Following the call of your soul

Welcome to The Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast with me, Rebecca Anuwen.


On today’s Show I’m joined by KaKi Lee and we dive deep into all things intuitive, including:

  • How Kaki transitioned from a Pharmacist to an Intuitive Coach
  • How people responded as she moved from a career based in science, to an intuitive one
  • How having high functioning Post Natal Depression led her to seek out alternative ways to support herself, including Reiki
  • How KaKi’s spiritual journey has opened her up to trust
  • The importance of following the Call of your Soul
  • Kaki also shares with us her own spiritual practices that keep her grounded and centred


What’s one of the greatest lessons you’ve ever leant?

To feel my emotions and not pretend everything is okay when it’s not


What advice would you give your younger self?

It’s okay not to be perfect, it’s okay to feel your emotions


What’s your favourite way to nourish yourself?

Exercising, singing, dancing to change my energy


KaKi’s Bio

KaKi is an intuitive mindset coach, mother of two and pharmacist. After spending over 20 years in the healthcare industry as a pharmacist, KaKi took a big leap of faith, trusting in a bigger plan for her life and leaving corporate to begin her journey as a coach.

With a background rooted in science she is able to combine that with an intuitive approach to understanding what keeps people stuck in limiting beliefs, self sabotage and inaction. KaKi uses the Laser Coaching System in her coaching practice which is a technique that helps her clients hone in on their authentic voice, discover their purpose with clarity and move forward with grace and alignment.

As a mother of 2 and a full time entrepreneur, KaKi understands the importance of establishing balance and putting yourself first. Through her own journey she has discovered that doing the deep inner work and connecting with Spirit is a catalyst for true transformation. She uses a variety of healing modalities and techniques to help her clients activate the Highest vision for their lives – rediscovering themselves to find clarity, courage and their inner awesomeness.


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What are the social media handles you’d like me to share in the show notes?

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