Rhythm. When we are connected to our rhythm we can connect more deeply with ourselves, others and the world around us.

There is a beauty in rhythm. A trust in the pattern of the rhythm.

Our lives are guided by these patterns.

The seasons keeping rhythm, and the sun and the moon keeping time.

Internal body clocks and monthly menstrual cycles.

There’s a majesty in patterns.

They are dependable and bring structure, routine and order to our lives.

When you feel out of synch, disconnected or overwhelmed, you can be sure that you have lost the pattern of your rhythm.

We must re-discover our natural rhythms, as we rarely set our own pace, instead being governed by alarm clocks and the expected schedules of others.

Working with the wheel of the year connects us back into the natural rhythm of the world around us.

The seasons set the pace, all around us reminding us what energies are flowing in and around us.

Spring brings with it the energy of growth.

Summer brings fruition.

Autumn brings reflection and release.

And winter, the rest and renewal.

These natural cycles remind us that we live in circular and spiral patterns, and not the linear timescales we try to squish ourselves into.

The SHEro Pilgrimages are designed to re-connect you to your own inner rhythms, by remembering what we instinctively know, that there are greater rhythms with a greater intelligence to guide us through our lives.

As John O’Donohue said in his book Divine Beauty:

“The ancient rhythms of the earth have insinuated themselves into the rhythms of the human heart. The earth is not outside us; it is within: the clay from where the tree of the body grows.”

When you find your own natural rhythm, you can relax into it, knowing that you are part of the sacred wholeness of life, leaving your energy to expand into other levels of awareness.

To celebrate the Winter Solstice I held the very first SHEro Pilgrimage with Clare Barnes of Artemis Rising.

The Winter Solstice is the celebration of the return of the sun, as the days began to gradually get longer again.

On the SHEro’s Journey the Wise Woman embodies the energy of the Winter Solstice, and her landscape is the sacred space of the Red Tent.

The Wise Woman SHEro has become all that she was meant to be. She doesn’t need to prove herself to anyone else, because she knows who she is and her work is done.

She embodies the energy of wholeness, sacredness and mystery.

For this SHEro Pilgrimage we held it as a virtual event, as I know that many people would LOVE to come to my Red Tent in Herefordshire, but just can’t make the trip, and I didn’t want that to stop people having a wonderful experience.

So I set up a video conference via zoom and invited people in my Sacred Grove community to join us for the full experience of being held in the sacred space of the Red Tent.

During the pilgrimage we explored the energy of the Wise-Woman, and did a journey meditation guided by drumming.

It was amazing, here’s some of the feedback:

“I had somehow gotton away from myself again. Thank you for coming to get me – Now I’m bringing me back”.

“Thank you for creating such as amazing, safe and healing space. That spiralling with the drumming… Wow that felt amazing! I could feel my womb space pulsing under my hands. An excellent first pilgrimage. So much gratitude for this group.”

“Amazing amazing! I felt so much joy and peace listening to the replay”.

One woman even shared with me that she felt like she was going to orgasm listening to the journey mediation – obviously that wasn’t the intention, but we will certainly embrace that!!

Re-connecting to the wisdom of the rhythms can bring you back into deep connection with yourself, and pilgrimages literally walk yourself back home to yourself.

When I was completing my Priestess of Cerridwen Training, in Glastonbury, there was a song that we used to chant:

“Every step I take is a sacred step,

Every step I take is a healing step,

Healing, healing, healing my body,

Healing, healing, healing the land.”

Every step we take on these SHEro Pilgrimages is a sacred step, it is a healing step, as we heal ourselves, and connect more deeply with ourselves and the land around us.