October’s Oracle


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October has long been a month shrouded in mystery and magick.

As the season shifts and the nights lengthen, the veil between worlds seems to thin, inviting us to delve deeper into our innermost realms.

It’s the perfect setting for our October Oracle Challenge—a month-long journey to connect with your inner oracle and bring a dash of the mystical into your daily life.


Week 1 – ‘Card of Clarity’

October’s arrival marks the perfect time to seek clarity and fresh perspectives.

To start our challenge, you’re invited to draw an oracle or tarot card at the beginning of the week. This card serves as your guiding star, offering profound insights that you can integrate into your daily life.

Whether it’s a nudge towards a long-overlooked dream or an echo of your current mindset, this card will illuminate your path for the week.


Week 2 – ‘Stones of Serenity’

October is a month where the elements seem to come alive, especially the Earth.

In the second week, we explore the grounding and invigorating energy of stones and crystals.

Each day, choose a stone that resonates with you. Whether you’re drawn to the amethyst’s spiritual elevation or the grounding vibes of smoky quartz, take this week to discover how these earthy treasures can enhance your well-being.


Week 3 – ‘Pendulum Perspectives’

The third week invites you to seek definitive answers to those persistent yes-or-no questions.

Through the use of a pendulum, this week aims to demystify the complex decisions or uncertainties in your life.

Let the pendulum sway and reveal what you may have overlooked or struggled to admit to yourself.

It’s a week of aligning your external realities with your internal wisdom.


Week 4 – ‘Intuitive Illuminations’

Our final week delves into the potent energy of intuition.

October’s waning days provide a ripe environment for honing your inner guidance.

In this week, maintain a bedside journal to note down the intuitive insights, synchronicities, or even dreams that stand out.

You’ll be amazed to find that, like stars in the dark sky, these little nuggets of wisdom collectively guide you towards greater self-awareness.


Join us for the Oracle October Challenge and let this month be a magickal odyssey.

Not only will you deepen your connection with the esoteric energies around you, but you’ll also forge a deeper relationship with yourself.

Let’s journey together into the mystical and reveal the oracle within each one of us! 🌙✨

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