Welcome to The Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast with me, Rebecca Anuwen.

I’m back with some inspiration and intuitive guidance for the week ahead.

Last week in The SHEro Toolkit, we looked at the symbolism of The Butterfly, and the importance of embracing your truth. Today, we move on to the card, The Standing Stones, and you’re reminded to commit to your own path.

Where in your life have you been doing what you thought you should do instead of following your own path?

Perhaps you’ve been following the path most trodden, but your heart wants to make its own path, to try something different, to do something different.

Take a moment to ask your question about committing to your path.

And then as always, we’ll start by looking at the meaning of The SHEro Toolkit card, taking wisdom and guidance from the guidebook, then I’ll draw a second card so that we can explore how the card adds more meaning to the first card. And then I’ll pick a charm, allowing us again, to add a deeper layer of meaning, to the message for you.

Today the card is The Standing Stones.


What do you think of when you think of standing stones?

I’ll share my thoughts, but as always, what you think is far more important and relevant. Use my thoughts as a starting point, something to inspire you, but it’s not the right answer. Only you have the right answer.

Let’s begin.

The Standing Stones… How many are there? There’s three, four, five, six. Six standing stones in a circle, and one in the middle. 


The Standing Stones – Commit to Your Own Path

Re-enchant your life podcast

What do standing stones represent to you?

In the guidebook? It says:

“Follow your own path, not the one that others want you to walk.

Standing stones are sacred groves made of rock. They offer a spiritual pathway that mirror the strength of our convictions. When we stand in our own truth and integrity, the standing stones remind you to commit to your own path. Choosing to follow your own path, takes courage. You may feel alone, and others may not understand your choices. Your choices might even make other people feel uncomfortable.

The world around you is invested in getting you to conform, because conformity makes other people feel comfortable. They understand the rules and they feel safe because they know what to expect. But conformity is not your path.

You’re here to be true to you, to commit o your path and root in your truth. Doing anything less would be a disservice to yourself and the world around you. It would deprive yourself and others of your unique gifts and your own unique blend of magic.

It’s time to commit to your path, to show up fully, to celebrate all that you are and explore your fullest potential.”

The SHEro Actions that you should just seek out people and communities who share your values and beliefs. These could be either in-person, communities, or online groups.

Connect with the shared stories of other people who are walking their own paths, whether you do this through books, articles, and podcasts, remind yourself that you aren’t alone. You may feel different and misunderstood by your family and even your oldest friends, but there are people searching to connect with someone just like you. Be open to create new friendships, be okay with feeling lonely or different at times.

You’ve chosen to walk a different path. Reconnect with what’s important to you and where you’re heading.

When you hear those words, which words resonate for you?


Are you ready to commit to walking your own path?

Perhaps you do have that inner calling, that feeling that’s suggesting you take a different route, do something different, try something different. But perhaps a small part of you doesn’t want to rock the boat, that doesn’t want to feel judged by other people.

But maybe it’s time. Maybe your time is now.

Okay. I’m just going to shuffle the cards and let’s find what’s going to go with our standing stones.

Okay, we have The Key; reclaim your power.



Re-enchant your life podcast

The Key, that’s very beautiful with these cards actually, because The Key is the symbol of the Intuitive SHEro. It’s the key to unlocking and reclaiming your own power, of trusting yourself, of knowing yourself deeply.

When we want to commit to our path, like I just mentioned, sometimes we can be afraid to commit to our own path. Maybe we don’t trust ourselves. We don’t know how people around us are going to respond or react to us.

This cards reminds us to reclaim your power. And this might be reclaiming power from friends, from family, even from cultures and society.

You know, everybody has a vested interest in what’s best for us, whether it is our family, whether it is society and culture, what they expect from us, what they want to see us do.

And when we can reclaim our power, when we can call back our energy, we’re not beholden to anybody else. We make our own choices from a place of aligned, inner authority, from a place of truth, from a place of inner-knowing, rather than from a place of fear and thinking ‘Oh, I’ve got to do this, because my family expect it of me’. Or ‘Oh, I have to do this because my culture dictates that this is what happens’, or ‘I have to do this, because if I don’t, society are going to judge me as X, Y, and Z’.

I think those cards work really, really beautifully together.

For you to really commit to your own path, you have to reclaim your power. Otherwise, what happens is you take four steps forward and three steps back.

You’re like, yeah, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to forge my own path, I’m going to head in this direction, and you do. And then if you haven’t got your own power, if you’re not in your own energy, people judge you, they might try and shame you. They’ll tell you what you’re doing is wrong. That tell you your decision is silly. And then you’ll be like, ‘Oh my goodness, perhaps their right’. And you give your power away.

And instead, when you’re in your own power, and you’re committed to your own path, you acknowledge what they’ve said, if these people are important to you, and you still make your own decision, even if they’re saying don’t do that, that’s wrong. You’ll have the clarity of energy and say ‘thank you for your information. Thank you for your opinion. But I’ve got to give myself the chance to give this a go’.

And it may not work out the way that you had planned, but you have to give yourself the option to find that.

So yes, The Standing Stones; commit to your own path, and The Key; reclaim your power.

Let’s see what the charms add to this.

Ooh, I have a postcard and the postcard says, ‘I love you on it’.

Oh, how beautiful.



Re-enchant your life podcast

So you’re going to commit to your own path. You’ve called back your power. And you’re going to send people postcards because you’re off on your own adventure. Off on your own journey, traveling to far off lands. Even if those far off lands are actually your own inner landscape. Even if those far off lands, aren’t actually traveling outside of where you would usually travel, but you are deciding to pursue different hobbies, or a different career, or different relationships.

So that postcard obviously might not be a real postcard, but it could be. But I really love that the postcard has the words, ‘I love you’ on it.

And I think that’s really beautiful because it’s like a love note to self. It’s like you’re going on this journey, you’re taking yourself there and you’re filling yourself up with your own love, knowing that you don’t need it from anybody else. Love from anyone else is just icing.

You have your back. You’re committed to your own path. You’ve reclaimed your own power. And you know that you love yourself.

Perhaps you will send an ‘I love you’ postcard to friends and family as well, but it really does feel like, as you go on your own path, as you travel, you’re sending yourself that energy of love. You’re recording your own adventures with love grace and gratitude.


How do they feel to you?

What comes to mind when you think of standing stones, a key, and a postcard?

Perhaps you’re like Rebecca, I agree, or you’re like, no, no, Rebecca, this is what I think it means. If so, come and share with me on Instagram, that’s my favorite place to find me. Come over to @themodernwitchway and let me know what you think about standing stones, keys, and postcards. I would love to hear your thoughts.

As always, I hope you found that useful guidance for the week ahead. The question you had about how to choose, how to commit to your own path, how to decide which way in life to go, is about you committing to your path, reclaiming your power, and just keeping a record of it, reminding yourself that you love you, that you have your own back.

I will see you again next time for some more guidance for the week ahead. And I will see you on soon for some different kind of inspiration, almost like… I want to say, almost like a class, but that sounds a bit schoolish doesn’t it? But I do run The Witch Academy, so of course, I guess it has to be a bit schoolish… On a Friday now the podcasts are going to be more about how you do connect with your intuition.

Monday is going to be the practical, let’s put everything into practice. Let’s explore the cards, let’s explore the charms, see what messages are there for you. And then on the Friday, it’s going to be a kind of, I’ll call it a teaching… I’m just going to claim that teacher energy, more of a very short, easy digestible teaching or an interview, but I know this Friday, it’s actually going to be a mini teaching.

Thank you very much for joining me. I hope you enjoy exploring the journey through the SHEro Toolkit cards with me, as you awaken your own intuition and learn to understand how the world communicates with you, so that you can learn to trust yourself deeply again.

Until next time, I’ll see you again very soon.


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