This is the perfect time to celebrate all that you’ve done, achieved and become

Recently I’ve been holding quite a few ‘rites of passages’ ceremonies for people. Some for people who are starting new ventures, some for people that are completing a process, some for people who are transitioning to the next phase of their life, and one for someone who has entered this life and another who transitioned from this life.

Marking the ending of one thing and the beginning of the next is a powerful process.

Often we can be so busy doing, doing, doing, that we can find ourselves focusing on what we haven’t yet done, rather than celebrating what we have done.

We can spot our perceived shortcomings at 100-paces, and yet forget to revel in all that we have done and achieved.

So as we get to the end of this year I want to invite you to a Closing Ceremony for 2019.

A space where you can celebrate all that you have done and achieved, and set powerful intentions to embrace the year head (and I have to say, it already feels like it’s going to be a powerful one – have you been feeling that too?)

This feels particularly potent, not just as we draw to the end of the year, but also the decade.

28th December 2019


Join us as you give yourself the chance to reset your energy and end the year with GRACE.

We’ll hold Sacred ceremony as we review 2019 and set our intentions and plan for an amazing 2020.

And if you haven’t found your Word of The Year for 2020, you’ll have that by the end of the call – and if you don’t know what that it, you’re in for a treat!

At the beginning of 2019 I set my intention and my Word of the Year to be ‘Deepening’.

The great thing about the Word of The Year is that​ it takes you on a journey that you never quite expect, but it’s always perfect!

This year was no exception.

What I didn’t expect was that I was going to ‘deepen’ into my business. And as 2019 draws to a close, my business has gone through a massive alignment in how it’s delivered.

I’ve completely redone my website and branding and have changed how I deliver my content.

After Facebook randomly banned me for a week so I could no longer access my communities, it made reassess what was really important to me in my business, and it was connection and community.

I wanted to create a community free from the drama and distraction of Facebook, a place where people could really focus on themselves and uplevelling their lives and living with intention.

I wanted to create somewhere where people could come and rest, be nourished and connect with much less distraction.

So I recently started to move my community over to Patreon – If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a membership platform really designed for creatives – hands up that me lol. Although it’s a membership community, you don’t actually have pay anything to join, you choose your own level of access.

And it’s through Patreon that I will be hosting the above ceremony – it’s absolutely free to attend.

I know in the past I have set good intentions to review my year, but then just never got around to it, so if you’d like to review your year with like-minded community, I’d love to welcome you to join us.

Like I said, it’s free to attend, just pop on over to Patreon and follow along for the details!

I hope to see you there!