maybe things weren’t as good as I thought they were. But when we’ve recorded our experiences in a magical journal, in a book of shadows, in our own diary, we can’t take away the experience when we go back and we reflect.

What is your experiences that are real to you that can help you make this choice?

Whether it’s being clear on that decision you needed to make, whether it’s because you have proof from the past that you’re like, Oh yeah, this is what I want. This is how I need to show up.

These are the decisions I need to make, because even if they’re harder decisions, even if they’re more challenging to you, when you’ve got concrete experience to draw upon, it becomes much easier to make those choices. It knows that we can overcome those obstacles. It knows that walking the path of most resistance actually helps us to become stronger.

I heard someone the other day and they said something that made me laugh. They said, the only things that go with the flow are dead fish.

Something about that just really made me laugh because it is like sometimes we have to go against the current to get stronger. You know, we have to keep going and keep trying. The choice that you need to make right now may not be the easiest choice, it’s like in your heart you probably know the choice you need to make and it’s difficult and yet experience shows you that this is the right choice.

What I’m going to do now is I’m just going to pick a charm to find out what charm is going to support us here.

Oh, and it’s a charm that actually says the word believe.




ReEnchant Your Life Podcast
Again, that links in perfectly with that make a choice, record your experiences. It’s like, look back over your life at those experiences and then believe in yourself to know that you can absolutely make that choice to make that choice means bringing change.

Deciding what you need to do is the easy part.

Even though we might mither about it for ages, even though we might to and fro and not be sure, but knowing what to do and then making the choice to actually do it are two very different things. It’s like you have that big dream and then to make a choice, it’s like putting all the pillars in place, knowing all the different things that you actually have to do. It’s like putting that plan and when we make a choice, we say yes to something. But when we say yes to something, it often means that we’re saying no to something else. It’s a really important way of finding out what’s important to us and which way we’re taking our life in.

When you think about the question you had about making the choice, I think the message coming through right now is believe in yourself and don’t choose the easy option because you think it will be easier. Rarely choosing the easy path is actually the easier option. Don’t be afraid to take on something that feels really big. Don’t be afraid to make really significant changes in your life because as the charm says, believe in yourself.

How did you find that? Go back and have a reflect on those images on that charm and ask yourself, what is the message those cards have for you today. Hopefully I’ve inspired you and given you some thoughts, but what do they have for you?

Thanks for joining me. I’ll see you soon for another episode of the Re-Chant Your Life podcast, where we’re spiral deeper on our journey, learning to trust your intuition so that you can make better choices, ones that are aligned with your deepest desires, until then.


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