Re-Enchant Your Life Journal


Awaken your magic when you’ve lost your sparkle.

The Re-Enchant Your Life practice is joyful space to align your thoughts and actions as you create a life on-purpose.


Take a moment of Sacred Pause.

Awaken your magic when you’ve lost your sparkle.

The Re-Enchant Your Life practice is joyful space to align your thoughts and actions as you create a life on-purpose.


Work with your Re-Enchant Your Life journals to get clear on how you want to show up in life.

Here’s how it works:



Take a moment to create a Sacred Pause, a daily ritual to centre and reflect, so that you can connect with yourself more deeply.


Create regular connection to what’s truly important to you, so that your bring deeper clarity to your dreams and desires.


Explore your relationship to the cycles that swirl around you and within you, and discover how you can harness their rhythms to restore balance and harmony in your life.


Get to understand what you need and how this changes through the monthly cycle. Learn to prioritise your needs, values and energy so you can express more of your true essence and come into deeper relationship with yourself


Discover how aligning with the cycle of the moon, helps your body, mind and spirit remember the natural rhythms of life; of resting, growth, fullness and letting go. Allow her energy to help you refine what you truly desire in life.


This simple and fun practice will help you to go deeper, awaken your inner power, and create a life on-purpose.


You receive four journals in your Re-Enchant Your Life set:

Journal 1: Getting Started
Re-Enchant Your Life

You receive one ‘Getting Started’ journal, which includes:

*  Introduction
*  Discover your SHEro P.O.W.E.R.
*  Connect with your SHEro Super Powers
*  Align with the Super Powers of the Moon
*  A Step-By-Simple-Step guide to manifest with the moon
*  Clear and easy to follow actions for each day of the moon cycle
*  Daily journal prompts for each day of the moon cycle
*  New Moon intention setting suggestions
*  A guide to Re-Enchant Your Life

Journal 2: Your POWER Plan

You recieve three ‘P.O.W.E.R. Plan’ journals, to track, plan and play with three moon cycles; one cycle per journal,  which includes:

*  Naming and claiming your ‘Happily Ever After’ intentions
*  Moon cycle planning and guidance
*  Moon cycle check-in
*  Moon phase review and plan
*  Daily journal prompts, and guidance that aligns with each of the moon phases
*  End of cycle review and reflections



Traveller’s Notebook Standard size: 10cm x 21cm


100gsm white paper

Soft touch cover (very strokeable)



The Re-Enchant Your Life Journals come with complimentary access to the SHEro P.O.W.E.R. course. The course is designed to help you get clear on what you want, how you want to feel and what your core values are.

Value £147

I love the Re-Enchant Your Life Journal! The Getting Started guidebook has the perfect amount of information to guide you and checking in with the planner has been a great addition to my daily routine. The daily journal questions and activities somehow always end up being perfectly timed (even during my second cycle doing them) and following them has helped me to hone and supercharge my manifestation skills. The review pages at the end are thought provoking and helped me see how much growth and progress towards my dreams I made in just 30 days.

Allison Brodeur