Each week you’ll receive:

DAY 1:   AN OVERVIEW OF THE WEEK’S MODULE (approx. 10 mins)
An audio giving you an overview of the Sacred Power that you’re about to explore 

DAY 3:   AN ENERGY CLEARING (approx. 12 mins)
An energy clearing to remove any energetic patterns or beliefs – learned or inherited – that prevent you from accessing the Sacred Power within you

DAY 5:    AN ENERGY ACTIVATION (approx. 12 mins)
An energy activation so you can express the Sacred Power confidently and with greater ease 

    Although the course is designed to be completed over 8-weeks, you have access to the material for a life-time, so you can go at your own pace.

    However, it’s important that you still follow the modules in the order that you receive them; Sacred Power 1 through to 8.


    Week.1: The Sacred Power of SELF

    Amplify your voice and claim your true desires

    This is an initiation of self.

    When the Sacred Power of Self is fully activated you can show up, embrace, and celebrate everything that makes you uniquely you.

    Week 2: The Sacred Power of CONNECTION

    Trust yourself, your inner power and your intuition

    When the Sacred Power of Connection is fully activated you confidently connect to yourself and your inner-power.

    You have healthy relationships with yourself, other people and the world around you.

    Week 3: The Sacred Power of INTIMACY AND PLEASURE

    Connect to your deepest dreams and desires

    When the Sacred Power of Intimacy and Pleasure is fully activated, it allows you to experiment with your sense of identity and self-expression.

    You know yourself intimately and confidently vocalise your needs, and your dreams and desires.

    Week 4: The Sacred Power of FULL EXPRESSION

    Embody the fullest and most powerful version of yourself

    The Sacred Power of Full Expression allows you to walk your own path with clear focus and determination, following the lead of your purpose, intuition, and desires.

    Week 5: The Sacred Power of NOURISHMENT AND RECEPTIVITY

    Consciously create your life as you allow yourself to receive with ease and grace

    The Sacred Power of Nourishment and Receptivity encourages you to explore fuelling your creative ability by prioritising yourself and ensuring that your needs are met through nourishing your body, mind, and soul.

    Week 6: The Sacred Power of ABUNDANCE

    Own your value and receive unlimited riches

    The Sacred Power of Abundance allows you to make the most of the opportunities that come your way, and use your experiences as a chance to learn more about yourself and grow as a person.

    Week 7: The Sacred Power of LOYALTY

    Become loyal to yourself and your dreams and desires

    The Sacred Power of Loyalty allows you to confidently embrace new opportunities that align with your desire, as you know you have the inner resolve to face anything that comes your way.

    Week 8: The Sacred Power of INFLUENCE

    Become unapologetically you!

    The Sacred Power of Influence allows you to become all that you were meant to be. You won’t feel the need to prove yourself to anyone else, because you will know that you are whole.


    About the course

    I don't think I can complete the course in 8- weeks

    That’s okay.

    Even though a new module of the audio-course is released each week for 8-weeks, you can complete the modules in your own time and at your own pace.

    You might find yourself drawn to spend longer in particular modules, especially if it’s an area that is really relevant for you.

    No matter how you decide to move through the material, the Sacred Power community will be there to support you throughout the process.

    How much time will the course take me?

    I recommend allotting around 1 – 1.5 hrs each week for the 8-weeks.

    This time is split into x3 10-15 minute time slots – as each audio is approximately that length.

    And time to work through your workbook. 

    (Please note: this does not include time reviewing any of the bonus materials. The bonus materials are completely optional and for you to do whenever the time is right)

    Why isn't the community on Facebook?

    The community for Sacred Power is hosted off social media, on our own private platform.

    The benefits of this are that there are no distractions, keeping your energy and actions intentional.

    The platform we use is called ‘Circle’.

    It’s easy to access – the link will be in the emails you’re sent each week and in the ‘show notes’ when listening to the audio.

    If you see  the green chat icons on the bottom right of each page of my website – click that and you can access the community spaces you are a member of – of course if you’re not a member, you’ll just see a ‘Not a member’ message.

    When you join Sacred Power, you’ll be automatically added to the community and you can start chatting away.

    If you’re familiar with facebook, it’s very similar.

    You can comment on posts and start your own.

    You can share text, images, videos and gifs.

    There’s even an iOS app that you can set up to send you notifications (just like Facebook). The Android one is coming soon, But no date on when just yet.

    If you don’t like apps, you can even set up your account so that you receive email updates on the information that you’re interested in.

    And of course, you can turn off notifications and emails as and when you choose.

    All of the great parts of Facebook, none of the unwanted and distracting drama.

    A place dedicated purley to your Sacred Power and magick!

    What special equipment do I need?

    None. Your attention, your intention, and your wide open heart.

    About the energy-clearings and activations

    How are these different from a regular meditation?

    Whilst you might feel like you’re doing a meditation, the energetci mastery meditations have the added benefit of clearing any stagnant energies that no longer serves of supports you.

    Just like a meditation, you’ll listen to my voice as I gently guide you through the process, and by the end you’ll likely to feel calm, centred and relaxed.

    But after listening, that’s where the real magick happens.

    For the next 12-24hrs after listening to the energy-clearing meditation, your body will continue to gently release the old patterns that have been the focus of the audio.

    So gently, that you’ll hardly even notice. But you might notice that you stay feeling calm, centred and grounded for longer.

    How will I feel whilst listening to the audios?

    As you experience the energy clearings and energy activations, you may become aware of the energy moving around your body.

    Often your stomach may gurgle, you may yawn – some people even sneeze.

    Other times you may feel absolutely nothing at all.

    Remember that all of the energetic-mastery meditations build upon each other and create a compound effect. So, don’t be disheartened if you’re not initially aware of anything happening – just know that you’re receiving exactly what you need!

    The more you experience the meditations, the more you’ll connect with the
    energy of your own body. As you do this, you’ll start to become more aware of it, how it moves and communicates with you, and what affects it.

    What can I expect after listening to the audios?

    After listening to the energy clearings and energy activations, most people report feeling relaxed, centred and grounded.

    Someone once described it like having a shower.

    Once you’ve listened to the audio, I recommend that you get yourself a drink of water and take a few minutes to enjoy the feelings of relaxtion wash through your body.

    Then you can get on with your day as normal.

    Although the meditations are very powerful, they are also very gentle.

    For 12-24h hours after listening to the recording, you continue to assimilate the effects of the energy-clearing. But it’s so gentle you’ll hardly notice.

    What you might notice is that you feel relaxed, centred and grounded for longer. Or you feel more joyful for ‘no apparent reason’.

    How do I use the meditations?

    The first time you listen to the energy clearings and energy activations, I’d recommend listening to one a day in the order that they are in the audio course.

    You can listen to them at any time of the day with many of my clients loving to listen before going to bed.

    Once you’ve completed the whole program, you can listen to them in any order you please, as many times as you like, as often as you life.

    How often can I listen to the audios?

    I’d recommend listening to each meditation all the way through, and in the order they are in the program.

    Listen to one every couple of days, allowing for time to gently integrate the clearing.

    Then after you’ve listened to them all once, you can listen to them time and time again as often as you like.

    Dive deeper into the meditation by listening to the ones that resonate the most or that you feel called to listen to again.

    Is there anything else I can do to support the process?

    Continue to drink plenty of water after listening to the meditations – just an extra glass or two will be more than enough.

    Water helps to keep everything flowing as it should.

    You might also enjoy journaling around the process so that you gain deeper insight into your own personal experience and energy system.

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