Autumn Alignment

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Harmonise with Autumn: The Magick of Alignment This September

As the amber leaves of September begin their graceful descent, there’s a whisper in the wind, a call for alignment.

The autumn season, with its innate charm and cyclical wisdom, presents the perfect backdrop to bring our deepest desires into focus.

This September, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey, to align with your dreams and harness the energy of the season.


Week 1: Dreams in Golden Hues

Autumn is nature’s canvas, painted with strokes of gold, auburn, and russet. This week, we’ll mirror the vibrant shades of the landscape, allowing them to inspire our dreams.

We’ll visualise, with precision and passion, the goals that resonate with our hearts.

Just as leaves take their time to change hues, so will our dreams crystallise, becoming more apparent with each day.


Week 2: Cosy Contemplation

When we think of autumn, we often conjure images of snug blankets, steaming mugs, and fireside chats.

In this spirit of comfort, Week 2 is all about introspection.

Amidst the cosy nooks and soft throws, we’ll delve deep, contemplating the tangible steps we can take to bring our dreams closer to reality.


Week 3: Nature’s Nurturing
Autumn is a masterclass in transformation.

Trees shed to prepare for a new cycle, and so shall we.

This week, we’ll draw parallels between nature’s metamorphosis and our own personal journey. Whether it’s about letting go, planting new ideas, or embracing growth, nature will be our guide, our muse.


Week 4: Intentional Harvest

As we approach the month’s end, we’re reminded of the harvest – a time of celebration and gratitude for nature’s bounty.

Similarly, we’ll take stock of our intentions, rejoicing in our achievements and planning ahead.

We’ll reflect on our journey, acknowledging the seeds sown and the fruits reaped, setting the stage for even grander visions.


Each of these alignment themes offers a unique perspective, imbued with the magick of autumn.

So, as the first leaves begin to fall, let’s answer the call, aligning our inner compass with the heart’s true north.

Join us, as we step into the embrace of September, hearts aligned and spirits high, ready to manifest dreams under the autumn sky.

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