Welcome back to the Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast with me, Rebecca Anuwen.

We’re back to give you some inspiration and to get you using your intuition.

On the last episode, we looked at the symbolism of The Anchor and the importance of making a choice. Today, we move on to the card, the boots and we’re encouraged to start now.

Take a moment to focus on the question that you have today, large or small, it doesn’t matter, as today we’re looking at getting started.

Where in your life do you need some guidance on taking those next steps, of starting something new?

As always, we’ll start by looking at the meaning of the SHEro toolkit card. Then I’ll draw a second card for you so we can explore how that card changes the meaning or the nuance of the first card. Then I’m going to draw a charm, allowing us again, to build our own story and find the answer to your question.

The card today is The Boots.


The Boots – Start Now

Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast

What do you think of when you think of boots?

Are they something that’s comfortable? Are they something that are ugly? Are they something that have walked you thousands and thousands of miles?

I’m going to start by sharing my thoughts, but as always, what you think is far more important and relevant. Use my thoughts as a starting point. Something to inspire you for you to say; yes! oh my goodness, I agree with that. Or; no, that’s not what I think. Either one gives you more insight into the inspiration and guidance that you’re looking for right now.

So let’s begin.

The card’s guidebook says:

The Boots – start now

Start where you are and do what you can.

Boots protect your feet as you walk through life, they allow you to move forward confidently. Putting your boots on can motivate you to get started, making you feel prepared and ready for what lies ahead.

Bold choices create magic.

They may feel scary, but once you commit and take action, the magic happens and propels you further than you ever thought possible. There’s a time for pausing, assessing and ensuring your choices are aligned with your truth and your dreams. And there’s a time when you must take action.


Right now is the time for action.

Step out of all, that’s familiar to you so that you can move forward in the direction of what you want to consciously create. Step up and out. Be clear in both your decision and your action.

Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith to see and understand what you’re really capable of this time is now step forward boldly with the courage of your convictions and the passions of your heart, guiding you forward.


The SHEro Action

Make that bold choice.

Take a moment to focus on your dreams, desires, and all that you want to achieve, and then ask your inner guidance what one bold action can you take that will move you closer to them?

What do you need to do to take that bold action?

Do you need to just do it or do you need to ask for support and accountability?

You don’t have to do it alone, but it is you who has to start and set things in motion.


The Affirmation:

I take bold action and create magic.

How does that guidance fit in with the question that you have today? The question that needs you to start now?

I’m going to shuffle the cards and find out what else we need to know about starting now.

What other information do we need to have?

Okay, Start Now goes with the card The Compass, align with your inner compass.


Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast

Now again, we had this the other day, actually we had all the threes, but today we’ve got the sixes.

The boots is card number six and the compass is card number 16.

What does the number six mean to you?

Is that relevant for you to start now?

Six days, six months, six people to support you?

What is that number six, telling you?

When we look at the two cards together, it’s like start now and keep coming back to align with your inner compass, start now and you’ll come across challenges and obstacles.

It’s the way of the SHEro’s Journey and every decision we make in life.

We make that choice to step up, to take action. Then we come across obstacles, but to keep us going to keep us moving through those obstacles, to get us stronger, more resilient, to bring us growth, we have to align with our inner compass.

We have to remember why we’re doing this. It’s no good half-heartedly committing to something, taking that first step, and then when we come across that first obstacle, we’re going to give up because we don’t really want it.

We’re not really sure why we’re doing it.

However, if you’re aligned with your inner compass, if you’re sure on your reasons why, it becomes much easier to overcome those obstacles, to find solutions to them, to know that those obstacles are really minuscule compared with our dreams and desires compared with your own inner compass.

The caveat I would put with that is to make sure it’s your inner compass, not what you think you should be doing. Not what your family wants you to do.

Not what your culture, or society wants you to do, expects you to do, but to make sure it’s yours.

Pause and take a breath.

Put your hand over your heart space and just ask, is this mine?

What is it you want?

When you start?

What direction are you taking? Life?

It may be different from what’s expected of you.

It may be different from anything your family’s ever done before, but it’s important to align with your compass to make sure you’re on your path.

You can only walk your path. If you choose to walk the path that’s expected of you, that ends up with frustration, resentment, anger, bitterness.

Going through those difficult conversations or, you know, challenges, to get you moving is so much easier in the long run.

Think of the long-term gains. Will you be happy with your choice in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years?

If you won’t, if you’ll have those regrets align with your inner compass and choose from that place.

I’m going to choose a charm now, let’s see what we’ve got today…

It’s a girl. She looks like a cheerleader with pompoms in her hands, jumping in the air for joy.



Re-enchant Your Life Podcast

Aligning with your inner compass. When I look at this, this charm, this woman with her like jumping in the air, her heels by her bottom and pompoms thrown in the air, it’s like joy, jubilation, cheering celebration.

Align with your compass and what makes your heart, your energy jump for joy?

Where are you throwing your arms in the air to go; Yay!I’ve started. I’ve started my path. It’s my true path. This is the place for me.

You can’t help but feel the energy of cheerleaders, cheerleading, I can’t help, but feel the energy of joy and expansion of celebration.

The card said know that you don’t have to do it alone. Perhaps you need to get a cheer squad involved, who are the people that are going to support you?

Not the people who are going to doubt you, who are going to project their fears, their insecurities onto you, but the people that believe in you, the people that are going to go, you’ve got this.

People who will say to you; I know someone that can support you. Have you read this book? Have you listened to this podcast? Have you spoken to this person?

The people that are going to encourage you. The people that, that if you come across a challenge, if you stumble backwards, a few steps, they’re not going to say ‘I told you, told you it was hard’. They’re going to say ‘It’s Okay, you’ve got this’, and then help you  brush your knees off. Step up and say; Let’s try again. How can we do it differently?

When you’re starting, now, that question you had at the beginning, it is time to start now, okay?

The boots on the card are very solid hiking boots. You can kick little pebbles out of the way. You can climb mountains if you have to.

Align with your inner compass to make sure you’re on your path, to make sure that the path you’re following is the one that is aligned with your truth, your values, your energy, and is aligned with your soul purpose.

And then make sure that the path you’re walking brings you joy, that it brings you jubilation, and make sure you’ve got people or at least one person to support you.

It might be a book that supports you. It might be a book of inspirational quotes that support you, it might be a favourite film that you watch that just puts you into this energy of; yes, I’ve got this!

Maybe you have a playlist of music that will keep you going. Perhaps it’s in-person, real people, perhaps it’s an on-line community. Perhaps it’s a, a group of people, perhaps it’s one person.

Just make sure you’ve got them on your side ready, because often people think that when they’re on the right path, it’s going to be easy. And I’ve heard many people say, Oh, I turned back because it was too hard. If it was supposed to be, it would have been easy.

Now I actually don’t agree with that. Sometimes we have to turn back because it is the wrong path. Sometimes we have to do the challenges. We have to overcome the obstacles to make sure we’re in alignment with the path that we’re choosing.

Sometimes we have to overcome the obstacles so we can grow in strength, experience, knowledge, and wisdom, so that we can actually hold the energy of where we’re going.

It’s like, if you wanted to be a lawyer, a heart surgeon, a mechanic, you’d have to go to school and learn how to do those things.

Now that’s going to be tricky, but you need to walk that path in order to have the skills, to be the lawyer, to be the heart surgeon, to be the mechanic.

It doesn’t mean just because it was hard and the exams and the revision with difficult. It doesn’t mean you weren’t in flow, that it wasn’t your path to walk. It just means you needed to grow. You needed to get more wisdom and gain more experience to be able to live the life you wanted to lead as the lawyer, the doctor, the mechanic.

Get those people on board, get the support you need.

Thank you for joining me. I’ll see you again very soon for another episode of the Re-Enchant Your Life podcast, where we’re going to carry on spiraling deeper on this journey, helping you to trust your intuition so that you can make better choices, so that you can hear your inner wisdom and you can understand the language of your soul that talks to you through your intuition, so that ultimately you can make better choices and trust yourself.

Until then, I’ll see you again very soon.

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