Welcome back to the Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast with me, Rebecca Anuwen.

I’m back with some inspiration and intuitive twist to get you connected to your intuition and listening to the messages.

On the last episode, we looked at the symbolism of The Key and the importance of reclaiming your power. Today, we move on to the card, The Bridge, and we’re reminded to move forward confidently.

Take a moment to focus on the question that you have for today. The question you want, some intuitive guidance on, as we explore the energy of The Bridge.

Where in your life do you need some guidance and intuitive insights on being more confident?

As always, we’ll start by looking at the meaning of the SHEro Toolkit cards, then I’m going to draw a second card to give us more insight into how you can be more confident. And then I’m going to pull a charm to add a different dimension into the information that you receive.

Let’s start by looking at the information from the guidebook.


The Bridge – Move Forward Confidently

Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast

Sometimes to move forward, you must let go of what’s been holding you back.

Bridges, connect us and move us from one place to another. As we cross over chasms, rivers and other apparently impossible boundaries. They symbolise the death of the old, as you move forward in your journey through life.

The Bridge reminds you to move forward confidently.

We all doubt ourselves too often. We look outside of ourselves for validation and seek confirmation from others for the answers we receive. But the more we look outside of ourselves, the more conflicting information we receive, and the more confused we get.

You know what you want, and you know what you have to do to get there. You may deny that you know, or avoid admitting what you must do, but trust that you really do have the answers you seek. Trust in your inner wisdom and listen to your intuition. Other people may have opinions, but ultimately, you know what’s best for you. Trust yourself and stay true to your path as you move forward with confidence.

The SHEro Action reminds us to move forward confidently.

Think of one area in your life where you’ve been doubting yourself.

Shut out all the noise, and put expectations, opinions and judgements to one side.

Then tap into your intuition for guidance. You could meditate, journal or use divination to connect with your intuition.

Whatever method you use, trust that you have the answers you seek.

Believe in your ability to know what’s best for you.

Then move forward confidently with the knowledge you’ve gained. Pause and take a breath as you move forward confidently in the direction of your dreams.


“I believe in myself.”

What do you think of when you think of bridges?

The guidebook talks about knowing that you have the answers you seek. I have to say I absolutely 100% believe that. However, on my journey to where I am today, every time someone said that to me, I wanted to poke them in the eye. I was like, if I knew I had the answers, don’t you think I’d have the answers?

But of course, conditioning fears, judgments, expectations, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, lack of worth. All of that stuff can make us not trust ourselves. It can make us doubt our own ability to know what’s right for us, it can undermine our own confidence. It seems easier to ask other people, to look outside of ourselves, to validate our own feelings.

And, you know, it’s like for years and years and years, I was looking for my soul purpose, and I was seeking and seeking and seeking.

It felt quite virtuous. It’s like, Oh, you know, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing, so I can just make it up as I go along.

But of course, actually what I wanted was someone else to tell me what I, what I had to do. And, you know, I sought loads of advice about what to do. I’ve shared this many times before, but I was actually just looking for permission to be me. And as soon as I realised that what I wanted was permission to be me, it wasn’t really that I needed to know what my soul purpose was, or my life purpose, or whatever you want to call it. I just wanted permission to be me, to give myself permission, to do all the things I wanted to do, to give myself permission, to do all the things I wanted to do, to explore the things I wanted to explore, to follow my many passions.

And as soon as I realised that, and I stopped seeking externally, it’s like, Oh, I can move forward confidently now because I know who I am. I know what turns me on and lights me up. I know what it is I wanted to do, to have, to contribute.

I suddenly had the confidence in all of those answers and it’s like, Oh, this is how I get to be me.

When people say; you really do have the answers you seek, after you’ve done the eye roll…, just ask yourself what if that was true? What if me seeking was actually me not wanting to take responsibility for my choices, or not feeling worthy of having what it is you actually desire, and just check in with yourself that you aren’t hiding or delaying, because once we know what we want to do, once we know where we want to be going, it might mean difficult conversations.

It might mean changing our behaviors. It might mean seeing ourselves differently.

All of which can be a little challenging, but absolutely doable.

When you think of your question, think about how you need to step up and take responsibility for your dreams, for your desires, for taking ownership of that question that you’re looking for the answer for, and become curious.

What if you did know the answer?

What if you were just camouflaging it from yourself for a little bit, because of fear, or being nervous about change? All completely understandable, all completely acceptable. But what if right now in this moment, you gave yourself permission to know what it is you wanted?

So, I’m just going to grab the deck to find out what else we need to know about moving forward confidently.

Obviously, if you have your own deck of cards, you have your own SHEro Toolkit cards, shuffle your cards, and draw another card to find out what guidance that card has for you.

It’s The Cup.


Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast

It’s a red cup and saucer, with white hearts on. And the card says: honour your needs.

As you walk forward confidently, being honest with yourself about who you are, and what you want to do, ask yourself; what are your needs? And then honour those needs.

Give yourself what you need. Like we were just saying, it’s like, sometimes it can be scary to make change, to move forward, but if you honour what you need, maybe you need the love and support of a community that get you.

Perhaps you just need to give yourself permission.

Perhaps you need to rest to take stock, to integrate.

Perhaps you need to get some fresh air to get, get some good sleep.

What do you need to feel more confident in yourself?

Because if you’re knackered, if you’ve not slept properly for a long time, which let’s face it, is not difficult under the current circumstances. If you’re not eating well, if you’re forgetting to breathe deeply and exhale fully, if you’re not moving your body, if you’re not just doing the basic things, it becomes very quick to doubt yourself, to not trust yourself, to undermine our own confidence.

Those fears, those doubts, those expectations can take hold when we’re not feeling at our best, when we’re not feeling whole.

So, to answer the question that you’re looking for right now, what do you need to feel more full?

Let’s find a charm to go with this. I’m just going to rustle in my charm box.

And again, if you have some charms, pull some out, or pull one out and see what you get.

I’ve just pulled out a kite.



Re-enchant Your Life Podcast

What does a kite represent to you?

When I think of a kite, it’s flying free, flying high swirling, playful, joyful, limited by nothing because it’s, it’s tethered, it’s anchored, hopefully you’re holding onto this kite and you know, you’re controlling it, but you can’t make it do what, well actually of course you can, if you’re extra good, but it’s more of a union. It’s more you’re working together.

You’re working with the wind. You’re working with the material. You’re getting a feel for how to move left and right, when you need to pull harder, when you need to let go.

And it’s that moving forward confidently to honour your needs, it’s finding that balance, that harmony, because even if the wind feels like it’s knocking, you left, or it’s knocking you, right, and that wind could be expectations and judgment. It’s like, actually you get to navigate. You get to move through that wind. You get to actually play in that wind. You get to duck and dive… or whatever kite language is.. you get to fly high.

You get to play in that energy. It doesn’t get to control you. You get to duck and weave, and navigate through that energy.

As you move forward confidently, know that you have the confidence, the resilience, that the knowledge to duck and weave as necessary, to laugh and to joke, and maybe even to cry sometimes, as you go crashing into the floor, hopefully not literally, but you get to, to play in the energy, and you get to decide what you’re taking on, or whether you’re playing, because it’s that energy of honouring your needs.

What do you need to do?

Do you need to, I wish I knew kite terminology, but do you need to let out some more string or pull it down hard to anchor the energy, to catch the wind?

How can you find that balance and harmony of letting yourself play, or letting yourself navigate through those winds of change as you move forward confidently. Because of course change isn’t always easy.

But knowing that you have the resources, the inner resilience to keep moving forward. I heard this thing once and I thought it was lovely. It said: you’ve survived your hardest day ever. And you’re still here.

Thank goodness, you’re still here. Amazing, you’re still here. You’ve survived your worst day. I’ve survived my worst day, and I’ve had several, and we’re still here.

We learned to duck to dive to…. Someone, tell me what kites do. … What do they do? What are they doing? there must be a kite fan out there who can tell me! …to move gracefully, to know that even if, as a kite, we hit the floor, we can go; ‘Oh, that didn’t work so well. Let’s try again’. Pick yourself up.

I keep going to say; dust yourself off. because when I see people flying kites, it’s usually at the beach, and see the kites dart into the sand, and you think, oops. And you know, they pick the kite up, they chuck it back in the winds and off they go again. And I’m sure that’s better terminology than ‘chuck it in the wind’. But now, for me, that’s what these cards are telling you.

Whatever your question is, move forward, confidently, honour your needs, and as you do so enjoy the ride, you know, enjoy that inner resilience.

How does that sound to you?

Let me know what message you got. Let me know how you can embody more of the symbolism of what a bridge means to you, of what a cup means to you, of what a kite means to you.

In fact, as I just read The Cup, it was like sharing, you know, sharing a cup of tea, having a cup of tea with a friend, even if it’s virtually at the moment. You can still show up and share that.

What are your needs right now, perhaps it is to reach out, perhaps it is just to be witnessed, to be seen, to be heard?

If you feel like you have nobody in your life right now to witness or see you, send me a message, I’ll respond. Let me witness you, let me hear you. We are never alone. We really aren’t. It might feel like it at the moment, but we really don’t have to be.

So, thank you.

Thank you for joining me today. I hope you are finding them interesting and feeling more connected to your own intuition. Do let me know what insights you’re getting for yourself, just because I love it. I love symbolism, you may have noticed.

I’ll see you again very soon for our next episode of the Re-Enchant Your Life podcast, where we’re going to carry on spiralling deeper on this journey, where I really want you to learn to trust your intuition, to help you for no other reason than to trust yourself so that you can make better choices, so that you can hear the wisdom of your soul which speaks to you through the language of your intuition.

Until next time, I’ll see you again very soon.

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