I have Put Together a free tool to help you tap into your own lunar energies.

The moon, is the closest astronomical body to Earth, and it has a profound effect on us and the earth we live on.

It represents the feminine, emotional, creative and nurturing aspects of our lives.

I’ve always been fascinated with the moon and her ability to influence us.

Growing up in Cornwall, I witnessed the power of the moon and her ability to affect the tides – especially at the Spring tides when my home town often flooded.

As I became older and learnt that the earth is 75% water and humans are around the same percentage water, it seemed only natural that if the moon can influence the tides of the earth so powerfully, then she must have the same effect on us too.

When I was a student I worked in bars and always looked forward to the full moon as I was guaranteed an entertaining night because the lunar-tics were often out in force.

Many years later I worked in housing and attended a conference where I discovered that a police force in the UK actually kept an eye on the moon cycles and deployed more staff at the full moon.

I’m sure that you have stories like this too.

However, have you ever really stopped to chart how you feel around the various stages of the moon cycle?

How about you start today?

The SHEro’s Energy Cycle

I have created a charting tool that enables you to quickly and easily record how you feel during the moon cycle.

How to use the chart

Step One

Start by finding out where we are in the moon cycle, you can do that here: Moon Calendar

Step Two

Note this on the chart – you can add a date too if you like.

Step Three

At the end of each day write down a couple of words, in the corresponding area, to describe how you have felt during that day, you may want to consider your energy levels, feelings and emotions, or anything that feels relevant.

You could use symbols or colour coding instead if that works better for you.

Step Four – Optional

You can use the inner circles to chart where you are in your menstrual cycle. This will give you a more in depth insight in to your energy throughout the month.

Day one starts the day that your bleed begins.

**To get the very most out of this exercise, it’s best to chart at least three months, as this gives you an insight in to the patterns that occur for you. This will then enable you to make the most of your most energised days, and slow down on the days where you know your energy is going to be low.

The Outer Rings

The first set of outer rings shows how the moon energy corresponds with the energy of the seasons and it’s associated female archetype.

The outer ring shows the goddesses associated with that lunar phase. Often the goddesses can overlap the phases. This is just a general guide.

During the moon phase you can read stories of the associated archetypes and goddesses to gain a deeper insight in to the energy of the phase and you can uncover deeper energies and powers that you can tap into.

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