SHEro Guidance for the Week Ahead

June 6th

1 – The Rose

Own Your Value

Be proud of who you are

The rose is a symbol of love, passion, honour, faith and devotion. In particular, red roses stand for courage and respect, and are an expression of our deepest feelings.


The Rose reminds you to own your value

You are valuable and your contribution matters.

Give yourself permission to go after what you desire, even if it makes no sense to those around you. Realign yourself with your values. Check in with the feelings you wish to experience more of in your life, and the experiences you want to make up your life.

Does your current experience of life reflect that which you hold sacred? Or have you been compromising, and putting others’ needs before your own?

What do you want to share with the world? What do you really believe? What kind of world do you want to live in, and contribute to?

Dream about it, talk about it and share your views with others… but take action. Believe in yourself. Trust that you wouldn’t have been given this inspiration if it wasn’t true for you. Don’t be discouraged by others, or think you have nothing unique to contribute.

No one sees the world the way you do. Other people may have similar views, but they haven’t lived your life or had your experiences. That means your thoughts and ideas will always have your unique flavour. Share it!

The world is richer and better when we all share our inspired truth.

You are valuable, and your contribution matters.


SHEro Action

Check in with yourself when you’re speaking with others.

Notice when you start trying to prove yourself to someone or convince them that your views are right. Remember that this behaviour is different from healthy debate, because it comes from a place of feeling ‘not enough.’

Each time you notice yourself feeling this way, or trying to win approval or prove you’re right, step back. Reconnect with all the things that are important to you. It’s okay if those things aren’t important to everyone else. It would be a dull world if everyone was interested in all the same things.

Pause and take a breath as you own your value and give yourself permission to be you.



“I honour and value my unique self.”

2 – The Key

Reclaim Your Power

Access your personal power by focusing your energy, thoughts and actions on what you truly desire

Keys are a symbol of authority. They allow us to open and close doors. If we’re the only ones who have them, they give us freedom, security and access to the things that are ours.


The Key reminds you to reclaim your power

It’s time to step into your power and show up fully.

Outer experiences of life will always be varied. Material possessions may come and go. Structures in society may support you, or be designed to actively do the opposite. You may have been born into a culture that celebrates you, or one that doesn’t honour your value.

No matter what your external circumstances though, you can connect with and feel into your inner power. This inner power cannot be taken away from you. Even when you feel disconnected from it, it’s still there, burning brightly for you.

Reclaim this power.

People may have tried to take it away from you, or to convince you that you don’t have it. But that’s just not true. Your power is where it’s always been – within you.

Don’t let the fear of not being liked, being rejected, or being told that you’re ‘too much’ stop you. Those reactions might hurt, but you aren’t here to live your life for those people. You’re here to live your life for you.

Show up for yourself. Accept your power, step into it and own it. Allow yourself to move towards your highest potential.


SHEro Action

Own your power.

Bring attention to all the beliefs that prevent you from connecting with and owning your power.

Whose voice do you hear telling you that you can’t, you shouldn’t, or you’re not allowed to?

Who are you keeping part of yourself small for?

On separate pieces of paper, write down each of the beliefs that stop you from fully embodying your power. One by one, write over each with a new, positive, affirming belief. Literally cover over the old belief, and re-write your story.

Then, somewhere safe and suitable, burn each piece of paper. Feel the old belief being burnt away, released and transformed into your new belief.

Pause and take a breath as you give yourself permission to reclaim your power.



“I step into my power with increasing confidence.”

3 – The Castle

Stop Hiding

We need you to show up in all of your gloriously, perfectly imperfect ways

Castles were once used to protect people, livestock, and food stores from harsh weather, invaders and battles. They were places of refuge, where people could feel safe from the outside world.


The Castle reminds you to stop hiding

Celebrate yourself. You are a truly unique creation of the Universe.

You share many similarities with others, but you’re different from everyone else. The way you view and experience the world, and the way you express yourself are all unique to you.

Allow yourself to celebrate that uniqueness. You enrich the world.

Have fun expressing yourself in creative ways. Don’t limit yourself. Embrace all of your quirks. When you focus on your own uniqueness, truth and joy, there’s no time or space to compare yourself to others.

Stop hiding. Stop hiding any part of you. Instead celebrate, embody and enjoy ALL of you.

Think of how a garden is more beautiful and richer when it’s filled with an abundant variety of flowers, herbs, bushes and trees. In the same way, the world is a richer and more nourishing place when it’s filled with a wide variety of people expressing their true, unique and beautiful selves.


SHEro Action

Get creative and express yourself.

Ask yourself:

  • How would you absolutely love to express yourself, but have held back?
  • What is your deepest desire?

Perhaps it’s about the clothes you wear, or the accessories you adorn yourself with. Do you desire to wear bolder colours or patterns? Is it time to try new styles? A change of hair colour or style? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to take up singing, dance, cookery or art…

It’s time to be honest about what turns you on and lights you up, even if only to yourself.

Boldly express your truth and have fun!

Pause and take a breath as you allow the joy of who you are to fill your entire body.



“I am ready to express myself fully and be seen.”

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