Welcome to a journey of magick and self-discovery!

As we find ourselves at the middle of the year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on our paths so far and dream into the exciting adventures yet to come.

For this enchanted exploration, all you’ll need is a blank journal, your favourite quill (or pen), and an open mind ready to conjure powerful insights.

Let’s go!

8 Magickal Ways to Review Your Mid-Year

1. Spellbook of Intentions

At the start of the year, you may have set yourself some goals, which we’ll now call enchantments.

These are the spells you’ve cast out into the universe.

What were they, and how many of them have come true?

Look for any barriers that might have interfered with your magick – are there any patterns that can give you a clue to how to proceed?

2. Potion Brewing

Imagine you’re a master alchemist, brewing potions for various outcomes.

If you could brew a potion to instil a particular feeling or outcome for the rest of the year, what would it be?

Identify the magickal ingredients (skills, strengths, or external resources) you’ll need for your brew.

3. Time-Traveling Mirror

Gaze into your magickal mirror. 

Your past self from January appears – what would they say to you now?

Then, your future self at the end of the year shows up. What advice do they offer?

4. Magickal Creature Transformation

Transformative magick is a fascinating aspect of folklore.

If you could become any magickal creature, what would you choose?


The attributes of this creature could reveal aspects you wish to embody to help achieve your dreams and desires.

5. Enchanted Map

Pick up your quill and draw an enchanted map of your year so far.

What mystical landmarks (significant events) stand out?

Identify the dark forests (challenges) and the paths you took to traverse them.

Don’t forget to mark the hidden treasures (unexpected positive occurrences).

6. Crystal Ball Forecast

Peer into your crystal ball.

What do you foresee for the rest of the year?

Note down any visions and then plan the steps you can take to turn these predictions into reality.

7. Grimoire of Gratitude

In any magickal practice, gratitude is key.

Reflect on the magickal moments (blessings) you’re thankful for this year.

Think about ways to conjure more of this positive energy into your life.

8. Conjuring Confidence

Consider the moments this year when you’ve felt most powerful and magickal.

How can you channel that energy more often?

By doing so, you empower your inner wizard to create and attract the life you want.

Remember, this journey is your own.

Embrace your inner wizard, let your imagination soar, and let your creative energy spill onto the page.

You might surprise yourself with the profound wisdom you uncover.

Here’s to a magickal, bold, and fulfilling rest of the year!

Next Steps

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