At the end of a long and strenuous day at work, it’s often a challenge to step away from the lingering energies of toil and tension.

However, a carefully crafted magickal routine can be the key to transitioning from a state of stress to one of serenity.

Today, let’s explore the art of winding down, the sacred process of decompressing and re-centring after a day’s work.


Step into a Sacred Space

After work, one of the first steps to take is to physically separate yourself from the energy of your workplace.

This separation helps to mark a definitive end to the working day and the beginning of your personal time.

Create a small, sacred space at home dedicated to your relaxation. This space, brimming with personal items that spark joy and tranquillity, will serve as a sanctuary where you can unwind.


A Breath of Fresh Magick

Breathing exercises are an underestimated tool for stress relief. A few moments of focused, deep breathing can help to steady your heartbeat, calm your mind, and summon an inner tranquillity.

Try this magickal technique: With each inhale, visualise a white, healing light filling your body. As you exhale, imagine the stress of the day leaving your body as a dark cloud. This practice aids in the quick release of any residual tension.


Light the Way

Lighting a candle is an age-old magickal practice that sets the intention for relaxation.

Choose a white candle to bring in the energy of calm, or if it’s been a particulalry stressful day, burn a black candle to clear away negativity. As you light it, envision the flame burning away the burdens of the day, leaving behind only peace and stillness.


Brew a Potion of Calm

Preparing a herbal tea is not only a physical act but also a spiritual one.

As you brew a calming chamomile or peppermint tea, visualise the warmth of the drink seeping into your body, driving away any residual fatigue and filling you with renewed energy.

Sip slowly, savouring the taste and focusing on the moment.


Enchanting Elixirs: Essential Oils

Use essential oils like lavender, ylang-ylang, or sandalwood in a diffuser. As the aromatic vapours fill the air, envision them carrying away your worries, leaving your mind clear and centred.


Walk the Earth

Gardening or taking a barefoot walk in your backyard can ground your energy and draw upon the earth’s soothing properties.

As your hands or feet touch the soil, picture the earth absorbing the stress of the day, replacing it with calm and balance.


Penning Down Potent Thoughts

Journaling is a powerful way of decompressing.

Let your pen flow freely, releasing all the day’s tensions onto the paper.

This act can serve as a magickal release, purging your thoughts and making space for peace and relaxation.


Remember, the magick lies not just in the act but in the intention behind it. As you try each suggestion, visualise yourself shedding the work energy and embracing the calming, rejuvenating energy of your home.

In time, you’ll find this routine not only helps you to decompress but also creates a magickal boundary between work and personal life, ensuring each has its dedicated time and space.

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