You’ve taken the Intuitive Quiz and your results are:

You Are HIGHLY Intuitive

You are the type of person who always seems to know what’s coming before it happens.

You see things others miss.

With consistent practice, this will take you far in life.

You can see the magic in all things. Perhaps you could share that magic a bit more.

Get more out of your life by simply embracing this natural gift of yours.

You See Things Other People Miss

Focus On

Trusting yourself more

Although your intuition is repeatedly correct, you still have times where you regularly doubt yourself.

Continuing to develop your intuition
Like any skill, the more you practice the better you become.

Focus on continuing to develop your intuition, so that you have the confidence to trust yourself, the messages, and guidance you recieve, without second guessing or doubting yourself.



Be True to Your Word

If you can’t trust yourself to keep your own word, it becomes very difficult for you to trust yourself in other ways, including to trust your intuition.

If you commit to something, do it; if you say you’ll go to bed earlier, get more fresh air etc, make sure you do. It will help you to build trust bin yourself.


Be Discerning With Who You Spend Time With

Think about the people you spend your most time with.

Do they support you, or undermine you?

Surround yourself with people who believe in you and want you to succeed. Negative people will drain you and leave you doubting yourself more.


Deepen Your Connection

Whether you believe in God, Goddess, The Universe, or Unicorns… deepen your connection to that infinite energy that is bigger than you.

Come into partnership with it and realise that life is a co-creation.

You’re never alone. It’s time to trust yourself and the energies that are bigger than you.



Keep A Record

Keep a record of your intuitive insights. Whether it’s a dream journal, a notebook full of signs and synchronicities that occur during the day, or a note of intuitive insights and feelings you have.

The more you keep a record of them, the easier the messages become for you to interpret, and the more you’ll trust yourself and your connection with your intuitive insights.

Explore Divination

One of my absolute favourite ways to explore my intuition is with various forms of divination.

Tarot cards, oracle cards, bibliomancy, staring at the clouds, but most recently I’ve fallen in love with charmcasting.

One of the main reasons that I adore charmcasting is because of its simplicity, and how it helps you develop, and trust, your intuition.

If you’re not familiar with charmcasting, you can learn more about it here.

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