Welcome to The Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast with me, Rebecca-Anuwen.

I’m back with some inspiration and an intuitive twist, as we use Oracle cards and charmcasting to answer those questions you have.

On the last episode, we looked at the symbolism of The Bridge and moving forward confidently. Today, we move on to the card; The Eggs, and you’re reminded to believe in your potential.

Where in your life do you have questions around believing in yourself and your potential?

Perhaps you’ve been wanting to make a change, but you’ve been doubting yourself. Now is the time to ask the question, as we explore your potential.

We’ll start by looking at the meaning of the SHEro Toolkit card, taking the wisdom from the guidebook, then I’ll a second card so that we can explore how that card adds more meaning to the first card. Then I’m going to draw a charm, allowing us again, to add a deeper layer of meaning, to the message for you.

The card today is The Eggs. 


The Eggs – Believe in Your Potential

Re-enchant your life podcast

What do you think about when you think of eggs?

The card shows a nest with three white eggs in it. What feelings does that evoke for you?

I’m going to start by sharing my thoughts, but as always, whatever you think is far more important and relevant. Use my thoughts as a starting point. Something maybe to inspire you, but it’s not the right answer. Only you have the right answer for you.

Let’s begin.

The guidebook says The Eggs.

‘Believe in your potential’. You are capable of more than you think’.

Eggs hold the potential for all life. They’re the symbol of fertility, life, birth and creation. External forces can break an egg and end the possibility of life. But when the pressure comes from within life begins.

The eggs, remind you to believe in your potential.

It’s time to name and claim your magic. To step more fully into things that make you, you. Give your logical mind a rest, put the to-do list to one side and just for a moment, give your attention to your creative self. Honour the endless creativity and potential that resides within you. You have the creative power of birth. You can birth ideas, projects, writing, art, cakes, maybe even babies, let your vision and ideas burst forth.

Embrace your passions, even if they’re wild and messy. And even if they scare you for a little, or a whole lot. Step out of the familiar so you can start to create a life that you’ve yet to imagine.

Wake up to your gifts, your talents. Claim them, own them.

Colour outside the lines, colour within the lines, they’re your lines, so do whatever you want to do with them. Just be sure to express and give voice to your creative potential and power.

This is your magic and it’s time to use it.

The SHEro Action in the guidebook says: 

Release your creative potential and step out of your daily routine, even if it’s only for two minutes, and do something creative . Sing, dance, create something for different for dinner. Draw, write about your day or craft a poem, doodle, colour in a colouring book, do a dot-to-dot drawing or make a mandala, whatever you do, allow yourself and your creative fires to lead and see what potential you can unleash.

How does that relate to what your question is right now?

I’m just going to grab the deck and just shuffle the cards to find out what other information we need to know when we’re looking at believing in our potential.

And it’s The New Moon card. 



Re-enchant your life podcast

The picture is of a moon that is black, and it says, ‘let your inner wisdom guide you’.

When we’re looking at believing in your potential, it’s then asking you to let your inner wisdom guide you. And for me, the first thing that comes to mind is that for you to release your potential, you need to step into your wisdom, and not to censor yourself.

You know, when you’re having that inner wisdom, it’s about the energy of trusting yourself, of trusting that you do have that wisdom within you and not to look to other people. It’s about being your cheerleader, to encourage you or to remind you how great you are.

You already have that greatness within you.

That’s something you have to claim for yourself. It’s something that you have to be able to rely on yourself to evoke those feelings of enoughness from within, and not hope that other people are going to validate you or, or build you up. Of course we want friends and family in our life that are going to be cheerleaders for us, that are going to encourage us, to lift us up, and remind us how amazing we are.

But this really talks about that you have to be able to do that for yourself too.

Looking at the cards again, it’s a very feminine energy, isn’t it? We’ve got the energy of The Eggs and The New Moon that kind of dark, energetic, womb space energy, and both cards have the energy of creation. And The New Moon, if you think of that dark, energetic womb space; no womb necessary. It’s that space of creation.

Then The Eggs are the seeds that are coming to fruition as they’re held within the nest. Really it’s like taking a moment to really appreciate who you are and to cut out the noise of everyone else around you.

I know I say this a lot, but it’s so important to let go of the judgments and the expectations.

What do you want for you, to trust your own inner wisdom, not to think that someone else knows what’s best for you. Or someone can tell you what to do.

It’s like, yes, of course we can take inspiration. We can take guidance. We can look for other people’s experiences and expertise and wisdom, but it’s you who has to own your own wisdom. You’re the one that knows what’s best for you, believing in your potential and really trusting yourself, trusting that you know how.

Trusting that you have those answers you seek.

I know when I say that people probably want to poke me in the eye and say, ‘no, Rebecca, I don’t know’. But you really do know.

As I was saying, it’s a very feminine, very creative energy, stepping into the mysteries. When you have that potential, like the book said, the external forces; the judgments expectations, they can break the egg, they can break the potential.

But when you break it from within, when you claim your own power, your own potential, you break free from the shell and you become new life.

Where, and again, this is like the energy of The New Moon, just take a moment and close your eyes, just take a minute to breathe, and ask yourself; what is it you’re waiting to break forth and bring into the world, as opposed to everyone else telling you what you should do, as they try to crack your egg from the outside.

And actually, as I’m saying these words, it’s like also should also trust the timing. Other people might be like; you’ve got to do it now. Now, now, now, now. And so they’re trying to break the egg from the outside again, breaking the egg and it’s just going to be a runny, messy yolk.

Whereas, actually, if you wait for your own divine timing, then you can break the shell and emerge at the time that’s perfect for you, trusting that wisdom, and to know what is right for you.

Okay. Let’s pick a charm and see what we get today.

Just delving my hand, deep into the charms… Ooh, it’s an old fashioned telephone, who can remember those?



Re-enchant your life podcast

It’s one of those telephones that not only is it old fashioned, but it has the circular dial on. Oh my goodness. I remember these, where to get your number, you’d have to put your finger in the hole and turn it all the way round. Let go, let it the wheel spin backwards, and then put your finger in the next number, turn again.

How did that work?

If you look at this phone, we definitely understand where the phrase ‘hang-up’ comes from. Because obviously on a mobile phone, you don’t really hang anything up, you press a button. This charm has a handle and a wire on top of the phone.

This is a very cute little charm.

What does the phone represent to you?

How does that add a different flavour to the cards?

The cards have been very feminine energy, not so much female, but feminine, in quality. And now we’re adding in the phone.

The phone to me, represents communication. I just heard; your intuition’s calling.

What does the phone add to ‘believing in your potential’ and ‘letting your inner wisdom guide you’?

It’s interesting actually, because as I was saying ‘your intuition’s calling’, when you pick up the phone and put it to your ear, you’re focused on that conversation. You’re not really being distracted by your video call filters, or group chats, or anything like that, like you might be on a mobile phone, or a zoom call.

This is an old fashioned phone is back to basics.

We might not want that anymore. Things have moved on. However, sometimes going back to basics is what we need. Sometimes we love fancy. And sometimes just a walk on the beach, or a walk in the countryside is enough to refresh our soul. We don’t need to do anything more fancy than that.

And that’s what this telephone feels like. It’s like, where do you need to focus, and to shut out the noise so that you can get really clear with yourself, to get really clear on having that direct communication without distractions. Of going back into your own body and talking to yourself about your own potential or listening to the wisdom.

We’ve got the message to believe your potential, and let your inner wisdom guide you.

And now we’re listening. And listening is so important. It’s one of the reasons I do the podcast, but there is something really important about learning to listen, because when we listen, we listen to ourselves better, our intuition better. We learn to trust ourselves, but we also listen to other people better. And the world is so much better-off when we learn to listen actively, we can hear the nuances. We’re not waiting to speak over somebody else. We’re genuinely listening. We’re in communication, this is like coming back to yourself, to be in communication with yourself.

How does all of that sound?

Do come and tag me in Facebook or on Instagram at @TheModernWitchWay, and let me know how these cards and the charm, what message they had for you today, and how that’s reminding you to really believe in yourself and your potential.

Where maybe have you been doubting yourself, and now you know it’s time to listen to you. Do come and let me know. I love hearing from you.

Thank you for joining me. I’ll see you again very soon for another episode of The Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast, where we’re going to carry on listening, getting you listening to your intuition, getting you looking at the puzzle pieces, bringing together your own answers so that you can move forward, confidently, trusting the messages, trusting your intuition and knowing that the universe is always talking to you.

Thank you for joining me. I’ll see you again very soon, until next time.

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