✨Your Next Chapter Awaits✨

Do you feel the call to shift from the current chapter of your life and move onto something different?

If you’re ready to make changes, because you’ve outgrown where you are and you have an idea of where you want to go next, but you’re not quite sure how to make it possible, this is for you!

Work 1-2-1 with Rebecca to say ‘Yes’ to the future you’ve been putting off.

Are You Ready To Turn The Page?

Change is a challenge. It’s easy to become attached to what is familiar, comfortable, even when it may no longer serve you.

Perhaps you find yourself yearning for a new path – a change in career, a more fulfilling lifestyle, deeper relationships, or maybe just an overall richer and more fulfilling day-to-day experience.

You already have a glimpse of what could be, but somehow, you’re still stuck in your current chapter.

Welcome to:

Your Next Chapter

The Next Chapter is an exclusive 1-2-1 journey with me, Rebecca Anuwen.

It’s specifically designed for people who are ready for change, but find themselves tethered to their present situation.

People have used these sessions to create the following Next Chapters in their lives:

❤️ Starting new relationships and making sure they didn’t carry forward the ‘baggage’ from previous relationships.

📖 To (finally) start writing their book and get clear on how they want to present it to the world.

🔥 To change direction in their business  and align it with what actually lights them up . As they stepped away from what people expected them to do.

💪 To step into the next phase of their life, cronehood and menopause, with confidence and intention.

🌟 To use an operation as a time to reflect on their life and align with what was actually important to them .

🌱 To bring more meaning  and intention to a life that felt a “bit too routine” and ready for a new lease of life.

In most cases, nothing was wrong with the previous chapter of their life, they were just ready for change.

The Next Chapter is more than just a program. It’s your personal journey towards a future that feels more authentically you.

Over the course of six transformative weeks, I’ll help you turn the page from where you are now to where you want to be.

Are you ready to embrace the magick of change?

🗺️Welcome to Your Next Chapter

The Next Chapter experience comprises two 90-minute calls via Zoom, scheduled within six weeks of each other, and support in-between.

Here’s what we’ll explore together:

Call One

✨ What Does Your Next Chapter Look Like?

Everyone’s story is different, and so are their dreams. We’ll start by diving deep into what you want your future to look like.

Through intuitive exercises and guided self-reflection, we’ll crystallize your vision and define the unique intentions and plans that resonate with your heart.


Unlocking The Shackles of Your Current Situation

Moving forward often means letting go. We’ll identify the fears, habits, beliefs, or circumstances that are holding you back and help you release them so you can move forward freely.


Call Two

✨ Personalised Pathway To Your Dreams

Your journey should be as unique as you are. We’ll craft a customised roadmap that leverages your personal strengths, taps into your intuition and draws on your unique magick to propel you towards your Next Chapter.

You’ll be equipped with practical strategies and tools that empower you to take those vital next steps forward.


✨ Harness Your Innate Magick and Intuition

The Next Chapter approach goes beyond the rational mind to tap into your deeper wisdom.

I’ll guide you to unlock your intuition and magick, awakening your potential and opening the door to possibilities you may not even have imagined.


Calls are recorded, and sent to you via your own personal podcast feed, so that you can revisit and reflect on the work we do together.

📞Your Magickal Hotline📞

Extra Support with Rebecca

In-between your sessions, and after your final session, Rebecca will continue to support you, answering any questions you have.

Each Tuesday, and for two weeks after your final session, from 9am – 8pm UK time*, Rebecca will be available to answer any of your questions.

Questions or curiosities may arise like phantoms in the moonlight, and you can send them via Voxer**.

* Don’t worry if you’re outside of the UK, we will agree on times that work for you.
**Voxer is a voice messaging app that’s free to use, and free from the shackles of social media.

Are You Ready? 🌟

The Next Chapter isn’t about telling you what your life should look like. It’s about helping you uncover the magick within so you can to create your own enchanting story.

You know it’s time to move on.

Time to embark on your next adventure. It’s time to open the door to your Next Chapter.

Join me for this transformative journey, and let’s create the future you’ve been putting off.

Your Next Chapter awaits. Are you ready to turn the page?

Welcome to your new beginning. 🌈


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Meet Rebecca

The mentor for people who are ready to create their Next Chapter

Rebecca Anuwen is a mentor, coach and intuitive whose wisdom and expertise have guided 1000’s of individuals on their path of self-discovery and personal change.

Author of Magickal Knickers and other ways to create a life of intention, Rebecca’s wholehearted passion is to support people to rekindle their innate magick, forge unshakable self-trust, and create a life that feels nourishing and fulfilling for them.

Masterfully harnessing her skills in energy healing, divination, and intuitive development, Rebecca creates a dynamic fusion of celestial wisdom, practical insights, and unwavering and grounded support.

Her holistic approach empowers people to break the chains of limiting beliefs, unleash their untamed potential, and manifest lives filled with soulful purpose and fiery passion.

With an open heart and profound understanding, she shares her knowledge and experiences, crafting a sanctuary for her clients and community to delve into their inner realms and unearth their authentic selves.

Nienke Thurlings, Soul mission & stress coach for women

Rebecca has changed my life

“I have been working with Rebecca for over three years now and she has changed my life!

Every time I feel out of alignment, she knows how to bring me back to center within minutes after the start of the session. I always feel clear, calm and focussed afterwards.

What I love is that she always brings the intention into every session to make sure that the transformation or upgrade is effective AND that it comes through with ease and grace. So no nasty side effects or long integration time after a session.

Rebecca has helped me upgrade my money mindset to consistent 20K months and up. And we’ve cleared many personal issues too. It is all connected.

Thank you, Rebecca, for being such a force of light. You are my number one go-to healer!

Your Investment: £297

Start Your Next Chapter

 Dive Deep

Personalised Next Chapter Sessions

Enjoy two immersive 90-minute Zoom sessions, where you’ll deeply to explore your dreams, shatter the shackles of your current situation, and devise a bespoke roadmap towards your Next Chapter.

 Unwavering Support

Rebecca, Your Companion in Transformation

Savour the comfort of continuous support, with Rebecca being just a message away each Tuesday from 9am-8pm UK time, and for an additional two weeks after your final session.

 Journey Replays

Your Personalised Podcast Feed

Relive the magick of your transformation with your personal podcast feed containing your call recordings, allowing you to revisit your journey and reinforce your resolve.

 Unlock Your Potential

Awakening Inner Wisdom and Magick

Experience the joy of unlocking your deep-seated wisdom and magick, lighting up pathways to potentials you hadn’t dared to imagine before.

 Real-Time Reflections

Express Freely with Voxer Voice Messaging

Enjoy the ease of Voxer, a voice messaging app, providing you with an immediate, easy and social media-free way to voice out any sudden questions or thoughts that spring up.


🌈Sign up today and start your Next Chapter!


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Rebecca is one of the most powerful and unassuming healers I know.

“I’ve sent at least 100 clients to her, and they all say one resounding thing – “OMG that woman is incredible!” Rebecca is a true priestess – loving, kind and a gifted alchemist.

If you want to rise you must release your pain.

Rebecca will take you by the hand and journey through your healing with you. She’s priceless.”

Ingrid Arna, Leading Business Strategist


BONUS: To Support Your Next Chapter

The Five Minutes of Magick Journal

When you sign up for this magickal journey, you’ll also receive the hard cover version of the Five-Minutes of Magick journal through the post.

Five Minutes of Magick: A Daily Diary of Enchantment
Infuse every day with a touch of intention and magick!

This daily diary is designed to help you capture and cultivate intentional moments as you create your Next Chapter.

In just five minutes, you can deepen your connection with the unseen, enhance your intuitive abilities, and bring more magick and meaning into your life.


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I’m falling in love with myself

Our last session changed my life!!

I’m falling in love with myself, feel soooo committed to myself and my dreams, and everything feels so rich, abundant and full of possibilities.

I can feel in every cell of my being that I’m on the right path. I can even see my future!

I feel sooooo good! Thank You!” – V


It will leave you feeling clearer and lighter.

Rebecca is an incredible healer with an almost magical ability to pinpoint what blocks are wreaking havoc with you and what needs to be done to release them.

She is able to facilitate their release in a quick and effective manner that will leave you feeling clearer and lighter.

Her insight during this process is invaluable and spot on.

She is powerful and straight to the point while holding compassionate and joyful sacred space for you.

I always call her when I’m dealing with stubborn blocks I can’t shift on my own and I love that with her we can just get in and get it done and I can get back to my magical self. – Ruby T


Rebecca is a genuine ally to have on your life’s journey.

I reached out to Rebecca when I had some inner turmoil holding me back.

This change my life.

My session with Rebecca was amazing!

I didn’t know what to expect but was open to it and when we began I was floored by the information she was able to touch upon and bring up.

I felt a wave of emotion that I didn’t expect and was crying while my body had tingles and I felt my heart vibrating.

It was a strange and unusual sensation to have but I felt clearer once our session ended.

She provided great insights that helped me to clear up energetic and emotional blockages I have had for years.

It was as if my mind, body and soul were finally in alignment.

Since working with Rebecca, my life has found a flow that I have never known possible.

I have started two businesses, developed a positive relationship with money, built up my relationships and used my true voice in the world with confidence. – Angelique D


I feel amazzzzzing! So expansive.

You really moved whatever block I had around my intuition!

Thank you so much for your help, I feel like things are moving forward and unfolding so easily and in perfect timing. It’s awesome to feel so… in tune.


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