Welcome back to the Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast with me, Rebecca Anuwen.

We’re back to give you some inspiration and to get you using your intuition.

On the last episode, we looked at the symbolism of The Boots, and the importance of starting now. Today we move on to the card, The Key, where you’re encouraged to reclaim your power.

Take a moment to focus on the question that you have today, large or small. It doesn’t matter.

Think of that question that you’re looking for the answer to.

We’re going to use The Key and it’s symbolism to guide you towards that answer. Where in your life do you need some guidance on reclaiming your power?

We’ll start by looking at the meaning of The SHEro Toolkit card, and then I’ll draw a second card so that we can explore how that changes the idea of reclaiming your power. Perhaps it will give you some more insight into how to reclaim your power in a more conscious way. Then I’m going to draw a charm, allowing us again, to build your own story, to find the answer to your question.

The card today is the key.


The Key – Reclaim Your Power

Re-enchant your life podcast

What do you think of when you think of keys?

Perhaps they’re old ornate keys, perhaps they’re very practical keys, perhaps they’re one of those Ikea keys, like an Allen key.

When you think of The Key, what’s the first key that comes to mind? What is it unlocking or locking? Perhaps it’s a door, perhaps it’s a treasure chest, perhaps it’s a safe in your house. Perhaps it’s something like your heart, locking your heart, keeping it safe.

Where have you used a lock and a key? Where have you locked away your power or where have you unlocked your power?

Let’s start with what the guidebook has to say. You might want to close your eyes and just see what words resonate for you. See which ones appear to be said louder. See which ones that you’re like, ‘Oh, those are the words for me’. Or perhaps it will just start a chain reaction of thoughts in your own mind, leading you to the answer that you have within.


The guidebook says:

The Key: Reclaim your power.

Access, your personal power by focusing your energy, thoughts, and actions on what you truly desire.

Keys are a symbol of authority. They allow us to open and close doors. If we’re the only ones who have them, they give us the freedom, security to access the things that are ours.

The Key reminds you to reclaim your power.

It’s a time to step into your power and show up fully.

Outer experiences of life will always be varied. Material possessions may come and go, structures in society may support you or be designed to actively do the opposite. You may have been born into a culture that celebrates you or one that doesn’t honor your value.

No matter what your external circumstances, though, you can connect with, and feel into, your inner power. This inner power cannot be taken away from you. Even when you feel disconnected from it, it’s still there burning brightly for you.

Reclaim this power.

Many people have tried to take it away from you ,or tried to convince you that you don’t have it, but it’s not true. Your power is where it’s always been, within you.

Don’t let the fear of not being liked or being rejected or being told that you’re too much, stop you. Those reactions may hurt, but you aren’t here to live your life for those people. You’re here to live your life for you.

Show up for yourself, accept your power, step into it, and own. It. Allow yourself to move towards your highest potential.

The SHEro Action suggests you own your power.

Bring attention to all the beliefs that prevent you from connecting with and owning your power. Whose voice do you hear telling you that you can’t, you shouldn’t, or you’re not allowed to. Who are you keeping part of yourself small for?

On separate pieces of paper, write down each of the beliefs that stop you from fully embodying your power. One by one, right over each, with a new positive affirming belief, literally cover the old belief and rewrite your story.

Then somewhere safe and suitable (of course), burn each piece of paper, feel the old belief, being burnt away, released and transformed into your new belief.

Pause and take a breath. As you give yourself permission to reclaim your power.


The Affirmation:

“I step into my power with increasing confidence.”

What is your relationship with power?

When we look around the world today, we quite often think of power as being something corrupt, something like power over, you know, fighting to the top, a race to the top, stepping over everybody who is in your way.

But what we’re talking about today is reclaiming that inner sense of power. That inner sovereignty, that power from within, the power from standing side by side together, rather than stomping on each other to get to the top.

When you think about the question that you have, where are you giving your power away in regards to that question?

Perhaps when you think about the question you’ve asked, old beliefs, old conditions, societal expectations, cultural expectations, family expectations come up, and it’s not to say they’re not valid, of course they are, you’re experiencing them, but every time we think somebody knows better than ourselves, we give our power away. Especially when we do it from a place of that’s just the way it’s always been.

Now, of course, there are times in our life when we need to seek authority outside of ourselves, when you might need to speak to a trusted friend, you might need to seek the advice of somebody with an expertise, a doctor, a lawyer, a mechanic, but you do that from a place of conscious choosing. You assess, do I have enough knowledge to fix this particular part of my life?

No, I don’t. Okay then, I’m going to ask, a trusted expert, perhaps you’ll do some research, find out who the best person in your area is to talk to. And then you’ll speak to them. You’re doing that from a place of power rather than going; ‘I just don’t know. Everything’s too hard’.

You resign yourself to get them to do it, saying: I’m just going to do what I’ve always done. I’m going to do what my parents, my family, my culture, my society expects of me.

That’s not making that decision from a powerful place.

Can you feel the difference?

Notice what beliefs, what patterns, and what conditioning comes up for you. As that is quite literally where you are leaking your power.

What you want to do is call back that power, to reclaim that power, to know that you have the answers, you need, to know that you can make the right decisions for yourself. Even when the world around you is saying: you don’t want to do that, no, not like that, and don’t do this.

I’m just going to grab the rest of the cards and I’m going to draw another card to give us a little more insight into reclaiming your power .

The card is: Trust your knowledge.

That’s pretty much what we were just saying.

To reclaim your power, the card is The Map.


Re-enchant your life podcast

When you’re thinking about reclaiming your power, and you’re thinking of that question that you want the answer to, feel into the idea of trusting your knowledge.

It’s like, you have the information you need. You are already probably more than qualified. Quite often when I work with women, they’re like, Oh, when I get my next qualification, when I’ve got my next experience, when I’ve hit my next dress size. When I’ve got my next career goal, then they can trust themselves, and then they can take action.

And actually know you can do it now.

Nothing actually changes when you get to that next level. I mean, obviously unless you’re going to be something that needs a particular qualification, but you can begin to trust yourself in this moment. You can reclaim your power in this moment.

You are already enough.

You don’t need anything extra to be able to reclaim your power.

How does that sit with the question you’re asking?

Okay, you’re just going to hear me in my charm box.

Ooh, I’ve just pulled out a pair of wings and then they’re all sparkly. They’re silver and sparkly.

And so, what do wings represent to you?



Re-enchant your life podcast

These are a really big pair or fully opened wings. I have some wings that are, that are closed and they almost make like a heart shape. These are fully spread and open.

If you just spread your arms to the side, horizontal with the floor, how does that make you feel? Because this is what these wings are doing. It’s like allowing you to take up space, to spread those wings, to fly, to take back your power, to give yourself permission, to own your thoughts, your feelings, your desires, your physicality, your decisions, your choices, all of it.

These wings aren’t protecting, they’re fully opening your chest, opening your arms, allowing you to take up more space.

Now those of you that have listened to my podcast for a while, you know, I’m a huge fan of Amy Cuddy’s work and the power pose. If you Google Ted talk power pose, it’s brilliant. And she’s got a really good book called presence. Basically she’s talking about the way that we hold our body can affect the way that we feel, and the way that we’re perceived by ourselves and others.

Having these wings here fully open is like stepping into your own power pose, opening those arms, opening your arms to life, and saying yes, saying yes to yourself, saying yes to your dreams, saying yes to everything that you’ve ever desired.

When you take back your power, when you take back your power from maybe those people who have said you can’t do that, you shouldn’t do that. Who do you think you are to do that? Know your place, Oh, you’re too loud. You’re too emotional. You’re too, too, too, too, too. Whatever too much-ness has been said to you.

I have a saying, a little, little phrase, that always makes me chuckle a little bit. And it’s like your job in life, is to show up fully in the magnificence of who you are. Not to play small, not to curtail to other people’s desires, not to prioritise other people’s comfort over your own. It’s for you to show up fully. Of course other people are going to be triggered by that. Of course other people are going to feel uncomfortable around that, but you show up and shine, shine as bright as you can. And if those around you can’t cope, because remember these wings are sparkly, tell them to buy some sunglasses.

You owe it to yourself to show up in the fullness, in the richness, in the complexness, in the multi passionate person that you are, so that you can live a rich, full and varied life, so that you can spread joy, that presence that wonder of being human to everyone else around you.

How does that sound when you’re thinking now about reclaiming your power, trusting your knowledge and giving yourself permission to take up space with your power, with your knowledge, with your desires, with the decision that you know you want to make, but maybe you’re looking for permission.

This is the permission you’ve been waiting for.

Give yourself that permission!

Let me know what resonated for you.

Let me know your own thoughts and feelings on the cards. Because one thing that I love about when you’re working with cards, when you’re working with charms, when you’re working with your intuition, is it’s not cookie cutter, I’m looking at The Key going: Oh, I’m going to unlock my potential or I’m going to store away this and call back my energy, but perhaps The Key to you means something completely different.

When you put these three aspects together, perhaps again, that means something completely different to you. So I’d love to know your interpretations, what this means to you and what that message meant to you in relation to the question you asked.

As always, thank you for joining me and I’ll see you again very soon for another episode of the Re-Enchant Your Life podcast, where we’re going to carry on spiralling deeper on this journey, really helping you to trust yourself, to know that you have the answers, so that you can make those better choices so you can create deep and lasting change in your life. Until then, I’ll see you again very soon.

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