Welcome back to the Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast with me, Rebecca Anuwen.

We’re back with some inspiration, with an intuitive twist.

On the last episode, we looked at the symbolism of The Hare and embracing new beginnings. Today, we move on to getting clear on those next steps of that new beginning, with the fourth card, which has the image of a candle.

Focus on your question. Remember, we’re looking at next steps. So where in your life do you need some guidance on the next steps that you need to take?

It doesn’t matter whether they’re huge steps or little steps. Just ask yourself where in your life do you need to get clear on those next steps?

We’re starting with the card…


The Candle – Getting Clear on Your Next Steps

Get Clear on Your Next Steps

I’m going to read the information from the card. Then I’m going to draw another card to layer a different level of insight onto it. And then I’m going to pick a charm, again, drawing on more information, take the information that resonates and make it yours.

What does all of the information that we gather right now, how does that weave a story for you?


What does that evoke within you?

What does it remind you of?

What is it, what’s that small, intuitive nudge telling you to do as I’m reading the words out.

Notice if any words sound louder, or clearer, notice when I’m reading the words, if you feel any sensations in your body, because those words are meant for you.


The Candle; get clear on your next steps.

Staying true to what’s important to you, helps you to take the next steps towards it.

Candles bring light into the darkness. They offer us a way to see more clearly. They bring positivity and hope as they illuminate the way forward.

The candle reminds you to get clear on your next steps. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of options and possibilities available to you, not knowing which one is the best. You can talk yourself in and out of your ideas, your dreams and desires. They can become tangled with everyone else’s expectations and judgments, leaving you feeling stuck and not taking action.

It’s time to give yourself some space to reconnect with yourself, your dreams and your desires. Take the time to listen to your thoughts and get clear on your own needs and the next steps that you’re ready to take.

Try retreating into your own space and removing yourself from routine and habits of your everyday life. This gives you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself, and what’s really important to you.

Listen to your own needs. Witness your dreams and desires. Hear the whispers from your soul. Let your inspiration illuminate your way forward. As you learn to trust yourself, trust your wisdom and trust your inner knowing.


SHEro Action:

To get clear on your next steps, create some time to be alone with yourself, to get clear on those next steps. Get clear on where you want to go, how you want to get there.

What do you need to support yourself in moving towards your dreams and desires?

Spend time resting and reconnecting with yourself and the steps that you want to take.


The affirmation:

I am clear and focused.

How can you give yourself the time and space to really listen to that intuitive nudge that inner knowing so that you know what to do next?

I’m just going to shuffle the cards to find another layer of insight. We know that you’re ready to get clear on those next steps. The candle suggests that you find some space to do so. The next card… Oh, this is perfect. It’s The Pomegranate, juicy, bejeweled pomegranate.


ADDITIONAL CARD: The Pomegranate

Get Clear on Your Next Steps

The card wisdom says ‘Be loyal to yourself’.

So getting clear on your next step and being loyal to yourself feels very important. As the card already mentioned, sometimes we can get so confused with what we think we should be doing and what’s expected of us, whether that’s family values, cultural values, societal values, that can just leave us feeling confused and overwhelmed.

You get clear, you think you know what you’re doing? You take a few steps forward and then you’re like, Oh no, perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps I shouldn’t be doing this. Perhaps I should be taking the other path.

The pomegranate is saying, be loyal to yourself. It’s more important than ever to stop, to take a pause, to take a breath, and then make that decision from there, one that is aligned with your thoughts, your energy, your values, the feelings that you want front and centre of your life.

What is the most important to you?

Make the decision from a place that prioritises you, prioritises your needs.

How can you be more loyal to yourself?

And just as a side note, how loyal are you to yourself in everyday life? Is it a time to prioritise you? Is it a time to remember what it is you want to become? How it is you want to live your own life?

It’s very easy to get swamped under like the every day, the everyday-ness of life, under expectations, under routine, under judgments under trying to fit in with the world around you. But how can you become loyal to yourself, so that those next steps you make are yours to make, they are made by your own conscious choosing.

So I’m just going to add to this. I’m going to pick a charm out. I’ve got a box here is actually an old perfume box. I liked it because it had a black interior, and it’s got 400 charms in it…

I just picked out, it’s actually two charms that came out. One is… Actually they work quite nicely together. One is, two leaves connected, and the other one is a birds nest with three little pearly eggs in there.

ADDITIONAL CHARMS: Two Leaves and a Birds Nest  

Get Clear on Your Next Steps

The leaves came out first. And when I think of leaves, I mean, what do leaves represent to you? On this particular charm when I see them together, you know, it could mean growth, but actually the way that I see it is like autumn, like leaves falling. So, you know, if we look at like getting clear on your next steps, be loyal to yourself, it’s like to let go of those things that no longer serve you, whether they are habits, stories, even people or situations, maybe it’s time to let go.

And I think that, because when I see the little bird sat on the edge of the nest with its three eggs in there, it’s like body, mind and spirit eggs. But it’s like looking after your home, your own nest, feathering your own nest.

And it’s got a very clear edge that the bird has sat on. Like the edge of the nest has got a very clear boundary and it’s like, what are your boundaries? What is your home? And it doesn’t have to be your physical home, but what’s important to you. What is it that you’re nourishing and nurturing in the world. And like I said, it, as soon as I saw the three eggs it’s like mind, body spirit, it’s like, how can you bring more of that energy into your life to really look after what it is you want to do to be loyal to yourself, to have clear boundaries, to think of your body, what does your body need?


What does your mind need?

What does your soul and spirit need to have all of those three working in harmony as you move forward?

So when you’re thinking about those next steps, what is loyalty, your body, maybe it’s more rest. Maybe it’s more nourishment. Maybe it’s more exercise.

What does your mind need? Maybe it needs a break. Maybe not a literal break, but maybe it just needs a rest. Perhaps it just wants to go off and do something like some meditation or to get lost in a really good book or, you know, whatever it is you find relaxing.

And what does your soul and spirit need. Perhaps you need a sacred practice. On my website, I’ve got a free gift of the sacred practice, where there’s a practice that encourages you to just stop and take a moment of sacred pause, so that you can come back to centre and reconnect with what’s important to you. It’s a practice that you can retreat into to find that comfort and support in a very quick, easy, simple, daily practice where you can exhale… So perhaps you just need some more ritual and routine in your life.

Let me know your thoughts on how these cards and charms resonate for you.

Take a moment to reconnect with them, that energy and think what is their message for me? And then let yourself receive the message.

As always, use my thoughts as just as a guide. What birds and leaves mean to me is very personal to me, perhaps they mean something completely different for you, and if they do mean something completely different, I would love to hear what they represent to you.

So thank you for joining me. I’ll see you again very soon for our next episode of the Re-Enchant Your Life podcast, where we’ll continue to spiral deeper on this journey together, where my hope is that you can learn to trust the language of your soul and how it talks to you through your intuition so that you can make better choices, ones that are aligned with your truth and your deepest desires, until next time.


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