Welcome to The Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast with me, Rebecca-Anuwen.

I’m back with some inspiration and intuitive twist as we use Oracle cards and charm casting to answer those questions you have.

On the last episode, we looked at the symbolism of The Book of Shadows and the importance of recording your experiences. Today, we move on to the card, The Crystals, and you’re reminded that you don’t have to do it alone.

Where in your life do you have a question about getting support?

Perhaps you have a choice to make and need support.

Perhaps you have a hard time trusting other people or think that you’re the only one that can be relied on.

Just take a moment to ask your question about being supported in life, or by life.

And then as always, we’ll start by looking at the meaning of the SHEro Toolkit Card. We’ll take the wisdom from the guidebook. Then I’ll draw a second card so that we can explore how that card adds more meaning and nuance to the first card. And then I’m going to draw a charm, allowing us again to deepen into our understanding of the message for you.

As always take the information I share as a starting point for your own intuitive wisdom. The more you show up to these episodes, the more you practice, the more you’ll start ignoring me altogether and listening to yourself. And that’s exactly how it should be.

So let’s start.



The Crystals – You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

Re-enchant your life podcast

What do you think of when you think of crystals?

Perhaps you have a favourite crystal. Perhaps you think about the colour or the shape or the frequency, the vibrancy of them. Perhaps you don’t like crystals.

Just notice what you think of when you think of crystals. Now, the crystal on this deck of cards, it’s a purple crystal and it’s cluster of crystals. But what colour were you thinking of when I mentioned the word crystals?

It says “You’re capable enough to do it alone, but it’s more fun not to. Crystals are allies from the mineral kingdom. We can use them to support us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Crystals come in all colours, shapes, and sizes, and they share their own unique gifts with us. Crystals remind you that you’re not alone on this journey. You may feel alone sometimes, but life is a shared journey that we all take. On the outside, your experiences may look very different from another’s, but the underlying patterns are always the same.

Every time you make a decision or experience change in your life, you go on a tried and tested path, a shared journey, knowing that there’s a map to guide and support you is reassuring. Knowing that others have shared the same experience is comforting. Do you allow yourself to receive and be supported? Or do you resist asking for help and think you have to do it all alone? Support comes in many forms. It might look like physical love and support, or it could be someone who believes in you and send you good wishes. Maybe it looks like someone sharing their story, their lesson and wisdom with you. It could also be the voice of someone encouraging you to keep going or telling you to try again. Both the big and the small acts of support will send ripples of magic through your life.

They’ll open up your potential, allowing your true self to show up in the world and shine, that you must be open enough to both receiving and allowing them”.


The SHEro actions suggests get support.

Notice where in your life you may be refusing or rejecting support that’s already there.

How can you accept the support that’s available to you?

Get clear on what kind of support you need in your life right now, and then ask for it. No hinting or expecting others to read your mind. Instead, clearly and unapologetically ask for what you need and then allow yourself to receive it.

How does that feel about knowing that actually you can ask for what it is you want? Are you like, “Yes, of course, Rebecca. Of course, I’m going to ask.” Or do you feel as, unfortunately, many people do? “Oh, my goodness, who am I to ask? I can’t ask for that. They’ll think I’m being cheeky or rude.”

Perhaps you’re so used to prioritising other people that you’ve forgotten to prioritise yourself.

Perhaps you see yourself as the fixer or the person that’s always in the role of support, rather than knowing you’re allowed to ask for help.

You’re allowed to say no to someone else, so that you can say yes to yourself.

You’re allowed to ask for something just for you.

How does that start to answer your question?

I’m just going to draw another card from the deck and see what energy is going to go with the card, the crystals. And it’s The Chair.



Re-enchant your life podcast

It’s a big, comfy red chair with a golden, yellow cushion. And it says The Chair; take a sacred pause.

To me, this changes the meaning of the first card, or the focus of the first card, quite significantly.

It’s like, you don’t have to do it alone and take a sacred pause.

Instead of thinking you’re the only person that can do something, give yourself permission to stop. Either don’t do it, ask someone else to do it, or do it on another time.


What feels really good for you right now?

Knowing that you don’t have to do it alone, knowing that the world’s not going to stop if you do, I’m pretty sure it won’t, but maybe I’m wrong.

But feel into that, when you’re thinking of the question; where you needed support, do you need support to stop doing that thing?

Do you need support so you don’t have to do it all yourself?

Or do you need support in postponing or delaying that thing?

Because the cards are suggesting that it’s time to rest.

It’s time to have a sacred pause to give yourself space to breathe.

Now that might just be for an afternoon. It might be for a week. It might be for a month.

How long does that sacred pause feel like it’s going to be?

If there’s a particular “job” that you do, so it might not be like a paid job I’m talking about, but maybe something around the home, maybe you could ask someone else to do it? Or you could pay someone else to do it, or perhaps you just stop doing it and see whether you actually notice.

You might be doing something because you think it should be done. And actually, it’s not really that important to you at all.

The other thing I like about these cards is the crystals are hard and tall and pokey. Whereas the chair is really comfy.

When you’re thinking of not having to do it alone, although the crystals is a cluster of crystals, there’s a formation of them, so you’re not alone. But where do you have that rigid energy of the crystal, of standing tall by yourself, rather than softening and asking for help.

Rather than softening and knowing you don’t have to exhaust yourself and step into burnout just to be valid, appreciated or to have worth.

You’re not a factory.

Your value is not on your output.

You’re allowed to stop and pause.

Just like we were talking about last time, about The Book of Shadows, and it was talking about rhythms and cycles. There’s day and there’s night, and there’s summer and there’s winter, and there’s the new moon and the full moon, there’s action and there’s pause.

And right now the cards are asking you just to take a moment to pause, to give yourself space to rest and breathe, so that you can gather your thoughts and then move forward, feeling supported.

Maybe supported by other people, but maybe just feeling supported by yourself, knowing you have your own back and you’re going to define your boundaries and say no to some things, and say yes to others.

I’m just going to pick a charm now, so just rustling in my charm box here. And now we have a castle.



Re-enchant your life podcast

When I think of castles, I think of a fortresses. I just mentioned about really firming up your boundaries. Where do you need to get really clear on?

It’s like lifting your drawbridge, defending your time, your energy, your resources, so that you can have that pause, knowing that you have your own back.

What is really interesting is I think this is the first time where you have the original card and it’s like, “Oh, yeah, you can get support” and everything’s really good. But the second card came along and was like, “Oh, this has completely changed the flavour of the first card.” I mean, not like 180 degrees, more like 90. And it’s like, “Oh, okay.”

And now that we have the castle, to me, that’s reinforcing the sacred pause, and reminding you to get really protective around your boundaries, around your resources, around your energy.

Say, for example, perhaps you’re a mum and you’re used to being, or expected to be, the primary caretaker. You’re being reminded you don’t have to do it alone. You can ask for help because it’s okay to have that sacred pause.

And now what the castle is telling you to do, is to get really clear on your boundaries and be like, “No, this is what’s happening. I’m not doing this today, this week, this month ever again.” Whichever one feels good and whichever one is appropriate.

Sometimes you have to be really protective of your boundaries, of your energy, of your resources, of your time, of your money, whatever it is.

Maybe you have other people pushing your limits, your boundaries, and the cards are right now just saying, “Just stop, rest, pause. It doesn’t all have to be you that’s giving, giving, giving.”

And I think we very much live in a society right now where we really celebrate achieving and busyness, rather than being and brewing.

It’s like the mum that has several children, she’s on the soccer team, and she’s organising all the parties. She’s baking all the cakes from scratch and, and, and, and, and, and…

She’s celebrated; “Oh, my God, she’s so amazing.” She’s just incredible…. And yet she’s absolutely exhausted.

And yet the mum who is saying ‘no’ to extra events, because she knows she needs to rest, she can get a bit of a side-eye. She can get a bit of judgment thrown her way; “Ooh, look at her. Who does she think she is?”

And yet it’s the person that is clear on their boundaries. It’s the person that can say no, that can take that sacred pause, that can put up their guard and say, “Actually, I don’t have anything else to give right now.” Or hopefully you can say that well before you get to ‘nothing else to give’… and say “Actually, I don’t want to right now. I know that’s not going to be good for me long term.”

That’s the person that we should be celebrating because otherwise when we’re doing things and we’re exhausting ourselves, we just become frustrated. We become angry. We become annoyed with it. We just become not great people to be around.

So an answer to your question about the support that you need right now, consider; “How can you give that support to yourself?”

First of all, it started with, “Oh, yeah, maybe this is support from other people.” But it turned into; “How can you support yourself, as you protect your time, your energy and your resources?”


How does that feel?

Do let me know. See what you think about the very strong crystals next to the soft chair, and then to the up the pointy turrets of the castle.

It’s like hard, soft, hard. Maybe there’s something in that too. It’s like knowing that you’re soft in the middle like the chair, but actually you need the firmness of the boundaries surrounding you right now.

Thank you for joining me. I’ll see you again very soon for another episode of the Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast, where we continue exploring the messages and meanings of the symbols of the cards so that you get used to trusting yourself and trusting your intuition, so that you can make better choices as you hear and understand the wisdom and the language of your soul.

Until then I will see you again very soon.


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