The Magick Within

Unearthing Your Inner Power and Wisdom



Mastering Your Magick: Fundamentals of Power and Intention

In this pivotal series, you’ll gain foundational knowledge and tools to manage your magickal power effectively and responsibly.

The guidance and wisdom shared will set the stage for a rich and empowering magickal journey.

You’ll develop a profound understanding of your personal power, leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful practice.

You can listen to the every episode in the series, or just the ones that interest you.

Each episode is designed to stand alone.

On this page, if there’s a topic that really interests you, I have suggested some Additional Resources – explore these for a deeper understanding of the topic, or simply ignore them.

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The Alchemy of Everyday: Embracing the Magick in the Mundane

Begin your extraordinary journey with us into the world of everyday magick.

Discover how the seemingly ordinary can become a powerful catalyst for transformation and connection, weaving a rich tapestry of magick into your day-to-day life.


PODCAST: What is magick?

PODCAST: Reclaiming Your Magick

PODCAST: The Difference Between Magick and Witchcraft


The Heart of Power: The Journey of Knowing Yourself

Unearth the treasures of self-knowledge in this episode.

Begin your journey to truly understanding your power and magick through engaging self-discovery exercises and illuminating reflections.



Purification and Protection: The Art of Cleansing and Setting Boundaries

Dive into the cleansing tide of purification and protection.

Discover the critical role of energy cleansing and boundary setting in your magickal practice, and learn the art of maintaining your energetic sovereignty.

PODCAST: Protecting Your Energy

PODCAST: Cleansing Your Energy

PODCAST: Banishing

PODCAST: Warding


The Direction of Desire: Becoming Intentional in Your Magick

Set sail on the currents of your desires.

Explore how powerful intentions can shape your magickal journey, guiding you to create more aligned, purposeful, and potent magick.


The Spark Within: Identifying and Owning Your Magickal Gifts

Ignite your inner spark in this episode.

Uncover your unique magickal gifts and learn how to cultivate, harness, and employ them to enrich your magickal practice.



Empowered Magick: Balancing Humility and Confidence in Your Practice

Stand at the crossroads of humility and confidence.

Conclude the series by mastering the delicate balance of power in your magick, fostering a practice that’s both humble, respectful and confident and empowering.


Unravelling the Mysteries of The Magick Within

How can I listen to the podcast series?

You can listen to our podcast series on various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and here on our official website.

Make sure to subscribe or follow us on your preferred platform to receive updates on new episodes.

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How can I participate in the podcast?

I love connecting with and involving our community in our podcast!

You can participate by sending me your questions or topic suggestions via this website or social media channels.

I also occasionally invite listeners to share their stories or experiences on our show.


Is there a way for me to join the community?


You can join our online community hosted off-social media, on a platform called Circle – All of the magick, none of the distractions.

Here, you can discuss episodes, ask questions, share your experiences, and connect with like-minded individuals.


I’m new to the concept of magick. Can I still listen to the podcast?

Of course!

The podcast series is designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience with magick.

I provide explanations for any terminology or concepts that might be unfamiliar and encourage all listeners to explore at their own pace.


How often do you release new episodes?

New episodes are released weekly-ish.

Make sure to subscribe or follow us on your preferred listening platform so you never miss an episode!


Do you provide resources or references for further reading or practice?

Yes, I often provide additional resources in our show notes, which you can find here on our website.

These might include recommended books, articles, previous podcast episodes or online resources to deepen your understanding or enhance your practice.


Are there any costs associated with listening to the podcast or joining the community?

The podcast is completely free to listen to, and joining our online community is also free of charge.


I have a specific question or topic I’d like addressed in a future episode. How can I submit it?

I love hearing from our listeners!

You can submit your questions or topic suggestions through this website, via email, or on our social media platforms

I review all submissions and try to incorporate as many as I can into our podcast schedule.

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