SHEro Card of the Day


A Card a Day is a moment of sacred pause. A place for you to create personal ritual in your day.

A space where you can connect more deeply to yourself and your intuition.
Open up your connection to the universe and learn to trust yourself and the messages you receive.

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Take a moment of Sacred Pause.

Connect back in with our intuitive wisdom and learn to trust yourself again.

The SHEro Card of the Day journal is your sacred space to deeper your communication with yourself and the universe.


Open up your connection to the universe and learn to trust yourself and the messages you receive.

Each day gives you one page to explore your questions or seek general guidance from your cards.

Record the card drawn, and the experiences, the keywords and emotions the card brings forth and then review the patterns and messages you receive.


Here’s how it works:



Take a moment to create a Sacred Pause, a  moment of daily ritual to come back to yourself and feel centred.


Connect deeply with your own inner landscape and listen to the messages you receive.


Take time to reflect on the messages you receive, so that you can become aware of the language of your soul.


Come back into relationship with yourself and the sacred language of your soul as you learn to trust your own intuition and the messages you receive.



You receive two journals in your Card of the Day set; The Journal and Reflections

Journal 1: Card of the Day Journal

The Journal includes:

*  Introduction
*  Undated pages, to record your daily card draw and reflections on the card
* End of week (day 7) reflections.

Journal 2: Reflections

Reflections Includes:

*  Lined pages that are numbered for easy reference for additional notes you want to take about your daily card draw.



Traveller’s Notebook Standard size: 10cm x 21cm


100gsm white paper

Soft touch cover (very strokeable)


PLUS: The SHEro Oracle Course

The only course you’ll need to discover how to work with your intuition and get the most out of your oracle cards and this journal.

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