Listen. Because listening’s important:

Hi and welcome to the Re-Enchant Your Life reminder.

Your sacred pause in the day where you’re encouraged to take a moment to stop and tune into your inner wisdom and become present, so that you can reconnect to your personal power and confidently embrace who you’re becoming, as you Re-Enchant Your life and create the change you truly desire.

Today you’re being reminded to deeply nourish your physical body.

There can be many reasons that women disconnect from their physical bodies.

Thinking that they’re not good enough as they don’t meet the certain criteria of someone else’s idea of beauty.

Unhealed physical or emotional abuse that shuts them away from truly feeling or even being present in their own body, as it’s too painful.

Illness and pain that can lead to frustration and anger towards the physical body.

And many, many more reasons.

Yet, when was the last time that you asked your body what it needs, as in really needs, and not just what you think you should do for your body.

Have you ever considered if and when you nourish your body, and when you punish your body too?

Are you comfortable with trusting your body?

Do you feel safe in your body?

How would your experience of life be if you trusted, loved and nurtured your own body?

If you accepted your body just as it is right now in this very moment.

If you nourished it deeply by giving it what it needs to thrive to the best of its ability.

How would your relationship with yourself and others change if you cherished yourself, treated yourself and made time for yourself the way you would your best friend or loved one?

In this very moment, just pause and take a breath, as you connect to your physical body.


Today’s SHEro Action:

Today’s SHEro action is to make time for yourself to connect with and nourish your physical body.

Look in the mirror and notice how you talk about yourself.

How could you be more loving and kind to yourself?

Massage your own hands, legs or feet and notice how you feel as your touch your own body?

Is it comfortable, and do you offer yourself love and care through your touch, or do you feel disconnected from your inherent beauty, strength and love?

Pause, and take a breath. As you reconnect to your physical body.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I pay attention to the needs of my body”

I’ll see you tomorrow for your daily reminder to Re-Enchant Your Life with me, Rebecca-Anuwen,

In the meantime, enjoy nourishing your body on Your SHEro’s Journey!



Often when people think about nourishing their own body they may think of massages and spa days, or bubble baths with candles.

These are gorgeous things to do, if you enjoy them.

But nourishing your body can look really unsexy too.

Nourishing your body includes going to the Dr’s to get a health concern checked out, it can be a routine trip to the dentist or to the optician.

Nourishing your body can be drinking more water, swapping out a cup of coffee or a sugar-coated snack for something supportive of your body.

It can be remembering to breath deeply, or gently moving your body.

It can be about getting your heart pumping or having a nap.

It can be receiving more pleasure.

Nourishing your body looks like different things on different days.

Your adventure is to learn to read the signs from your body, to know what you need and when, and then make the choice to honour and nourish your physical self..


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