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Sometimes you can predict things to the letter, other times it’s more of a “feeling” you get. Either way, you are empathic, you feel things very deeply.

Occasionally you may need to redefine your boundaries, lest others take advantage of your caring nature.

Take control of your abilities for more positive outcomes.

You Feel Things Very Deeply

Focus On

Remaining clear of other people’s ‘stuff’.
You are highly intuitive, and can read the energy of other people with a growing ease, just ensure you’re not taking on their energy, thoughts and opinions as your own.

When your energy runs clear, you can connect more deeply to your intuition, and trust the messages you receive.

Continuing to develop your intuition
Like any skill, the more you practice the better you become.

Focus on continuing to develop your intuition, so that you have the confidence to trust yourself, the messages, and guidance you recieve, without second guessing or doubting yourself.



Clear Your Energy

There are many ways to clear your energy.

You can dance to get the energy moving and clearing through you.

You can use sacred smoke to cleanse the energy around you.

You can journal or meditate to release any stale or stagnant energies.


Redefine Your Boundaries

Get really clear on where your energy ends and other people’s begin, so you can understand what feelings are yours, and what are the feelings that you are sensing from those people around you.

You can simply ask: “Is this mine?”


Establish a Routine that Prioritises Energy Hygiene

We understand the importance of keeping our bodies clean, it’s equally as important to keep your energy system clean and running freely.

If you don’t you start to feel overwhelmed, lethargic, and ‘not quite right’.



Keep A Record

Keep a record of your intuitive insights. Whether it’s a dream journal, a notebook full of signs and synchronicities that occur during the day, or a note of intuitive insights and feelings you have.

The more you keep a record of them, the easier the messages become for you to interpret, and the more you’ll trust yourself and your connection with your intuitive insights.

Explore Divination

One of my absolute favourite ways to explore my intuition is with various forms of divination.

Tarot cards, oracle cards, bibliomancy, staring at the clouds, but most recently I’ve fallen in love with charmcasting.

One of the main reasons that I adore charmcasting is because of its simplicity, and how it helps you develop, and trust, your intuition.

If you’re not familiar with charmcasting, you can learn more about it here.

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