🌟Your New Story Starts Here🌟

Are you feeling trapped in an endless loop, repeating the same patterns over and over again?

Fed-up of facing the same challenges, the same mistakes, the same disappointments?

This self-paced online course, ‘BREAK THE SPELLs’ is your ticket to breaking the merry-go-round of ‘mis-steps’.

Want to Make Progress, But Feel Like You’re Going Round in Circles?

This can happen because:

🔁 Repetition

You’re caught in a cycle of repetitive patterns that seem eerily familiar. You find yourself dealing with the same challenges and heartaches over and over again.

💭 Disconnection

You feel a constant dissonance between your dreams and reality. A disconnect that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and incomplete.

🙍‍♀️ Self-Sacrifice

You always put others’ needs before your own, ignoring your well-being, leading to frustration, resentment or burnout.

💔 Fear of Rejection

You struggle with maintaining relationships. Fear of rejection or abandonment overshadow your connection with others.

🔗 Feeling Stuck in a Rut

A fear of change binds you to a stagnant present, hindering personal and professional growth.

Throughout life, we’ve absorbed narratives and adopted beliefs about our identity and our place in the world, including beliefs about our own potential.

Unknowingly, these ingrained ideas have guided our interactions and relationships, causing us to unconsciously seek out familiar patterns and repeat these historical behaviours.

I call these repeated patterns SPELLs.

SPELLs; not the kind that turn pumpkins into royal carriages but those woven into your personal mythologies that subtly influence your choices, shape your relationships, and mould your life.

SPELLs; the old

Language, and
Loyalty patterns that keep showing up, causing disappointments and restricting your growth.

These patterns are often rooted in self-protection, a necessity from the past when we lacked the resources or understanding to make different choices.

But what happens when these protective measures turn into shackles?

Despite now being in safer environments, these SPELLs can persist, casting a shadow of fear and self-doubt that can often sabotage our personal and professional lives, and prevent us from following our own dreams and desires.

So, how do we begin to disentangle ourselves from these restrictive narratives?

The Answer:

Break the SPELLs

‘BREAK THE SPELLs’ is designed to help you identify these patterns and guide you in rewriting your narrative.

This program will equip you with tools to change the direction of your story.

⚡ Create a new story that uplifts and motivates, rather than limiting you.
⚡ Explore your perspectives to reveal opportunities that might have been hidden.
⚡ Cultivate richer, more meaningful experiences and connections.
⚡ Harness the power of your words to influence your reality.
⚡ Build unwavering loyalty to your OWN well-being and YOUR future.

The time to break free is NOW.

Unshackle from the past.

Reclaim your power.

Rewrite your story.

With ‘BREAK THE SPELLs’, step into the magick that is YOU!

Sign up today and start a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment – you have more influence than you realise!

Embark on an adventure of breaking free from the old, and embracing the magick of the new.

You’re not just breaking SPELLs, you’re creating a brand new story, one that’s written by you, for you.

Let the adventure begin!

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🌟Your Journey Unfolds in Five Transformative Stages🌟

‘BREAK THE SPELLs’ is divided into five insightful sections, each focusing on a vital aspect of your personal transformation.

Here’s what to expect:

🔮 1. Identifying Your STORIES 🔮

We start your journey by venturing into the heart of your personal narratives; your Stories. Through engaging exercises, you’ll unearth these deeply ingrained, often inherited, stories that have been subtly shaping your life. Recognise their patterns and understand how they’ve been influencing your reality.

🌈 2. Exploring Your  PERSPECTIVE 🌈

The second stage takes you on an expedition into the landscape of your Perspective. It’s about finding new viewpoints, recognising opportunities in what were once seen as obstacles. Through thought-provoking exercises, you’ll shift your perspective, giving you the freedom to chart a path closer to your true aspirations.

🎭 3. Deepening Your  EXPERIENCE 🎭

Now we dive deeper into your Experience. This stage is about enriching your life by aligning your experiences with your inner values and dreams. You’ll learn to shape your life experiences, creating a bridge between your dreams and reality.

🔤 4. Being Mindful of Your  LANGUAGE 🔤

Your words hold power, and it’s time to harness it. This stage helps you understand and use language to shape your reality. You’ll learn how your words can influence your thoughts, feelings and actions, allowing you to express and embody your true self.

👑 5. Becoming  LOYAL to Yourself 👑

The final stage is all about Loyalty – to yourself. Learn to prioritise your well-being and self-worth. You’ll discover how to balance caring for others and caring for yourself, fostering an unwavering loyalty towards your own well-being.


🎁 Two Bonus Modules to Enhance Your Journey 🎁

1. A ritual to release old patterns along with a soothing meditation to sever outdated cords and patterns.
2. A ritual to invite the new, coupled with a guided meditation to bring your vision into reality.

What to Expect

Each section of this course is filled with practical exercises that you can journal and work through at your own pace.

This is a course of introspection, rather than traditional ‘learning’.

There are no videos to watch or content to consume.

Instead, there are refelctive exercises to take you inwards on a quest to uncover, untangle and release the patterns that have kept you tethered and going round and round in circles, repeating the same patterns.

Although you could speed through the material in a day, the true magick unfolds in the contemplation and integration of the work over time.

This course is not a one-time event but an evolving resource that you can revisit time and again. Each revisit will offer you fresh insights and opportunities to explore, release, and replace old narratives with new stories and perspectives.

Embark on this transformative journey with ‘BREAK THE SPELLs’ and experience the magick of rewriting your life’s narrative in a way that resonates with your true self.

The time to create your new story is NOW!


Start Breaking this SPELLs for just £27

Meet Rebecca

The magickal mentor for people who are ready to start their next chapter

Rebecca Anuwen is a mentor, coach and intuitive whose wisdom and expertise have guided 1000’s of individuals on their path of self-discovery and personal change.

Author of Magickal Knickers and other ways to create a life of intention, Rebecca’s wholehearted passion is to support people to rekindle their innate magick, forge unshakable self-trust, and create a life that feels nourishing and fulfilling for them.

Masterfully harnessing her skills in energy healing, divination, and intuitive development, Rebecca creates a dynamic fusion of celestial wisdom, practical insights, and unwavering and grounded support.

Her holistic approach empowers people to break the chains of limiting beliefs, unleash their untamed potential, and manifest lives filled with soulful purpose and fiery passion.

With an open heart and profound understanding, she shares her knowledge and experiences, crafting a sanctuary for her clients and community to delve into their inner realms and unearth their authentic selves.

Your Investment: £27

Sign up and get immediate access to this on-line course and start breaking the SPELL’s today!

Your Path to Freedom

By Breaking the SPELLs, you’ll cast off the shackles of yesteryears, embrace the power within, and weave a tale of resilience, magick, and authenticity, as you:

🌟Embrace The Power of Your New Story🌟

Unlock the door to a transformative journey with ‘BREAK THE SPELLs’, a self-paced online course designed to help you shed the burdensome chains of repetitive patterns and fears that restrict your potential. With this program, you’ll unravel the influence of your past and carve a path to a future dictated not by outdated narratives, but by your own aspirations and dreams.

💫 Shift Your Perspectives to Explore Opportunities💫

Get equipped with potent tools to not just identify your restricting SPELLs but to dismantle them and construct a new perspective that emphasises opportunities over obstacles. This shift will act as a guiding light, illuminating your path towards your true desires and dreams.

🍃 Create Richer Experiences🍃

Say goodbye to the dissonance between your dreams and reality. With ‘BREAK THE SPELLs’, cultivate richer, more fulfilling experiences that align with your inner values and goals. Each moment will then serve as a stepping stone towards a life of fulfilment and joy.

🎙️Master the Language of Influence**🎙️

Unleash the latent power of your words and learn to use language as a tool to shape your reality. Through this program, you will harness the ability to influence your thoughts, feelings, and actions, leading to more meaningful relationships and accomplishments.

💕Build Loyalty to Yourself💕

Often, our loyalty to others overshadows our commitment to ourselves, causing burnout and frustration. Learn to reorient this loyalty towards your own well-being and self-worth, and you’ll find a wellspring of energy and resilience you never knew you had.

🌠 Journey to Freedom🌠

Step into the world of ‘BREAK THE SPELLs’ and you will embark on an enchanting adventure to self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. Let go of your past, reclaim your power and rewrite your story, creating a brand new narrative that’s crafted by you, for you.


Don’t let the past define you any longer. It’s time to break free, time to embrace the magick of the new. The time is NOW!

Welcome to ‘BREAK THE SPELLs’ – where your new story awaits!

🌈 Sign up today and let’s set you free!


Lifetime* access for just £27


BONUSES to Enhance Your Journey

The Magickal Journals PDFs

When you sign up for this magickal journey, you’ll also receive three enchanting PDF Magickal Journals to download:

1. Magickal Moments

Chronicle your synchronicities and magickal occurrences, helping you recognise and relish more of these divine winks from the universe.

2. Magickal Momentum

Maintain a magickal mindset, propelling you forward on your journey while identifying the chains that may be holding you back.

3. Soul Vitamins

A spiritual feast to nourish your soul, providing the stamina you need to cultivate a life brimming with fulfilment and joy.

Together, these journals will serve as faithful companions on your path to reclaiming your magick, amplifying your experience, and adding even more joy to your everyday life.



How long does it take to complete the course?

The course is designed to be both comprehensive and flexible.

While you could work through the material in a short amount of time, the true essence of the course lies in absorbing, reflecting, and integrating your insights into your life.

Many participants find that revisiting sections multiple times enhances their understanding and experience.

So, take it at a pace that aligns with your personal growth and comfort.

How do I pace myself in the course?

The Break the SPELLs course is self-paced.

This means you have the freedom to move through the sections as quickly or slowly as you’d like.

I’d recommend setting aside dedicated time each week, creating an environment that’s conducive to introspection, and regularly reflecting on your progress.

Listening to your intuition about when to move on to the next topic often leads to deeper insights.

* How long do I have access to the course?

You’ll enjoy access to the course for the lifetime of my business, and given that it’s already been running for decades, you can expect that to be a long time!

This also means that as the course is updated or expanded, you’ll have access to any new materials or resources that are introduced.

Is there any support from Rebecca during the course?


Beyond the rich content of the course itself, you also have access to the vibrant Break the SPELLs community.

Here, you can engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and pose questions.

Whilst you won’t have any 1-2-1 time with Rebecca, she is an active part of this community, offering guidance, answering questions, and occasionally hosting live sessions for more direct interactions.

Do I need any prior knowledge or experience before starting the course?

Not at all!

The course is tailored to accommodate both beginners and those with more experience in personal growth and spiritual exploration.

Each module builds upon the last, ensuring a smooth and enriching learning journey.

What materials or resources will I need?

Most of the resources you’ll need are provided within the digital course platform.

But you’ll also need a dedicated journal or notebook – physical or digital – for recording your reflections, experiences, and breakthrough moments.

Additionally, any rituals or practices introduced in the course will include clear guidelines on any additional materials you might need.

Can I share my access with a friend?

While we encourage discussing and sharing insights from the course with friends, each course enrolment is intended for individual use.

This ensures each participant receives a personalised experience and allows access to the supportive community.

If your friends are interested, do let them know about the enrolment opportunities!

What if I face technical difficulties accessing the course?

We’ve endeavoured to make the course platform as user-friendly as possible.

However, if you encounter any hiccups, just send us a message detailing your issue, and we’ll work to resolve it promptly.


I’m falling in love with myself

Our last session changed my life!!

I’m falling in love with myself, feel soooo committed to myself and my dreams, and everything feels so rich, abundant and full of possibilities.

I can feel in every cell of my being that I’m on the right path. I can even see my future!

I feel sooooo good! Thank You!” – V


It will leave you feeling clearer and lighter.

Rebecca is an incredible healer with an almost magical ability to pinpoint what blocks are wreaking havoc with you and what needs to be done to release them.

She is able to facilitate their release in a quick and effective manner that will leave you feeling clearer and lighter.

Her insight during this process is invaluable and spot on.

She is powerful and straight to the point while holding compassionate and joyful sacred space for you.

I always call her when I’m dealing with stubborn blocks I can’t shift on my own and I love that with her we can just get in and get it done and I can get back to my magical self. – Ruby T


Rebecca is a genuine ally to have on your life’s journey.

I reached out to Rebecca when I had some inner turmoil holding me back.

This change my life.

My session with Rebecca was amazing!

I didn’t know what to expect but was open to it and when we began I was floored by the information she was able to touch upon and bring up.

I felt a wave of emotion that I didn’t expect and was crying while my body had tingles and I felt my heart vibrating.

It was a strange and unusual sensation to have but I felt clearer once our session ended.

She provided great insights that helped me to clear up energetic and emotional blockages I have had for years.

It was as if my mind, body and soul were finally in alignment.

Since working with Rebecca, my life has found a flow that I have never known possible.

I have started two businesses, developed a positive relationship with money, built up my relationships and used my true voice in the world with confidence. – Angelique D


I feel amazzzzzing! So expansive.

You really moved whatever block I had around my intuition!

Thank you so much for your help, I feel like things are moving forward and unfolding so easily and in perfect timing. It’s awesome to feel so… in tune.