Unleash your full power and potential by harnessing the wisdom and magick of the cycles of nature

We can’t always be on.

Always creating, pushing, hustling.

But that’s how our society is set up.

We set a goal and work relentlessly towards it. We’re taught to just push harder and try harder if it’s taking too long or feels difficult.

We expect high energy levels all day every day, and try to fix ourselves when this isn’t our experience.

Society celebrates the light, the youth, the action.

But to embody your true power, potential and magick, we need to embrace all stages of growth, not just the parts celebrated by society.

The stages of darkness and renewal are just as important. For it’s in the darkness we find wisdom, experience and a deep connection to our intuition and creativity.

Become all that you can be

You wouldn’t expect the rose to be at its fullest expression and bloom all year round, why would you expect yourself to be able to ‘bloom’ all day, every day, every month, every year, for your whole entire life?

The rose blooms effortlessly because it flows with natural rhythm of life, that cycles through four stages:

* growth;

* flowering;

* harvest;

* surrender and rest. 

This cycle allows the rose to effortlessly unfold and become all that it can be, time and time again.

And we can do that too.

Harness your natural rhythms

We can reconnect to the natural cycles that surround us so that life becomes full of ease and grace, and feels like a beautiful enjoyable dance, rather than a marathon (wearing a weighted backpack, with flippers on your feet).


When you honour your natural rhythms you: 

✔ Connect with your power and magick in a more potent way.

✔ Experience a deeper sense of connection and belonging.

✔ Feel happier, more peaceful, and present.

✔ Become more productive, effortlessly.

✔ Start new projects and see them through to fruition.

✔ Express yourself more confidently.

✔ Easily let go of things that no longer serve you.

✔ Honour your need to rest, guilt free.

SACRED RHYTHMS is an on-line course for anyone who is ready to stop fighting against life and step into their flow

By the end of the course:

You’ll have much greater insight into your own cyles of creation, production and rest.

You’ll know how to connect with the cycles around you , and within you, to get the most out of life, joyously and with ease.

✔   Life flows and  feels easier.

✔   You’ll stop fighting against yourself and no longer head towards burnout.

✔  You feel empowered to start (and finish) your projects

✔   You’ll know how to schedule your days, weeks and months to get the most out your time, without sacrificng your health.

✔   You’ll understand how to use ‘sacred time’ to create (and manifest) what you desire.

From the moment you sign up

This online course is a portal that will help you unlock a life filled with more joy, grace and ease as you learn the importance of honouring your own rhythms

Here’s How You’ll use SACRED RHYTHMS to enjoy more grace and ease in all areas of your life

Instant access to everything you need.

Once started, you’ll have access to this material forever, so you can continue to refine your rhythms and deepen into your magick for years and years to come.

The course also includes a growing, library of Q&A videos, a nourishing private on-line community group of like-minded people, and interactive support from The Witch Academy team throughout your journey.

The 3 cycles for your success

1. Solar Powered Success

Our annual trip around the Sun creates a predictable, comforting cycle throughout the year. It gives you the opportunity to confidently initiate, or navigate, change in your life while awakening your power and magick and claiming your fullest potential. . 
Let’s set aside the long and complicated history that led to us having 12 arbitrary months in a year. 

Our Celtic ancestors held eight celebrations throughout the year, which honoured the natural ebb and flow of the seasons as the Earth completed its orbit.

The pattern of these celebrations ensured there was time for growth, flowering, harvest, surrender and rest,  which enabled the people to work with the natural harvest cycles (disconnection from this would have had serious consequences).

I’ll show you how to work with these seasonal celebrations in a way that creates ease and balance in your life, allowing you to transform patterns and habits that no longer work for you, so that you can experience your own version of success. 

2. Manifesting with Moon-Mentum

The energy cycle that’s expressed through the eight festivals is replicated every month through the cycle of the moon.  And when you tap into it, you have the power to manifest your desires with ease. 
Manifesting with Moon-mentum focuses on ALL stages of the manifesting process, not just the ‘high vibe’ ones.

Manifesting is a process of growth.

And you need all stages of growth: awakening and growth, full expression, harvest and release and then surrender and rest

If you just focus on the ‘action’, the awakening and growth, it leads us to exhaustion and overwhelm.

It doesn’t leave time to get clear on what you really want and review what actually works for you.

There’s no space for aligning with what you really want.  Instead you get caught up in the excitement of what you think you want, or worse, you think you want what other people want for you.

You work towards success, only to eventually find out that it’s someone else’s version of success, and not what you really desired at all  (although no doubt the signs were there…).

Manifesting with Moon-mentum connects you with the eight phases of the lunar cycle and provides you with a step-by-step process to move you from dreaming about what you desire in life to being able to live it.

3. Personal Power-Up

The energy of your body is cyclical too.
Sometimes you’ll feel like an outgoing, vibrant, social butterfly.
At other times you’ll want to cocoon under the duvet.
Conditioning tells us this is wrong – that we should be consistent, that the 24 hour clock is the only one we need to listen to. 

But your body has an inner wisdom that encourages this ebb and flow of energy.

Personal Power-Up is NOT about feeling high-vibe and forcing high-energy every single day.

It’s about connecting with and charting your own natural energy rhythm so you can create a life that nourishes you. Ending each day feeling fulfilled and replenished rather than crawling into bed beyond exhausted (again)… 

You’ll be able to confidently anticipate when you’ll need more rest and nourishment, as well as plan bolder action for your higher energy periods.

By the end of SACRED RHYTHMS
You’ll have everything you need to regain control of your time and energy so that you can feel more nourished and fulfilled


Hi! I’m Rebecca- Anuwen!

I’m a Modern Day Witch, and a trained Priestess of Cerridwen (the Welsh Goddess of transformation, Keeper of The Cauldron, and Goddess to the Witches), and Founder, Head teacher at The Witch Academy.

My students and clients often call me ‘Mumma Witch’

Since 2000 I have professionally practiced the energy therapy Kinesiology.

And over the past 20 years I’ve helped 1000’s of people, mainly women, embrace their true self; their powerful, wise woman self, by helping them to break free of the conditioning, beliefs and behaviours that have kept them stuck, exhausted and playing small, and I’d love to help you do the same!

(Other things you should know about me… I’m an eternal optimist that laughs at her own jokes, and I’m obsessed with all of nature, particularly trees.)


You receive access to 3 self-paced, on-line courses:


1 – Solar Powered Success

This course introduces you to the 8 Earth Festivals that mark the change of the The Wheel of the Year and the seasons in relation to the sun.

The sun represents your external expression of energy out into the world.

Throughout this course you will receive:

    • Lessons and downloadable PDF ebooks to guide you through each of the Earth Festivals. Sharing information on:
      • What the festival is and when it’s celebrated
      • Activities for you to connect with and honour its energy
      • Ways to celebrate the energy
      • How to embody the energy and use it to support you
    • Creative and intuitive ways to work with the energy.

2 – Manifesting with Moon-Mentum

This course introduces you to the 8 phases of the moon and how to use this energy to manifest your desires.

The moon represents your internal expression of energy in the world.

Throughout this course you will receive:

    • Guidance on how to use the different phases of the moon to create change and manifest your desires.
    • An understanding of the importance of both rest and action.
    • Daily activities to manifest with the moon over 30-days.
    • A downloadable pdf manifesting wheel to chart and record your progress
    • Moon rituals to deepen your work with the moon.
    • Information on how to charge your intentions with crystals and herbs.

3 – Personal Power Up

This course teaches you how to notice and chart your own energy and creativity to learn how to set up your life for success.

Throughout this course you will learn:

    • How and why you need to chart your energy and your own natural rhythms.
    • How to work with your rhythms to create a more fulfilling  life.
    • How to support your energy when you have to do something that doesn’t align with your current energy.

    • ENERGY CLEARING meditations to remove any resistance to change as you move through the seasons and the moon cycles
    • Private access to our SACRED RHYTHMS COMMUNITY where you can get your questions answered, share your insights and connect with other magickal people

BONUS #1 Cosmic Self-Care

Self-care requires more than a bubble bath or a Netflix + popcorn binge when you’re feeling low.

Your well-being has physical, social, emotional and mental elements.

And each of these correlates with a phase on the lunar cycle.

So your self-care becomes more nourishing and effective when you align what you do with the energy of the moon.

This guide walks you through how to nurture each of the four elements of your well-being, and when in the lunar cycle to take that action.

BONUS #2 Manifesting With Moon-mentum Podcast 

In a new MEMBER ONLY episode each week, I share how you can use the moon energy of that week to move your intentions forward with aligned action, and how to best use that energy for your self-care.

A life of ease and intention

Enjoy a life of ease and intention by aligning your actions to the sacred rhythms your body is designed to live by.


Sacred Rhythms

Release your true power and magick by embracing nature’s cycle of growth 

Price: £127

  Solar-Powered Success

  Manifesting with Moon-mentum

  Personal Power-Up


  Bonus #1: Cosmic Self-Care

  Bonus #2: Manifesting with Moon-mentum Weekly Podcast (exclusive to course owners)


How much time will the course take me?

This course is designed to be dipped in and out of throughout the months and year.

Solar Power Success
The Earth Festivals happen roughly every 6-8 weeks.
To work through the content of each festival could take about half a day.

If you wanted to perform any of the rituals or ceremonies, you could allow an hour, or more if you shared the celebration with friends.


Manifesting with Moon-mentum
You can choose to cycle through this course following the daily prompts every day for a month, spending between 10-30 minutes a day on the material and activities.

But if you miss a few days (or weeks), you can revisit them the following month, or the month after, or the month after that.

This is why it’s great working with cycles, they simply come back around again!


Personal Power-Up
Initially, it might take you an afternoon to go through all of the material and then to implement the information, you will just need a few minutes a day to discover your own rhythm.

Again it doesn’t matter if you miss any time, because as the couse will explain, the time ‘missed’ as as informative as the information recorded.

What special equipment do I need?

None. Your attention, your intention, and your curiosity.

How do I access the podcast?

Don’t be put off by the word ‘podcast’ if it’s not something you’re familiar with.

There are detailed step-by-step instructions to get you step up – it’s easier than you may think!

And you can always email me to ask for additional help – just respond to the email you receive.

But simply:

  1. You’ll receive an email containing a link to subscribe to the podcast.
  2. Click the link, preferably from your phone
  3. You’ll be asked what podcast player you use (there are plenty to choose from and are often already installed on your phone)
  4. Click your podcast player of choice and it will automatically open the player
  5. Click the ‘subscribe’ button and you can start listening immediately
What's an energy clearing?

Through no fault of your own, just through being alive and experiencing life, with its stresses and challenges, your energy system can become clogged and congested – just in the same way that your physical body can become overwhelmed and exhausted if you don’t get enough rest.

An energy clearing pinpoints where your energy system currently needs some additional support to remove any ‘congestion’.

Since the year 2000 I’ve been practising energy medicine, and worked with 1000’s of women, and it never ceases to amaze me just how powerful this work is.

Gently releasing energetic blocks that have been created over the years, by using simple  techniques, can bring huge changes to you and your life.

The energy clearings are designed to balance the energies of your body so that you feel better, think clearer and feel more aligned with yourself.

Now imagine what you could do and achieve if your limiting beliefs, fears and the stories that we regularly tell ourselves were no longer holding you back.

And instead these were replaced with you feeling confident and inspired because you could now access your potential and your inner strength.

You felt aligned and connected with your purpose and path because they were no longer hidden or clouded by the left over stress and debris of challenging life events.

Often something will happen to us during our life and we (eventually) think we are over it. We
can rationalise that things ‘happen for a reason’, or perhaps enough time has passed that we get
back to everyday life and the event becomes a memory.

However, this isn’t the case. Just because intellectually we ‘think’ we’re over something, doesn’t mean that energetically we are.

Our energy system doesn’t follow a linear timeline.

So while you’re trying to reason with yourself: ‘why does this still affect me, it happened years, or even decades ago’. To your energy system it’s like it happened yesterday – this is how people
can push our buttons, and we can be triggered into a response that’s disproportionate to what we actually experienced in the moment.

To stop this cycle and be truly free of our past events, it’s essential that we rebalance and clear our energy system.

Just as we clean and nourish our physical body, we must also clean and nourish our energy system.

The energy clearings you will have access to are a way of activating dormant energies in you so that you can access greater vitality and joy. They also awaken your true self and align you with the rhythms that are around you and within you.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, this is powerful and transformative work.

Why isn't the community on Facebook?

The community for Enchanted is hosted off social media, on our own private platform.

The benefits of this are that there are no distractions, keeping your energy and actions intentional.

The platform we use is called ‘Circle’.

It’s easy to access from within the course or from my website. If you see the green chat icons on the bottom right of each page of my website – click that and you can access the community spaces you are a member of – of course if you’re not a member, you’ll just see a ‘Not a member’ message.

When you join, you’ll be automatically added to the community and you can start chatting away.

If you’re familiar with facebook, it’s very similar.

You can comment on posts and start your own.

You can share text, images, videos and gifs.

There’s even an iOS app that you can set up to send you notifications (just like Facebook). The Android one is coming soon, But no date on when just yet.

If you don’t like apps, you can even set up your account so that you receive email updates on the information that you’re interested in.

And of course, you can turn off notifications and emails as and when you choose.

All of the great parts of Facebook, none of the unwanted and distracting drama.

A place dedicated purley to your magick!