Listen. Because listening’s important:

Hi and welcome to the Re-Enchant Your Life reminder.

Your sacred pause in the day where you’re encouraged to take a moment to stop and tune into your inner wisdom and become present, so that you can reconnect to your personal power and confidently embrace who you’re becoming, as you Re-Enchant Your life and create the change you truly desire.

Today you’re being reminded to say ‘Yes’ to yourself and your adventure through life.

Give yourself permission to show up fully and live the biggest and most fulfilling life you can.

Biggest doesn’t mean loudest, but it does mean doing it your own way and taking up space with your thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires.

You don’t need anyone else’s approval to do this.

You get to give yourself permission.

Say ‘yes’.

Step forward into your life and relish in it.

Allow yourself to take up space in your own life, to do the things you’ve always dreamed of.

To live your life with your values front and centre.

You have as much right to your dreams and desires as anyone else, so let yourself have them.

In this very moment, just pause and take a breath, as you say a very loud ‘YES!’ to yourself.


Today’s SHEro Action:

Today’s SHEro action is to say ‘Yes’ to yourself.

What have you been putting off?

What have you been waiting for the right time to do?

Today commit to yourself as you say ‘Yes’ to yourself.

Say ‘Yes’ to more of those things that light you up.

Say ‘Yes’ to more experiences that are aligned with your heart.

Say ‘Yes’ to showing up and trying and trying again.

Say ‘Yes’ to having a go.

Say ‘Yes’ to the unknown

Say ‘Yes’ to you and your adventure through life.

Pause, and take a breath. As you say ‘Yes’.

Today’s Affirmation:


I’ll see you tomorrow for your daily reminder to Re-Enchant Your Life with me, Rebecca-Anuwen,

In the meantime, enjoy saying ‘Yes’ on Your SHEro’s Journey!



We can often put off saying ‘yes’ to what we really want to be doing, by telling ourselves that we don’t have time, don’t have the money, don’t have enough experience, that we’re too old, or that we simply just can’t.

But saying ‘yes’ to ourselves is a practice, it’s like training any muscle in your body, and like training your physical body starting small is the way to go.

If you’d never run around the block, and your first run was an uphill marathon, the chances are you would fail and not complete it, or if you did complete it, you may be in so much pain that you’d never try again.

Most people would know that starting with a smaller run, and then building up to the uphill marathon would more likely bring better results.

It’s the same with saying ‘Yes’ to yourself.

If you start by saying ‘Yes’ to your biggest, wildest dreams and goals, you might find that you can’t sustain it, you may even sabotage yourself, or are quickly influenced by other people’s negative opinions.

But if you start by saying ‘Yes’ to much smaller things in your life, when it comes to saying ‘Yes’ to the bigger things, you’ll be ready to say ‘Yes’ and mean ‘Yes’, and stick by yourself and your ‘Yes’s’.


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