It all started last week when a yellow dragon was circling my room.

Yes, I know that sounds crazy, and no it wasn’t ‘real’ like a cat wandering into my room, but it was ‘real’ in that I could see it and sense it…

I was in the middle of an energy activation for the year ahead for my Re-Enchant community. The session itself focused on activating confidence and releasing the need for validation from others.

And interestingly TRUST was becoming a clear theme in the session.

As I was working through the session, I suddenly became aware of a huge golden-yellow dragon circling in my office.

I often sense energies whilst doing energy work, but this dragon was clearly trying to get my attention.

At first I ignored it.

But it was clear that it wasn’t about to leave any time soon

I didn’t initially share what I could see with the group – as yes, I’m aware at how weird it sounds, but it was so insistent that I had to share.

I also wanted to share what I could see with the group,  as I knew it wasn’t my dragon (more on that in a minute lol).

So I asked the group if any of them worked with dragons and a few of them did. Then I asked if anyone worked with a golden-yellow dragon and I got a very strong ‘yes’ from one of the members (maybe the response actually included words not suitable for children lol), as she had indeed been ignoring this dragon. Among other things she told me that this dragon reminded people to trust their intuition – one of the themes from the session!

Anyway the golden-yellow dragon eventually left.

I really don’t want my office to be home to the energies and allies that people are ignoring lol!

But the archetypal dragon energy didn’t leave.

Back in 2018 I had a very strange experience with dragons – but that’s a whole other story that included a visit to hospital, emergency surgery and ‘giving birth’ to a ‘dragons egg’ (which the Dr. named Pete!)… Does that make me a Dragon Mother? 😉

Anyway… my dragons aren’t the flying dragons I experienced during the energy session last week, the dragon energy I’ve encountered in the past has been much more earth-based. More like giant serpents undulating through the ground.

Showing my age… I described them as looking more like the creatures in the film Tremors, to which my friend responded she had imagined them to be like from the film Dune. and when I did a quick google ‘Yes’ to Dune creatures (a film that I hadn’t seen), and ‘No!’ to Tremors – those creatures were waaaay more gruesome than I remember haha

Anyway… after the experience with the golden-yellow dragons, my own dragons are back and wanting me to work more with the land energies.

The call to walk the land and connect with nature, and in particular the trees, was so strong that I asked the members of the Re-Enchant Community if they want to join me in some land connection work too, which involves working with the eight Sabbat/Earth Festivals, and includes:

  • Land ceremonies
  • Tree connection
  • Sabbat Crafts
  • Creating our own Ogham
  • Creating Sacred Tree healing discs
  • Earth Acupuncture

All from an energy clearing session that woke my dragons haha

As I said at the beginning, I know sharing this makes me sound a little ‘out-there’. I often joke that if my sister, who’s a mental health nurse, sat in on one of my sessions she may well be concerned for me…

But this is my reality. Of course I don’t see dragons all the time, but I do believe we can be much more aware of things than we can typically see with our senses, and that we’re taught are ‘real’.

I’d love to hear if you have any experiences of things that make you sound ‘out there’.

I look forward to hearing your experiences!