It’s time to remember the


of you


I’m Rebecca.

A spell-casting, wand-wielding, cloak-wearing, witch, healer, priestess and eternal optimist, dedicated to helping you rediscover your magick.

My mission is to help you remember and awaken your innate magick, live fully and joyously, and find your unique path to Happily Ever After.

Intuitive Skills for the Magick-Curious

In this powerful free course you will learn how to NEVER again find yourself stuck, over-thinking and unable to make a decision. Instead, you’ll move through life with confidence and in full trust of your inner wisdom.

“Rebecca is a true priestess… loving, kind and gifted. She will take you by the hand and journey through your healing with you.” – Ingrid A

“I’ve been able to find access to a reservoir of wise guidance that has led to massive progress and deep peace in my life. Rebecca’s will elevate you beyond what you may think is possible!” – Lysa B

“Rebecca has changed my life: I have a new found confidence, which continues to grow, as well as more meaning in my life.” – Susan L

This work opens people up to confidence, power and magick. What could it do for you?