The SHEro Archetypes


Awaken your inner-power.

Let the SHEro Archetypes guide you on a journey to awaken your inner-power, so you can enjoy increased confidence, self-trust, and feelings of wholeness as you remember who you were born to be.

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Feel more empowered to speak your truth and walk your own path.

This book will help you to reconnect with your awakening inner power as you journey through the 9-SHEro Archetypes.


The SHEro Archetype book

Within every woman lies forgotten, powerful energies. Rich in wisdom, healing, power and support. In The SHEro Archetypes, Rebecca Kane introduces you to this rich internal landscape, and gives you the tools to access it.

Rediscover your feminine strength, resilience and radiance.

Over the last 18 years, Rebecca has uncovered and explored these 9 archetypal SHEro energies, and is now sharing that knowledge with you.

These SHEro’s will support you to:

  • Ignite Your Joy
  • Reclaim Your Power
  • Embrace Your Truth
  • Energise Your Desires
  • Own Your Value
  • Share Your Knowledge
  • Commit to Yourself
  • Claim Your Experience
  • Consciously Create Your Life

Once awakened, and reclaimed, the SHEro Archetypes will help you to ignite your own sacred power. Enjoy increased confidence, self-trust, and feelings of wholeness. A whole new world of possibilities is awaiting you.


The SHEro Archetypes can provide the keys to unlock and help you reclaim all aspects of your hidden power.


Paperback: 194 pages

Product Dimensions: 19 x 1.1 x 23.5 cm

Published: February 2018

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