MORE Power, MORE Money, MORE Magick!

The other night I had a really powerful chat with some of the members of my community. We were talking about all the things going on in our countries, and the world around us, and what we could do individually and collectively.

The conversation stayed on my mind.

I was wondering what the most potent way to support people through this time was, and I heard three very clear words:

“Power, Money and Magick”.

It got me thinking…






The more I thought about these areas of our lives, the more important I realised they were.

In the different parts of my business I work with power, money and magick – but not in one single container, and  that’s about to change.


If people could confidently own their power, and unapologetically and confidently express all of themselves. Giving themselves permission to go after their desires and dream even bigger – the world would be a richer and more beautiful place.

If people had access to resources, and could consistently earn more than they needed. If they created feelings of security by saving and investing money, each person could show up fully to the world from a place of gratitude and abundance.


If people could align their energy, actions and resources, they could create magick and affect real, consistent, and lasting change in their lives, which would only have positive effect on the world around them.


If you would love to live in a world where this is possible, let’s get started – the change starts with you!


A world reimagined

Instead of reimagining the world and the positive change that could be created when people own their power and magick and have a healthy relationship with money, most of society has been taught to ‘keep things as they are’.

Held back by old patterns

Unfortunately, often when people, especially women, try and reclaim their power, money and magick, they can meet internal, and external, resistance.

  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Not feeling good enough
  • People criticising or judging you and your choices
  • Telling you, you’re ‘too big for your boots/britches’ – directly or indirectly

Just imagine…

Think how different your life could be if you had a healthy relationship with these three potent forces in your life.

Instead of…

Instead of being at the mercy of judgments and expectations, you could consciously wield and weave your own power, money and magick in the world, quite literally transforming your experience of life.

  • Owning your inner power and being able to maintain your sense of power, no matter what was going on in the world around you.
  • To be able to restore your relationship with money so that you could not only receive more, but trust in it to be there when you needed it too.
  • To trust in, and rely on, your own magick to support you through all situations in your life

    As we come into Scorpio season there isn’t a better time to dive deep into these topics and change your relationship with power, money and magick for ever.


    Each week for 6-weeks:

    We’ll gather via zoom for a 90 minute deep dive and energy clearing into each topic (2 weeks on each topic) – and ‘yes’ there will be a replay!

    We’ll explore the patterns and stories – learned and inherited – that have kept you from really embodying your power, money and magick.

    Then we’ll clear these patterns and create new stories so that you can transform your relationship with these potent forces.

    Let’s revolutionise these relationships so that you can create real and lasting change in your life!

    Class dates and times

    All classes will be held at 8pm UK time (BST ends in the UK on the 30th October)


    Tuesday 18th

    Wednesday 26th


    Tuesday 1st

    Wednesday 9th

    Tuesday 15th

    Thursday 24th


    If you can’t make it live to the class, you can still submit your questions and there will be a replay.


    We’ll also have a private space to share your stories, ask questions and ask for support to unravel these old patterns.

    I’ll be in the group everyday so you have the support you need to do this transformational work.

    Your investment to amplify your power, money and magick:  £297

    Hi, I’m Rebecca!

    I’m on a mission to create a world where people feel supported and confident to express and pursue their wildest dreams and desires…

    … one where they can radiate their knowledge and divinity…

    … and where we can tackle even the deep work with awe, wonder and fun.

    More than twenty years ago, I trained in kinesiology. And, in my booked-out practice, I couldn’t help noticing that whenever people were suffering, the root cause was almost always emotional.

    Then, over the years, my work evolved to include people who often didn’t feel like they needed healing in a conventional sense. Instead, they just wanted to be more authentically themselves: more confident, more self-expressive and less apologetic.

    Over this time, I’ve come to claim the title ‘witch’ as a signal to everyone who encounters me that I’m a safe space for…

    • the magick-curious
    • the nature-lovers
    • the psychics
    • the empaths
    • the HSPs
    • those who hear voices or receive messages in dreams…

    I help those who want to get back in touch with the inner voice they’ve silenced and repressed for so long.

    All of my experiences and training make me the perfect guide for you on this journey of Summoning your power and magick. I can support you whether you’re just starting on your journey, or you’ve walked your path for years.

    Either way, the information I’m going to share with you will root you more deeply and confidently in your power and magick. That means you can live a deeply meaningful life of your own choosing and creation.