The following story really happened, no names have been changed to protect the innocent or otherwise…

It was just another day at my practice, I had a diary full of characters looking for answers, and I was ready to work my magic as I had been doing for decades, but somehow today felt more magical than usual…

‘Ms Hood, please take a seat’, I said as I welcomed my first client of the day into my room.

‘Red, call me Red, my real name is Bethany, but my Grandma always called me Red and it’s kinda stuck.’

‘How can I help you today Red?’

‘Oh I just don’t know really, I’m not even sure why I’m here’ she trailed off…

I was just about to ask a question, when she wailed:

‘Rebecca, I’m 34!

34 and I still haven’t got my shit together!

My girlfriends are off and married, most have kids, and I just can’t seem to find a man who isn’t a jerk.

I thought I had found THE One, we were married after a hot and steamy whirlwind romance, but then same old, same old… Ugh! We were divorced last week. He was a dirty rotten scoundrel too! We were only married a year – What’s wrong with me?

All my boyfriends, and HIM, have ended up letting me down or deceiving me – why can’t I find a decent, wholesome man, one who I can trust and loves me for who I am?’

As she pauses for breath, I quickly invite her onto my couch, so I can start to untangle this emotional mess for her.

I find the most pressing energy block that needs clearing.

‘Red, please think the phrase: ‘fear of trusting others’’

She looks at me bemused and says, ‘I can trust others, of course I can, that’s a weird thing to think’

‘That’s fine’, I say, ‘but just continue to think the phrase ‘fear of trusting others’’

After a few minutes, out of curiosity I ask, ‘has there ever been a time in your life when you have been tricked by someone, or when something traumatic has happened, where you were deceived by someone you cared about?’

She takes a moment, and then thoughtfully responds ‘No. No, not that I can think of…’

A few minutes pass by.

Then out of nowhere she blurts ‘Oh wait, there was that time I was nearly eaten by a wolf, but that can’t be it as that was ages ago, that happened when I was a child!’

I nodded and sat there silently.

Suddenly, all excited Red squeaked, ‘Oh my god that’s it, isn’t it! That’s why I don’t trust anyone, you see what happened was, I met this lovely wolf, I really thought he liked me!

I was walking through the woods collecting some flowers for my Grandma, you see you she poorly at the time and I thought they would cheer her up, well anyway, I met this very handsome wolf, we were chatting away, and he told me where the best flowers were. I felt so lucky that he would share this with me, they really were the most beautiful flowers. I thought we’d be friends forever.

But he was a good for nothing cheat!

Sure he told me where the best flowers were, but he only did that because he wanted to eat me!

Can you believe that! He wanted to eat me!

He even went to the trouble of disguising himself as my sweet, little Grandma.

Thank goodness for the Woodcutter, I don’t like to think of what may have happened if he hadn’t been passing by…

Do you think that’s why I can’t trust men even now, even though it’s been sooo many years since that hideous wolf tried to trick me!’

I explain how it’s possible for trauma to get ‘locked in’ to our energy system and that this is our subconscious way of protecting ourselves from being hurt or scared in the future. But that in fact what it actually does, instead of allowing us to process the event effectively, it ingrains the pattern in to our subconscious and we can continue to play out and attract the same pattern over and over, much like a broken record, but without us even being aware of it.

She looked at me for a moment and then said, ‘OH MY GOD, I can see how that’s true! I have attracted the same pattern of selfish jerks over and over, I thought I was just unlucky’.

At the end of the session, Red skips out of the office, telling me she’s off to celebrate.


My Notes:

Red has suffered a trauma that she felt she should have dealt with due to the length of time that has passed since it happened.

It would seem that she had been suppressing it for years, possibly decades.

And by suppressing it, it had been subconsciously playing out in her relationship with men.

The energetic block has been cleared and her energy around the issue of ‘trusting others’ has been rebalanced and is flowing again.


Follow Up Visit:

Red has been dating several men, who in her words ‘aren’t her usual type’, but she feels happier than ever. She hadn’t realised how exhausting it had been to not trust people.

Although it’s felt strange to her, she has been giving people the benefit of the doubt, and actually believing people.

Red commented that it seems that when she has trusted these people, nothing bad has happened, even though part of her still expects to get let down, but she did add, this was only a small part.

She also thinks that she’s found the ‘one’, she’s told me to buy a hat!

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