So many of the clients I work with find it hard to make clear, confident decisions and then stand behind them.

Some of them struggle to decide on anything in the first place.

What if they get it wrong? What if they forget to consider something important? What if, regardless of what they decide, they end up hurting or upsetting someone they care about?

So they sit on the fence and end up making the decision not to decide.

Others make a choice and feel good about it in the moment.

But as the day goes on, they begin to doubt themselves. Was that really what they wanted? Was it honestly realistic? Perhaps they should have chosen a better option?

That’s when they start asking themselves:

  • Is this really the right choice for me?
  • What will XYZ think of that choice?
  • Can I really do that?
  • Isn’t that a bit out of reach for me?
  • Am I qualified enough / intelligent enough / rich enough / old enough / young enough / thin enough / funny enough / serious enough?
  • When I tried that in the past, it didn’t work. Am I stupid for thinking it will work this time?
  • Am I just setting myself up to fail?
  • Should I ask a few people and see what they think?

Or perhaps they’re confident in their decision until they speak to a friend or family member who immediately makes them wonder what on earth they were thinking.

So if decision-making isn’t your strong suit, you’re not alone, and help is here!

Let me introduce my latest book:

Ditch the Doubt – The Modern Witch Way to create clarity and feel great about your decisions… every time!

Ditch the Doubt

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