The New Moon is the perfect time to rest and tap into your intuition

“Believe in who you are

Believe in what is yours.

Believe in your power.

Believe in what lies

In the depth of your soul…”

– Meg Bowman

These were the words that opened my 67th virtual Red Tent tonight. It seemed a perfect reading to explore the energy of the Sagittarius New Moon.

I host virtual Red Tents for the members of my Sacred Grove Community with the New Moon and Full Moons throughout the year – I can’t believe that we are at no. 67! How did that happen?

I feel it’s important for women to have a place where they can spend an hour or so where nothing is expected of them. They show up to the call and all they have to do is rest and receive.

My intention is always the same each month: that each woman allow herself the space to honour herself, to rest and be restored, then I add a little extra to harness the energy of the particular moon.

Before I read the opening poem/reading, I like to draw a Womansrune card to offer insight into the the themes of the event, and even after all these years, the accuracy of the card never fails to amaze me.

Today’s card was the The Dark Moon – The Rune of Wisdom. This fitted perfectly with today’s theme of setting bigger, bolder, and more adventurous intentions with the expansive and confident energy of Sagittarius.

The card spoke to me of trusting your own wisdom, of having the courage to sink deep into yourself and allowing yourself to name and claim your own dreams and vision for your life – ‘Believe in who you are’.

Too often people, especially women, can be so busy going through the motions of life, checking off those boxes of expectations, that you can completely lose track of what YOU actually wanted from life. What you find fulfilling and what brings meaning and purpose to your life.

After I draw the card, I always like to see what card is behind it, as the cards always tell a story. Today the card behind the Dark Moon was The Labyris – The Rune of Will.

This seemed like the perfect card to support your own wisdom, as it’s about cutting away those things that hold you back or weigh you down. It’s about making clear choices and aligning with those choices – ‘Believe in who you are’.

After we’ve explored the energy of the moon, and shared intentions (ask me about the Carebear stare another time!), we do an energy clearing and activation to release the energetic patterns that prevent us from reaching and achieving our intentions.

The main part of the clearing today was around the energy of “Fear of not being heard”.

Two things came up as we cleared the energy around this:

  1. It’s the holiday season and many people will be spending more time with their families. This is enough to trigger old patterns of being the ‘good girl’, or the ‘child’ in a family situation. Even if you are a fully grown adult with responsibilities.
    Triggering patterns of not being listened to, being dismissed or even ridiculed for your beliefs or dreams.
  2. Not listening to, or trusting, your own intuition. Not allowing yourself to hear your dreams and desires.

It reminded me of a time from my own childhood.

Each year at Christmas we would travel across the UK to go and visit my mums family.

When I was 13 I became a vegetarian, Back in those days (lol) being a vegetarian wasn’t that common. But I think it’s fair to say that people new what it meant – I didn’t eat meat…

So the first year I was vegetarian at my Aunty’s house for the Christmas gathering, she served me minestrone soup with ham in it.

When I said that I couldn’t eat it because I was vegetarian, she said ‘Oh yes I know, but you eat ham don’t you?’… I could almost have understood if it had been chicken… there are some people who call themselves vegetarian but still eat chicken or fish… but not pig!

The next year the same thing happened, but this time it was chicken… ‘Oh I know you’re vegetarian, but you eat chicken don’t you?’

Talk about not being heard… Perhaps you can relate?

These patterns can often follow us throughout our life, showing up in all areas.

Do you find it easy to speak up, do you feel heard, or do you have to shout and almost have a meltdown before people take notice?

Do you listen to your intuition, hold space for yourself to connect deeply with your hopes, dreams and desires, or is that very idea alien to you?

How would your life be different if:

  1. You felt heard, witnessed and seen. People listened to you, believed in you and supported your ideas and dreams (even the hair-brained ones!)
  2. You listened to, and completely trusted, yourself. You believed in who you were.

During each energy clearing, as we gently remove and dissolve another layer of limiting beliefs, fears and out-dated patterns, and that’s exactly what people begin to experience.

They trust in themselves, and make confident choices that are aligned with their truth, energy and values! No more doubt or second-guessing themselves (or at least much less!)

Then after the energy clearing, now that you’re relaxed and more connected with your intuitive self, we do a meditation along the theme of the Moon’s energy, this month I thought I’d try something new.

For longer than I’d care to admit… okay I’ll tell you… at least year, I’ve been wanting to write meditations that are specifically for the energy of the Zodiac signs as the Moon travels through them – this month was the first time I actually did it! And writing it here, in black and white, is my commitment to keep going – only 23 more to go!

We then finish the Red Tent with me drawing cards for the members who want some additional guidance, again I love seeing the patterns and messages emerge for people as the months unfold – nothing in these events is ever random, everything has a meaning!

I love these Red Tents, I love the community we’ve created in the Sacred Grove – it’s all the perfect blend of accountability, guidance and space to connect with your inner voice and truth – even if you don’t know where to begin.

No expectations, people dip in and out of what they need, but always knowing they are held and there’s a space for them to come and explore their passions, beliefs and desires, share their concerns and challenges, or have a community to celebrate with them.

If you don’t have a space where you can do all of this I highly recommend that you find one! It will quite literally change your world!

Everyone needs a community where you can be witnessed, celebrated and where you feel safe to explore all the things that light you up.

Of course you are more than welcome to see if The Sacred Grove is a good fit for you, but if this isn’t for you find one that suits exactly what you do need.

So in the spirit of the Sagittarius New Moon, what bigger, bolder, more expansive intentions/goals/dreams are you setting for yourself and what community is going to support you reach them as you learn to more deeply trust and ‘believe in who you are’?