The following story really happened, no names have been changed to protect the innocent or otherwise…

It was just another day at my practice, I had a diary full of characters looking for answers, and I was ready to work my magic as I had been doing for decades, but somehow today felt more magical than usual…

I go into the waiting room looking for my next client, but there’s no one there. The receptionist explains this session will be done via Skype.

‘Hello is it Ms Wicked Witch of the East?’

‘No my dear it’s pronounced Wick-ay, it’s a silent ‘d’, I’ve no idea what my parents were thinking, but it’s better than ‘Maleficent’ that they were considering, it’s so common these days’.

‘Oh I’m sorry’, I say blushing at my mistake, ‘How can I help you today?’

‘Well my Dear, ever since a terrible incident a few years ago, I’ve not been able to go outside.’

‘You see, there was a terrible storm, a tornado struck, perhaps you saw it on the news?’ She looks at me quizzically and then continues, ‘the tornado darn well lifted a house clear off the ground, as if it was as light as a scarecrow, and it landed right on my head! If it hadn’t been for the trench that I’d been digging for my pumpkins, I’d surely be dead!

‘Damn that girl and her little dog too!’ She muttered to herself.

‘You see’, Ms East leans closer to the screen, I hadn’t noticed until now, she really did look most menacing – I add a little extra protection to my own energy. She must notice, and quickly softens, ‘You see, Rebecca, I have a reputation to protect, people think I’m one of those bad witches, the type that would turn you in to a toad for looking at me funny, and because of that I can live my life without the nuisance of interfering folk, I haven’t got time for busy-bodies’

Without thinking I ask ‘Well are you one of those witches?’ I instantly regret my question, and add even more protection to myself.

She looks at me, down her long, thin nose and says:

‘I will be honest with you, there was a time when I was an angry teenager when I may have turned a few people into frogs and toads, okay, it might have been an entire village but they deserved it! No manners… and I might also have been known to give people some nasty warts when they irked me, but I was young and foolish. I’ve paid the price.’

I didn’t think that she looked particularly sorry, but I was prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt, as I too had been a mischievous teenager – although no toads or warts had been involved!

‘I have no close friends’ she continued, ‘in fact because I’ve been too afraid, I mean not wanted to leave the house, people have assumed I’m dead!’ she said indignantly.

‘Can I ask’, I said with trepidation, ‘why do you want to work with me?’

‘You’re one of us!’ she snaps impatiently.

I abruptly reply ‘I don’t think I am!…’ But actually this wasn’t the first time I’d been called a witch… Although always, kind of, said in jest, previous clients had called me a witch because of the, quite frankly astonishing results that they witnessed, they thought I must be magic, and of course the stuffed toys in the room for children to play with included a black cat and a bat, and there was that time when…

‘My Dear’, she continued, totally ignoring my protest, and interrupting my thoughts, ‘We don’t all look like me, although heaven knows why not, the stripy socks and pointy hat are fabulous’

I had to agree with that, the hat was very striking!

‘Come here my dear, let me tell you something…’

I found myself leaning closer to the screen.

Witch just means wise woman, and you my dear are most certainly one of those’.

I started to feel ever so slightly guilty about my judgements I’d been making about Ms East, so I quickly get myself back on track.

‘Ms East, are you ready to release the energy block that’s preventing you from going outside? Well let’s begin!’


My Notes:

For Ms East we had to clear all things around ‘fear of things happening beyond my control’.

She had found herself a prisoner of her own home as she was subconsciously afraid of things happening to her that she had no control over.

She had spent so long trying to control her environment, making sure that another house couldn’t land on her, that she has lost touch with the magic of life and the beauty of surrendering to it.

After a flyer landed in her garden about an Enchanted and Magical Beings Conference, where all of her SHEroes would be attending: Cruella De Vil, The Queen of Hearts, Ursula and not forgetting her estranged sister The Wicked Witch of the West, she knew she just had to go.

She feels that she is now ready to show up in life, but the importance that she places on her reputation and what other people may think of her had been holding her back and preventing her from taking the opportunities that come her way.

Follow Up:

I was surprised to see Ms East actually sat in my reception room.

I asked her how she had found leaving the house. She started mumbling about people staring at her, I could be wrong but I thought I even heard her say that she had turned one of these people in to a toad – but I’m sure she must have been joking… I hope.

She told me that she had gone to the conference and had a brilliant time, she seemed embarrassed at how animated she became. She composed herself and explained how much she realised that she had missed being in the company of other like-minded women, how inspired she felt and how her creativity was flooding back.

She went on to explain that she was meeting with these women each month, and in such a short time she felt more supported and at ease than she ever had before.

As she left my room, she turned, gave me a crooked smile and said ‘You should come and join us my dear’ – I smiled nervously, not knowing if I should be flattered or concerned at the invitation. 

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